Dr. Drew Evaluates Young Celebs

Dr. Drew Pinsky has a book coming out called The Mirror Effect: How Celebrity Narcissism is Seducing America. In honor of his book’s publication, Dr. Drew provided Extra with his assessment and diagnosis of several celebrities: Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Nicole Richie.

I think Lindsay is one of my peeps — she’s a straight-up addict,’
Dr. Drew declares.

Drew also discussed Britney’s troubled past, which includes two
hospitalizations. ‘Britney had severe mental illness,’ Pinksy said. ‘I
thought she was going to die. Britney is only alive because of the
actions of her parents.’

According to Dr. Pinsky, former wild child Nicole Richie’s salvation
from addiction was becoming a parent to baby Harlow. ‘In my opinion,
motherhood has a very positive impact on addiction,’ Pinsky said. ‘Nicole is actually somewhat of an inspirational story.’ “

What do you think of Dr. Drew’s assessments?

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  1. Anonymous says

    No one friggen cares who posts first. You must be new to the internet or 9 years old. If you are 9 please go to an age appropriate site like Nick.com.

  2. mascara says

    I’m not inspired by nicole richie. Great for her though.

    Britney went through so much but that was all in the media. Was he there personally?

    I’m not a fan of his. A center he worked with had people who were committing suicide. There was obviously issues underneath but when you’re treating someone shouldn’t they show signs of recovery instead of getting worse? I wasn’t there so I don’t know the whole story but I don’t trust him or his opinion one bit.

  3. missmarnip says

    how is nicole an inspiration again? being famous for getting too thin and then getting pregger. oh boy, what outstanding achievements.
    sometimes i can’t help but think that having harlow is just another “little pooch”, just another young celeb trend.

  4. missmarnip says

    how is nicole an inspiration again? being famous for getting too thin and then getting pregger. oh boy, what outstanding achievements.
    sometimes i can’t help but think that having harlow is just another “little pooch”, just another young celeb trend.

  5. Anonymous says

    A lot of people (especially with severe mental illnesses) get worse right after starting treatment, especially treatment with medication. And there is a fairly high risk of suicide at the beginning of treatment. The depression/suicidal ideation haven’t had time to go away yet, but you are starting to get motivation and energy back, which means there is more of a chance of acting on them than there would be stuck in a severe depression. It’s actually fairly common….

  6. Anonymous says

    I wonder if Dr. Drew thought to study his own inflated ego for his book? And if motherhood has a positive impact on addiction, then why the hell is Britney Spears so messed up? While he’s busy thanking Britney’s parents for saving her life, he might come to his senses and notice that her parents’ self serving and exploitative behavior towards their child is what caused all her problems in the first place.

  7. legogirl says

    I’d stay wary of this guy and check out his credentials if I was thinking about reading his book. :)

  8. Anonymous says

    I recall Nicole Richie as a guest on Loveline sirca 2003, she and Dr. Drew are tight. IIRC they talked about her 6 months off Heroin, her sexual preferences, daddy issues…good times =)

    Don’t be hating on Dr. Drew, he’s a true genius with diagnosis and recommended medication/treatment of fu*ked up people…however awkward his social persona may appear.

  9. says

    I agree– Britney does have some severe type of mental illness. I listened to her talk on MTV on her biography and she doesn’t seem like she’s even on the same planet. Unfortunately motherhood did not have the same effect on Britney that it did on Nicole, and it doesn’t have that effect on everyone.

  10. Trippinwet says

    dr drew has an ego that slaps me in the face. he thrives on being the savior of any celebrity with-in his grasp. let us have a look at the skeletons in your closet dr. this guy is dangerously phony. his so called therapy is available to a network for a price that inflates his ego and his wallet. i think drew is a goof !!!

  11. Annon says

    That’s a great picture! Harlow is such a cutie! As for the Doc, that sound like basics that anyone can figure out just from watching things progress.

  12. Anonymous says

    If he actually treated them, then wouldn’t be legally required to keep his mouth shut? And if he didn’t treat them, then how in the he11 does he know. I smell law suits here, big ones!

  13. Anonymous says

    Lawsuit-crazy people like you are partially responsible for our country’s healthcare crisis (I hope you have health insurance). With regards to his comments, some behaviors are characteristic for addiction, and these people have exhibited them in public and interviews. Recognizing patterns is exactly what doctors are trained to do. Why do you think they take your history when you are being examined?

  14. Anonymous says

    I think that, what he said was really what the patterns of addiction are. All he said was personal opinions and what he thought about the situation medically, he didn’t reveal anything that would cause a lawsuit or that was an invasion of privacy, unless he was there doctor, and even if he was it wasn’t like he said anything that is private information.
    you most likely said some of these things or somthing like this along with doctor drew. maybe not about these people but about other people or celebrites that you didn’t like can they suw you for it?

  15. Anonymous says

    I think Dr. Drews assessments are straight up unprofessional.

    He is making assumptions based soley on the medias portrayl of these people which is not what a normal doctor would, or should, be doing.

  16. Anonymous says

    I agree, but he’s making it sound like he DID treat them…at least in these quotes.

  17. Anonymous says

    I think his statement about Nicole needs two additional words “had and her”. Motherhood has had a positive impact on her addiciton.” Otherwise it’s like he’s saying step 13 is getting pregnant or something. And WOW about the Lindsay comment. I imagine her chugging a red bull with a cigarette hanging from her mouth, mascara smeared beneath her eyes as she sets fire to a wax figure of Dr. Drew. lmao…oh damn i need to go home now.

  18. Anonymous says

    Chill out! Why get personal? The anon commentor is probably right about possible lawsuits. You, on the other hand, sound like you have a short fuse.