Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green House Hunting In Santa Monica

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s relationship keeps me up at night. Ok, not really. But we really don’t know the official status of these two.

As far as the press is concerned they have split.

However, they continue to do things together with Brian’s child and the rest of their family and friends as if they are still a couple.

For instance, Star Magazine is reporting that Megan and Brian were house hunting in Santa Monica. The couple "toured an apartment building on Santa Monica’s Ocean Avenue on March 21" and the source says it’s quite a find.

"Megan wanted great ocean views because she loves the beach and spotting dolphins. And they said they need several bedrooms and lots of privacy."

Was her engagement ring on? No – but what does that mean? I hardly wear my rings and I’m still in a committed relationship.

"She wasn’t wearing her engagement ring, but they were quite affectionate," says the source. "They seemed totally in sync!"

This will all make sense once Transformers release. Then either they will officially split or they will marry. Right now, limbo works best for promoting the film.




  1. Anonymous says

    as a matter of fact they live at 1221 ocean avenue. santa monica, Ca. I saw her there no joke.

  2. Anonymous says

    Only the truly pathetic and untalented need to drum up attention like this before a movie release. She is whack.

  3. BlueChalk says

    It’s good she is sticking around for Brian’s kid, who knows whether they are really a couple of not. At this point, who really cares?

  4. Miss_M says

    Who cares, exactly! But I do think that she’s ever so good looking and I’d totally want to live in a house with ocean view. Who wouldn’t?

  5. Anonymous says


    Endless great sex with Brian Austin Green all night long….

    An apartment with an Ocean View……


    See, wE women have to create our own fairytales!


    -Right on Megan!

  6. Anonymous says

    I find it hard to believe. Thats a luxery complex. $10, 000 to 20,000 for a 6 month lease. Their obviciously recieving the star treatment by management.

    And I have to agree. Shes like 5’6. Without make up on she looks like your average french mixed with native american chick flaunting masculine features, such as her bulk nose and rounded face.

    I think people w average looks, and insecurities are easily disillusioned. A camera ankle can change perspective on things alot. Not to mention getting away with imperfections by covering them up.

    Of course anyone who walks around with acne scars, wrinkles, or imperfections of any kind won’t sell. Its a bsuiness. Money circulates, and is invested. These people pay to look beautiful.

    Their not born with plump lips, flawless skin, and arches of perfection on their faces. Its peoples nieve infatuation, and constant obcession in comparing themselves to these celebs that support thier habit to live in places like the 1221 ocean avenue. santa monica, Ca.