Angelina Jolie Says Family Comes First

Angelina Jolie is the happiest she has ever been thanks to her loving relationship with Brad Pitt and their 6 children. The actress also admits she loves the way her life
has changed since becoming a mother.
Angelina – whose mother Marcheline Bertrand passed away in 2007 – said:

much happier and more fulfilled than I thought I would ever be, especially
when I was going through a lot of grief when I was younger. I hope it lasts.

"I think I’m becoming more like my mother and looking more like her too as I
get older. I’m also more gentle and nurturing since becoming a mother."

Angelina told Britain’s Closer magazine that while she doesn’t have a hard time juggling work with family, but she has to help out Brad in that department.

"I’m very organized. I don’t get
stressed and I take everything in my stride. I’ve had to help Brad a bit
with that part of our life!

The biggest problem is just lack of sleep. But
all parents face that – you’re just grateful when the kids fall asleep and
you can collapse on the couch together."

Angelina also admits that work is no longer her number one priority.

"I’m not as ambitious as I used to be – my family is my priority.
When we get film offer, we ask ourselves, ‘Will it be good for the family?’
"At some point I want to relax, look after my family and do more
humanitarian work."

I just love her passion for helping others.




  1. gretel says

    Hell, so much hate. I’m not a huge fan but c’mon. The only thing that really gets on my nerves is why every action she does has to be turned into a damn parade. I mean, Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, etc – they all do charity and you don’t hear about it every damn minute of the day.

    Plus, she must be the obsessive/addictive type: she’s trying to transform herself into her mother. Seriously, that’s what it seems.

  2. Anonymous says

    Mamita the big nose….what does Jennifer have to do with this?? Why did you bring her up? Just because people don’t like Angie, doesn’t mean they’re a fan of Jennifer. Leave her out….she has nothing to do with it. It’s been what 5 years now?? Move on!!

  3. Prevost1580 says

    I thought that she was retiring after the twins? I do not see how she & the other one make so many movies & call themselves the best parents ( snickering ) you’re on a movie set for 12 -15 hours and then there is rehearsing your lines.

    The octo mom ( angeloonie ) is doing a better job and that says a lot.

  4. Anonymous says

    You haters and Jenfans sound crazy. Angelina never said she’s retiring. She has always said things like she doesn’t picture herself acting for 50 years and she’ll work less in the future, 1 film a year or every other year. You sound ridiculous making stuff up when her quotes are all over the place. Also she did take time off when she said she would. After Shiloh Angelina didn’t work for about 6 months and then took off for another 3 or 4 months after filming A Mighty Heart. When she adopted Pax she was already signed to Wanted and maybe Changeling. In between projects she took about 3 months off and then all of 2008. After the twins she took off 7 months. Why you get so hysterical when Angelina takes months off but have no problem with other women going back to work after a few weeks doesn’t make sense. Also everybody works 10-14 hours on set. Angelina and Brad are not different. Why people have it in their heads all actors except for them work 4 or 5 hours is stupid.

  5. EyLuLlll says

    She says the same things over and over again…”I am happy.. we have a wonderful life.. life is chaotic but we are happy..Brad and I are in love and very happy” !!!BLAHHH is this the only thing she knows?? by the way she says she loves her kids so much but why would a mother sell her kids pics to tabloids?look at reese witherspoon, kate winslet etc..if it’s because of money hellooo she has millions of dollars PLEASE ANGELINA GET RETIRED!!!

  6. Anonymous says

    Anonymous 11:45… miss out Beowulf & Kung Fu Panda and now Salt….she’s not going to take time off. Nobody complaining that she went back to work…it’s that she says one thing but does another….she’s full of sh1t.

  7. Anonymous says

    yeah I like to add when she’s not working on films…she is all over the world saving lives… exactly when and how does she take care of her own children????

  8. Anonymous says

    She never said she was quitting she said that was taking time off after Changeling and wouldn’t be working for a few years. Then she went right back to work and now she is saying she is taking time of again. It has nothing to do with Jennifer Aniston but everything thing to do with her inconsistencies just to make herself look like she is a good mother.

