Fact Or Fiction: New Cookbook For Kate Moss

Kate Moss is writing a cookbook?

So, what you are saying is that Kate Moss is spendings her days perfecting recipes and slaving over a hot oven creating, testing and tweaking new dishes for me to try to replicate?Kate the model?

Ever since she began cooking for Jamie Hince – frontman of rock group The Kills, rumor has it Kate can’t stop cooking and now she wants to share what she knows with the world. (lol)

A source said told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper:

"She’s buzzing about
the idea of being the first supermodel to release a cookbook. Her friend Davinia Taylor has helping her and Kate is always on the phone
to her pals for tips."

Kate has
been testing out the recipes. She says they are so easy-to-follow."

What do you think? Could this be true? Assuming it is, would you purchase the book? Didn’t she just launch Top Shop in the US? How on EARTH will she find the time? She has a daughter, a career, a new business venture and now a cookbook???

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  1. Lady Dee says

    Only thing Kate know how to cook is what goes into a crackpipe. Please, the things celebs expect us to believe. Next she will be writing a book about how to be the perfect parent

  2. babette says

    one of kate recipes
    300g of coke
    450gof crack
    60g of heroine
    760g of valium
    1L of beer
    mix it all then eat it with a bottle of vodka

  3. valcat says

    The secret ingredient . . . crack! She must be seriously desperate for relevancy or money cuz the girl looks like she doesn’t eat or know how to cook : )

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  5. Kate Moss says

    Chapter 1: Coke (not the soft drink). Chapter 2: Pot (not the cooking container). Page 3: Sauce (not the stuff you pour on BBQ).

  6. Beemerbelle says

    Don’t know about a cookbook but she definitely looks pregnant in every picture I’ve seen of her for about two weeks now.

  7. Miss_M says

    Hahahaha, rarely have I laughed so hard! Kate Moss doesn’t strike me as a person who a) can cook and b) does cook at all.