Red Carpet Arrivals For The 2009 Country Music Awards

What a red carpet! I don’t know what to talk about first?

  • LeAnn Rimes walking it alone.
  • Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love Hewitt taking their relationship public.
  • Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban oozing with love together.
  • Julianne Hough – my new girl crush???
  • Kellie Pickler’s make up artist actually doing a proper job.

Woo hoo! The 44th Annual Country Music Awards really gave us a lot to work with this morning. Let’s discuss.

Whose look did you like best? Julianne’s dress is just divine.

To see Taylor Swift, Matthew McConaughey and Camilia Alves walking the red carpet, click on the thumbnails below.




  1. YAYI says

    OMG Mathew looks so fine he truly cleaned up for the event love it his girl(babymama) looks pretty sexy as well……cute couple!

  2. chikhacker says

    Jennifer’s guy looks smelly and dirty, and that hair… ewww… I’m starting to believe what some people say about her, she’s just too desperate and can’t be without a guy…

  3. Jan says

    LOL what the devil is LeAnne wearing? Dont these stars look in the mirror before they go out the door? And WTF is Matthew doing at a CMA’s???

  4. Anonymous says

    Whoa! Nicole Kidman’s dress is stunning! Leann, just get divorced already. Matthew M looks sickly lately.

  5. Anonymous says

    Why is Kellie Pickler famous? She can’t sing! And she needs to layoff the face lifts and boob jobs, she’s just so young.

  6. lara jane says

    Nicole’s dress… Ick. Julianne, on the other hand, looks fantastic. I hated Carrie’s “Holiday Barbie” dress! But then, country musicians aren’t known for their subtlety!

  7. audrey says

    Every media picture shown of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban has her looking anywhere but at her husband. This began when she was doing media for Australia. There were tons of pictures taken of her looking rather flirty with Hugh Jackman, but every picture of her with Keith she is looking left, or right, or down or up–but never at him.