  9. Anoni says

    Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston, he didn’t leave all of you Anonymous hate bloggers. The woman just took a 14-15 month break from filming. She never said she was going to retire (sorry to break your little hearts), just slow down to 1 picture a year, then to 1 picture every 3 years, etc. If she “stole” Pitt why didn’t Aniston just pay the ransom?

  10. Anonymous says

    here we go again….somebody always has to bring up Jennifer Aniston. The Brangaloonie will never let that go will they??

  11. Anonymous says

    I believe that…her family is her priority…I will believe her and brad before all the haters on gossip site!! And dont worry anonymous1:22pm, ALOT people care about Brad and Angelina…they both have big hearth, love them or not!

  12. Anonymous says

    Angelina Jolie stories really bring out the stupidity in people. How is Angelina lying about taking time off when she did? After birth and Pax’s adoption she took at least six months off. She has never said she was taking years off. I didn’t see it but people said she was in Beowulf for 10 minutes or something. Obviously she wasn’t working 10 hour days for months. Kung Fu Panda is animation and actors never work more than a few hours a day for a couple of weeks. Please stop exaggerating. She’s not all over the world saving lives. She hasn’t been on a humanitarian trip since October or November and it lasted no more than 4 or 5 days. Two or three trips a year doesn’t make her an absentee parent.

  13. Anonymous says

    WRONG!! The last humanitarian trip was in Feburuary…..she visited a refugee camp in Thailand.

  14. AnonymousE says

    “She’s not all over the world saving lives. She hasn’t been on a humanitarian trip since October or November and it lasted no more than 4 or 5 days. Two or three trips a year doesn’t make her an absentee parent.”

    Doesn’t make her a great humanitarian either.

  15. says

    She always says the same things because the morons who interview always ask her the same damn things. Even at the OSCARS people kept asking about her and Brad, about the kids, about how they get ready for the red carpet with all their kids running around. That’s what she gets asked so that’s what she’s stuck answering.

  16. Anonymous says

    What the fcukof this jen hags who invade Angie threads? why you worked up when she say she is happy? J.lo said it,so did Jennifer garner,so did Reece ,julia.. andmany more woman.Even Jennifer Aniston who just broke up with her boyfriend who wrote a song about how her calling Brad manytimes makes him sick..says she is a happywoman. Why not angie? She has a handsome boyfirend,beatuiful house full of kids, excellent carrier and fans that are adors her ,Why won’t she be happy? Why you get burningly jealous of her?

  17. Anonymous says

    She didn’t work for for almost a year and half and most of that time she was home with her kids. What kind of jealousy is this? May god protect the jolie-pitts.

  18. Anonymous says

    oh yes, god must protect the jolie-pitts *rolls eyes — go back to JJ Brangeloonieland.

  19. Anonymous says

    Instead of trying to be her mother why doesn’t she try to be herself??? She is not her mother.

  20. Anonymous says

    Ianunderground has a great article on her meth problem, which could explain alot. Sad.

  21. Anonymous says

    Why is this regurgitated interview just now getting published in closer? Didn’t this come out in 2008?

  22. T says

    Angst anyone?!

    Why do people tear down anyone who says they are happy? And support the ones we believe can’t possibly be happy (J Aniston). I am sure both women are happy in their own ways. Let it rest.

    You don’t have to support either one, they don’t need it… just go try and make your own life better instead… if they help you do that, yay, if they don’t, go find someone or something that does.

  23. Anonymous says

    Here we go again and again…year after year, day after day, someone always has to bring up the stupid brangeloonie name!!

  24. Anonymous says

    No . She looks so much like her mom and most people who know her mom said her mom was very delicate and nice lady People who know Angie close including her long time love said she is those things. Angie becoming like her mom is completly normal.
    Don’t forget obessive/complesive is Jennifer Aniston. Her former boyfriend said so. Don’t give her title to others jennifer herself said she is a control freak.

