Paul Walker Says Fatherhood Has Made Him Slow Down And Grow Up

Well, that and doctor’s orders!!


A few years ago, Paul Walker’s doctor told him to slooowww dowwwn! The actor was running on empty and his body was starting to suffer for it.

“I’m still learning how to relax. And a while ago I started to feel
run down. My doctor pointed out I was running on empty. He said that when
you’re young it’s not really an issue, but one of these days you’re going to
get older, and you’ll crash.

He said, ‘You’re going to have to learn to take
strolls on the beach to relax.’ I didn’t think I was capable.”

Isn’t that crazy that we have gotten to a point in society where we have to LEARN to relax?

However, the 35-year-old star – who has a 10-year-old daughter Meadow – says
fatherhood has helped him to calm down.
Paul added to Men’s Health magazine:

“Sure enough, I’m starting to mellow
with age. As I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed I can carry a bit more weight –
I would have felt really sluggish running around at 190lb when I was

“Things don’t faze me as much as they used to. Fatherhood has made me grow
up a lot.”

Parenthood can do that to a person. :)

In other news, I saw Fast and Furious and really liked it! Has anyone else gone to see this movie yet?




  1. Anonymous says

    So in other words it was only statutory rape for the first two years but it isn’t currently, so the law and everyone else should forget about it? Funny, that isn’t how the law works for non celebrities. Jails are filled with plenty of people in similar situations.

  2. II says

    thank you! celebrities get off so easy, it makes me sick. and celebrity or not, illegal or not, this does not forgive the fact that this girl is less than a decade older than his own daughter. what a pervert.

  3. Anonymous says

    OMF. I love this man. Always have, always will hahaha. He can do no wrong in my eyes, so all of you- mind your business. Was a TERRIFIC movie.

  4. tasha says

    i love paul walker and i would like to meet him…. and for people who are critisisin him…. you cant help who u fall for your not suppost to its not ur life so just leave them to it… if its not meant to be then it will go wrong!…. im 17 nd i wudnt say no to him hes gorgeous.

    love you paul walker your bloody gorgeous…

  5. hello? says

    Ugh! Talk about ruining your image, If it doesn’t bother you that he started dating the girl at 16, you obviously must be within the same age group, keep dreaming! It doesn’t matter if he was the best looking man alive, its wrong on so many levels, the fact that he’s a father only raises the creep factor. Can you imagine your own fathers dating a 16 yr old? You’d be singing a different tune then wouldn’t you? He’s a creep, once you younger girls mature you’ll see why. If he has to be with a girl that young what does that tell you? Think about it before you start expressing your admiration and fantasies for some creep, you make yourselves sound like wistful, easy manipulated, immature girls, sorry to be so blunt about, but have some sense! By the way I’m 17, and so not into rapist, because that’s exactly what he is.

  6. sarahb says

    As I am a huge Paul Walker fan and love this movie series, I went to see Fast & Furious on opening day. I LOVED it and would recommend to all that you see it!

  7. CapturingLife says

    I saw it last night – it was EXCELLENT! I really didn’t get into the 2 & 3rd movies of the franchise but the first one and this one are my favorites and these are not my “usual” types of movies to see. I was really impressed! Our theater was sold out all weekend and last night it was jam packed again, which is REALLY rare for a Tuesday night! Paul is still easy on the eyes. :)

  8. Anonymous123 says

    Well he’s dating a teenager so I wouldn’t consider him grown up. I used to think he was hot until I heard this….I find that a little creepy.

  9. Voice of Reason says

    i have no respect for paul walker. his daughter is 10 and his girlfriend is 19…he started dating the girl when she was 16. 16!!!!
    that is disgusting, and how come no one is coming out saying he is doing wrong?! he sickens me.

  10. Anonymous says

    Um… It is illegal wether she liked it or not, that’s because he’s a grown man with several years of experience over her. He couldn’t even wait till she was at least an adult! He was 16 when she was born! How any of you couldn’t see anything wrong with that proves to show how easily manipulated you are at that age! He’s basically a predator, disgusting on his part and sad on her part, poor girl didn’t even live long enough to be considered an adult to make a rational decision. Her parents basically sold her, they should be ashamed if they allowed this, which they did.