Billy Bob Thornton’s Strange Radio Interview


Billy Bob Thornton and his band went to do a radio interview and Billy Bob was acting SO strange. The video is long, but things get weirder and weirder as it goes on. The man keeps asking Billy Bob questions like, "When did you form the band?" And Billy Bob looks at him like he just asked, "So when did you grow a tail?"

Billy Bob is known for being a little bit eccentric but this interview is NUTS! The band is currently on tour with Willy Nelson and when asked what he’s like, Billy says he’s never met him. His bandmates keep trying to cover but they seem a little embarrassed.

Have a listen and tell me how crazy it is…but be careful, there are curses.

Photos by INF.




  1. come home to the mother planet BBT , we miss you. says

    I believe he is on something. Something in his personal life has got him in a REALLY BAD place. The radio dj mentions something to BBT and BBT reacts to it like radio dj said something off about his work. BBT is in some kind of emotional pain and stress. The band is telling the rest of what unsaid details with the ALL OVER BODY LANGUAGE. There is a show on tv now called “LIE TO ME”, watch it, it’s a great show about unspoken words and focusing on body language and the truth which no one is telling. and the men in that band have a lot to say, without having to say a word. BBT IS NUT! he has screwed up his personal life for years and now that sh1t is dribbling into his work space. That is never good. LOHAN FAMILY ANYONE.

  2. Stephanie B says

    Billy Bob is such a total d-bag. I think Jian Ghomeshi handled it really well and, if anything, it shows that his talents as an interviewer because he didn’t back down. I like how he continued to talk about the issue instead of sweeping it under the rug and moving on and pretending everything was fine. In the end BBT looks like a loser and Q gets publicity which is great!

  3. Anonymous says

    After hearing this I am left completely impressed with the D.J. –who can add ‘conflict-resolution’ management to his resume, and totally uninterested in hearing any of BB’s music. Where, exactly is ‘hillbilly music’ a big selling point?

  4. mfox4 says

    Obviously BBT took offense at the intro and was passive aggressively trying to punish the interviewer until he was called on it. Since Tom Petty never wrote nor starred in movies and has only stuck to music, BBT can’t expect to be treated like Tom Petty until he makes a successful name for himself in music. Not likely. He’s far from it and will likely never get there if he thinks he deserves acclaim before earning it.

  5. Jan says

    lol what he needs to realize is he would NEVER have gotten the interview if it wasnt for his reputation as an actor. How many bands who have been formed for 2-3 years or less would kill to perform on a country wide program such as this? Since this was so early in the morning I figure he had not been to bed yet. What a fuck$ing baby – go cry somewhere else. I really hope he doesnt get more people listening to his music tho because of this. That would really be a shame.

  6. Anonymous says

    It is comforting to know that Angelina actually matured and grew up, and BBT stayed a spoiled child. I would be thanking God if I were Angelina to be dumped by BBT.

  7. Music Fan says

    WTF is going on with BBT? You mean ‘WTR is going on with the DJ?’ He was the rude one!

    Come on, the band is there to promote their record and band, not turn it into ‘how BBT’ is recognized as a actor/screen writer and what other careers ventures he has done. And to say Willie Nelson only has an ‘older’ crowd. I’ve been to a Willy Nelson concert and believe me, there are probably MORE younger fans than anyone. Willie is the Sh!t!!!

    I’m with Billy Bob on this one, what a douche the DJ was.

    Cosmic Cowboy Music . . . good one!!

  8. Anonymous says

    A) Prime example of biting the hand that feeds. Acting is the reason he even has an interview, and B) It’s Willie Nelson, not Willy

  9. Miia-Maria says

    lmao i thought it was really funny, it’s no news BBT is selfcentered and weird, but he took it so overboard it was just epic. I think it’s hilarious how the DJ actually tried to get an answer out of BBT, as if he doubted that he really just didn’t understand the question. “So when did u form the band, i mean, when did u meet, or um, when did u start to playtogether.. er… when….” WE GET IT, poor dj, he should’ve just taken advantage of the situation. U could see BBT smiling while giving the dj hard time.. It wouldn’t have been too hard to start’n’joke along, even if BBT really was pissed off by being introdused as an actor or what not.. Bottom line, i laughed so hard!!! It was good fun, plus all the other members of the band looked kinda pissed off too, and really bored and just “above it all” BBT is one pure a**hole.. such a doll:)

  10. Anonymous says

    I am wondering if this is early on-set alzheimers. He shows confusion with mixed feelings

  11. Monica says

    He’s completely doing it on purpose for attention for whatever reason. He seems just bitter and angry and upset about something in general, and I don’t think the interviewer had anything to do with that. It’s probably something in his personal life that is making him so depressed and respond in such a passive-aggressive way to this innocent interviewer! He needs to resolve his issues and stop taking out his anger on others!

  12. Doug Roberts says

    He’s a jerk!! A spoiled brat with an inflated ego. He’s famous because he’s an actor and that’s the way it is. He never would have been given the interview if he was the leader of some two-bit country band that’s only been around for a couple of years. His band should fire him and get good drummer.

  13. Anonymous says

    Gian is not a DJ – he is the host of Q – a radio program on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the CBC – it is a program focused on arts and culture. The guests are usually intelligent and insightful, until BBT – the intro which was written prior to the interview – is simply that an introduction into the segment. I strongly doubt had it not been BBT – the Boxcarts would not have been a blimp on the schedule of this national radio program. The reality is BBT is an Oscar winning writer – a director, producer and actor – it is on his resume – it is unfortunate that BBT decided to be a rude moron – I was once a fan of his, but no longer.