  25. Anonymous says

    cause most of your here who were bashing Angie are the ho fans who molested every other young man in hollywood.

  26. Anonymous says

    Some of just won’t worth talking so what you saying is every actor who has children and who said family first should stop working? LOL That is why people like Jennifer Aniston too selfish to have kids.

  27. Anonymous says

    I don’t have a problem with Angelina, but her fans are another story! You know the little red dotted lines that show up on your misspelled and misused words means you are spelling them wrong, morons! You make my head hurt trying to understand what it is you are trying to say. Why is it that anytime there is a post about Angelina, her fans bring Jennifer into it? You just won’t let her move on. Granted, there are some fans of Jennifer that are crazy but reading some on the posts here about Angelina, one would think YOU are stalking her because some of you describe her life as if you were personally there (i.e she was off for 2 months on for 4, she went here and there and she is super happy) When was her last menstrual cycle and can someone please tell me what she is doing right this second?

  28. Anonymous says

    Wow the fact that you all think is actually true is f*****g funny to me!!!! LMAO!!!!!! I mean seriously what is wrong with you people???!!!! get a job and stop caring these LIES!!!!!!!!

  29. Anonymous says

    So you are literate ? What do you suggest to talk about her ex nausatingly untill to make her boyfriend to wirte a song about it like Jennifer aniston? No What did Reece talk about in her recent interview her divorce and her daughter that is it. All stars talk about their kids and partners why it is different when Angie does it? Besides, they are the ones whom the media always putas they are not happy fighting etc so I am not surprised she tell us she is happy and she is doing her best to be a good mom.

  30. Anonymous says

    yes she went for her assigment a few days with Brad while they probably made stops in a kids countries while they are there big deal? Isn’t that Posh beckhams go 2-3 days a week with out seeing her kids?why isn’t that considerd a bad mothering but Angies? why not when David Bechmas in Italy with out seeing his kids except may be once or twice a month ? Weren’t ben aflack away from his family for a week or more than a week when he was in Africa ?why it is unique when angie take2 -3 twice a year considered a big deal?

  31. Anonymous says

    AngieJo is so full of shit. Next thing we’ll be hearing about is a new movie she signed up for. HATE her.

  32. Anonymous says

    No she is not. For some reason people like you can’t handle it when she say I am happy. She has a beautiful family and carrier isn’t that what we all want?At least most of us.

  33. Annon says

    Yeah, this is the woman who also said that she was retiring from acting years ago. Yet here she is, still taking roles. Everything she says to the media seems so calculated to make herself look good.

  34. Anonymous says

    Yea right, her family is SOOOOO important to her that she is willing to starve herself to the point of collapsing — all for a stupid movie role!! She sure has her priorities screwed up! She is disgusting and doesn’t deserve those children!

  35. Anonymous says

    She didn’t collaps, why you all belive all the tallabies when it is about her? Do you believe the story JA stocking the jolie-pitt family ? If so I hope you rusing to tell them to have a restraning order against her are you?

  36. Anonymous says

    She is so gorgeous and is probably a wonderful mother. Luckly she is a back stabbing, husband stealing, lying, cheating, horny as@#$ toad, real slicker, slicker that Jennifer, lucky for her she stole Brad otherwise she would still be going through all her grief, she would probably be still kissing her brother. Let her do that in front of Brad.

  37. Anonymous says

    Jennifer Aniston scary fans get over it. When someone say I don’t want it means I don’t want. Let go and let live.

  38. Mamita says

    Wow, I am astounded at how much people hate her??? The happier she is the more we hate her, no wonder everyone loves Jennifer Aniston, she is miserable and unhappy….

  39. Anonymouse says

    how do you know how happy Santa AngieJo is? people hate her because is a phony, hypocritical, self-righteous, stuck up beeyotch.

  40. Moreaces says

    So True, the happier Jolie is, the more crazy the Man fans get. Brad was not happy with Man or he would still be there, HE IS NOT. Angelina does wonderful things for the world, She is a very good actress, maybe not the best, but very good at any rate. She works just like we work, and one day would like to retire just like we all want to retire, only difference is these jealous hens will never have the money fame, love and happines that Jolie does, working or retired, She works maybe 4 months out of the year,, She has more time with her kids than we as average workers have.. I am happy for her and hopes she continues to be blessed with all the love that is around her.

  41. NY2 says

    Wow, you guys really don’t like her huh? I don’t have a problem with her, I mean if she is lying just to make herself look good, then let her lie. The only one she’s going to hurt in the end is herself. You guys are so worked up over her, let her be like she is, it doesn’t affect you, it affects her.

  42. Anonymous says

    i don’t think anyone is “worked up” over Santa AngieJo. it’s just fun snarking on her phony bony ass.

  43. Anonymous82 says

    Everytime she does an interview like this, she makes it sound like she is the first mother who has ever put her family first. I remember when she was pregnant, the media treated it as if she was the first woman in the story of mankind to ever get pregnant. Don’t all mothers feel the same way? I am currently on maternity leave and I don’t know if I wanna go back to work after my baby is born. But I guess when Angelina Jolie says it, it’s so sensational and admirable. I thought she was taking a year off to get Pax used to his new life, I thought the were going to live in New Orleans, I thought she was going to stop making movies… I don’t personally hate her, I’m just sick of the media and herself making her look perfect and one of a kind.

  44. Anonymous says

    She doesn’t sound like that and she is not the first one or the last one to say it. Because Jennifer didn’t put her relationship before her fame and greed of money she lost a relationship the only man who stands to be with her more than 10 month. They ticked on by that and they always complaini when everytime Angie talk about her family. She is putting her family first and it shows. Deal with it and get out of thier life.

  45. C. says

    She’s a hypocrite who likes to hear herself talk. If she says it; it must be true…right? Actions speak louder than interviews.

  46. Anonymous says

    Bullsh1t! You are ALL worked up over her. It’s so ridiculous! If you hate people you don’t even know, I fear for the real people in your life.

  47. Anonymous says

    Jennifer Aniston fans got infected with her posinous victim status . They won’t let it go. This is a sickiness clearly cause that childless,boring, complicated 5 years ago marriage doen”t worth non of this. They are addicted to Angie. Espeically now they are staying low for more than a month they are going though withdrawl symptoms. ahahahaha

  48. Anonymous says

    Why don’t all go crazy when other stars say it? Why only when she sayingit: She is happy who else won’t be having her life. It hurts to find out she actually happy and have another life besides how the tabolids try to make it to entertain you all right? go buy your next fix.

  49. Calm down says

    I doubt everyone on here is an adult. Who uses the word “hater” past the age of 18? Name calling should be reserved for the immature and for the playground. Grow up, this is a public forum and all opinions are welcomed no matter how stupid you think it is. Someone will always think your posts suck too, so it evens out. So what if she says she is happy? She is the one that has to live with herself so if she is not, then I am sure she will get out of her relationship like she has many times before. Must someone always talk crap about Jennifer also? Childless, hag, hen– come on, never put the blame on Brad and it’s so hard to believe that maybe he fell for someone else and split with Jen to be with Angelina? Many people say she was selfish for not having a child, why did she have to put her career on hold and he can continue to work as he pleases? I doubt a child would have stopped him from leaving her for Angelina if he was so in love with her.

  50. Anonymous says

    I hope some of her fans have other things going on than sitting here talking crap about someone and defending her from any negative comments or even remotely negative at that. You should be more passionate about your family and ask God to bless your family, not some stranger that doesn’t know you exist. By the way, how can you people on here and on the other crazy-borderline psychotic website sit there and call someone a hag and a childless barren chin and then go on to say “God bless the Jolie-Pitts”? What a bunch of hypocrites and no you are not going to heaven just because you wished the Jolie-Pitts good luck and sent them A LOT of love, weirdos.

  51. Anonymous says

    Cause we can. You know when someone express their happiness while the media make their life other way, you can see there are so many people get burned in jealousy.