  14. Kel938422 says

    The Boxmasters rock! This interview was not “weird,” at all. Billy Bob was being a jerk in response to the interviewer being a jerk. You can’t gather that from BBT cracking a smile every time he answers a question?? I thought it was hilarious.

  15. Susan108 says

    The interviewer was very superficial. Billy Bob has a “jerk personality”, but is intelligient and humorous. It made me uncomfortable, which I value. We always tend to try to keep things comfortable and tidy. This is not Billy Bob’s MO. He’s a rabble rouser, and that’s a good thing, imo.
    Notice his skin and how his face looks—very healthy. He is a raw food vegan, and I doublt that he does drugs. He answers questions similar to the way Bob Dylan did in the mid-60’s when first coming on the celebrity-interview scene. I don’t think anyone can really criticize a celebrity until they’ve been through the BS that gets pushed on them by interviewers and public who feel they’re entitled to their souls.

  16. Jess Di says

    douche !!

    and us canadians we know how to rock so i dont know what hes saying!
    poor bandmates and the interviewer!!

  17. lara jane says

    I get that he’s “different,” and I can appreciate him not wanting to focus on the acting, but he’s being a downright pr!ck to this dj. And seriously, you haven’t met Willie? I find that extremely bizarre, considering BBT is clearly ON SOMETHING, and we all know how Willie lives! LOL

    My husband has some of their music and enjoys it.

  18. Anonymous says

    BBT is a LOSER! to the nth degree, and their music sucks anyway, sorry billy bob stans but your boy is a douchebag

    Go Jian!

  19. Belinda says

    Major props to the interviewer, he handled this the best way that he possibly could and Billy Bob Thorton made himself look like an ass. The interviewer just barely talked about his acting career and because BBT made it such a big deal, *then* they started talking about his other career more. BBT is just entirely too defensive about this and screwed himself over.

  20. Nimbus says

    he looked totally spaced out… at the very beginning he is looking around like he has no idea how he got there or where he is… I bet he was on some heavy drugs… wat a dickhead

  21. Anonymous says

    Billy Bob wanted to pretend that the fact that he was famous didn’t get him the interview in the first place. No name bands don’t get 13 minute interviews and live performances on major radio stations.

    All of the sudden, from out of nowhere, there’s a new Tom Petty on the scene!! No one’s heard of him, or his music, but here he is!

    What an egotistical a-hole. The way he behaved is even more arrogant than pulling the ‘don’t you know who I am?’ card, because he assumed that the world would find him brilliant based solely on the fact that he holds that opinion.

    Fat chance!

  22. leelee says

    Billy Bob health? I see multiple pics of him puffing a cigarette, he even mentioned smoking in this interview. Nicotine is a drug. Smoking is very much NOT healthy. I was a fan, I am sorry he appears to be so disturbed/unhappy in this interview.

  23. Anonymous says

    This video has been all over Canada. Needless to say the majority of Canadians have NO respect for this guy and are thrilled he cancelled his concerts and went back to his homeland.
    He’s all yours!

  24. Anonymous says

    Just looking at those pictures of him and his wife you can’t help but wonder…how much must it suck that your husband’s ex is Angelina Jolie. Hhahahaha

  25. yeahItsMe says

    I actually saw the video on CNN and it is really weird. I can’t tell if he’s acting or just completely out of it though. No matter what, I’m sure his reps will come out saying that he’s preparing for a role or something and he was “in character”. WHATEVER!!

  26. Danie says

    He seems to be acting, high, or he could just really be that nuts…or maybe a little of everything 😉

    I mean, how could you not understand the question about what music you listened to as a child?

  27. Anonymous says

    He answered that because he was mad at the interviewer for referring to him as an “actor” in the beginning. He’s such an a**hole!!

  28. lilmez says

    Billy Bob was so rude and CRAZY. I feel so bad for his band AND especially for the interviewer. I think the interviewer was very professional in how he handled Billy’s craziness. Billy Bob is an idiot!

  29. Lose That Girl says

    Billy Bob is lucky that after such pouty performances that he’s still being called for interviews. Self-indulgent twat. There was nothing wrong with the line of questioning…. Hello, Billy Bob! Perhaps not everyone realizes that you’re an actor first and foremost -there’s nothing wrong with the interviewer mentioning your *other* gig. Next time, you can skip Canada on your tour. Rude jerk.losethatgirl blog

  30. Anonymous123 says

    He is comparing himself to Tom Petty?? I don’t think so. His band members looked totally mortified.

  31. Anonymous says

    Billy Bob is a dumb a s s the guy needs eduction and learned to get off those d a m n drugs

  32. gretel says

    He was completely rude. Should really learn some manners and be thankful someone gives a damn about his band – which i didn’t even knew existed, until yesterday.

  33. Anonymous says

    He gave the interview saying it is he go away cause he felt small towards Angie.He also said she is the only good woman that actually happend to his life . Angie a real , responsible and independent woman who didn’t have pity parties and make a carrier out of her divorce from her then famous husband.See that is the difference between real and fake woman. Two years after her divorce with him she met Brad Pitt , Brad fail for her cause he saw how amazing woman she is..Now Bill Bob and Angie are friends .