  52. Anonymous says

    hmm why would the jenhags always invade Angelina’s thread and pretend they are not a Jennifer Aniston fans? Would you hate Angelina with all that passion if you don’t think Aniston get a bad deal because Brad dumped her? I don’t like Britney Spears but i was never interested to post comment in her thread. Then when the fan defends Angelina Jolie would Aniston fans will say the Angelina fans should stop depending Angelina because we don’t know her.. my question to all of you JENHAGS why the hate and nasty name calling on Angelina when in fact you also don’t know her and don’t know the real facts why Brad divorced her and left her for Angelina Jolie huh? The hypocrites here are the Aniston fans .. for you it’s ok to bash Angelina Jolie and call her all kinds of nasty names but it’s not OK to said bad things on your precious CHINNIFER? Get over it already, Jen has been dumped by Vince, Paul Sculptor and twice by Mayer but i don’t see the Aniston fans being mad at JM when he’s the one who is the current X of Anuston hate on Mayer and let go of the 100 years old divorced according to your Pathetic idol jen.

  53. Anonymous says

    This is Angelina Jolie’s thread anyone questioning why her fans knows a lot of details about her must be braindead .. We are Jolie’s fans it’s our nature to know things about her (detailed or not) like any other fans .. go ask Aniston fans or Robert Pattison fans my guess they also know a lot of things about their idol.

  54. Mamita says

    I don’t want to offend anyone, but is it possible to like them both? Face it, neither of them is a stellar actrice, Angie is a bit better than Jen. But, more women identify with Jen.
    I do like both of them, for very different reasons. I don’t consider myself a Brangeloonie or a Jennifer freak.
    I do think it’s great how Angie can get people all worked up, they start posting all this craziness without spell checking!! It is just sad how much energy we waste on people we don’t even know (note, I said WE, that includes me!!)

  55. Anonymous says

    I am the one that said you insane people know way too much about the whereabouts of Angelina. You think it’s normal to know so much about her and dream about her and her children. You sickos call yourselves “aunties” and “uncles”. Why do you take it so serious, if we don’t like Angelina, then whatever but it seems that you have to like her specifically, otherwise you are a “hater”? But you can talk really bad about Jennifer and if I join in your hate for Jennifer I am a People can talk about whomever they like and dislike including yourself but let other people be also. By the way “brain dead”? I much rather be that, then be brain alive worshiping someone who is just a celebrity. Get over it. Oh and go fuck yourself. Thanks!

  56. Anonymous says

    As I said before, brangeloonies are either immature kids trying to get a rise out of people, or for the most part “adult” women who need to go take care of their millions of kids instead of being on the internet bitching about Jennifer because she is free to do what she wants and is not stuck at home cooking and cleaning for some overbearing man. Losers either way. Get a career and something other than obsessing about the color of Angelina’s shit.

  57. Moron says

    To the moron Anonymous 4/08 3:07am- Learn some proper grammar and spelling. What is up with these idiots not learning how to spell? Yes, this is a message board but you crazies are known for your butchering of the English language. Say whatever you want about some people having English as a second language. You obviously learned enough to talk shit about people so I can only hope you would be able to master the art of spelling. One can only hope. Get some new cut downs too, because the ones you use are really getting old, like you are or will be soon. Hopefully maturity kicks in before you start having to change your own depends.

  58. To Anonymous says

    Apr 8, 2009 @ 03:14 am
    You don’t sound creepy at all. I like Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie and this is a fun thread but again, this is not a fan site so you need to have tougher skin if you are so obsessed with Angelina and not take it so personal when someone doesn’t like her. I don’t have idols, I have a preference as to which celebrity I enjoy the most but I don’t think it is the duty of a “fan” to know or at least pretend they know so much about someone Else’s life. And besides, I liked to know where you get all of your “insider information”, because you sure “know” a lot about celebrities. Don’t give me the bullshit line that “it’s printed everyone”, because you people are the first ones that say we are stupid for believing what the media tells us, unless it’s a positive comment of course.