Whitney Port Back At People’s Revolution?

Did Olivia Palermo beat Whitney Port to the promotion of her dreams? Rumor has it that Olivia will be heading to London working as a publicist for DvF and Whitney is going back to People’s Revolution.

Olivia from MTV’s The City is sure to head a spin off from the spin off from the spin off from Laguna Beach… stay tuned! Those MTV execs sure know how to spread a concept really thin.

An MTV spokesperson tells Page Six,

We are currently shooting the next season of episodes, and since the show is in production, we don’t comment on upcoming story lines.”

Asked whether Zee is joining the show, a rep for Elle said, “Unfortunately, we can’t comment on this.”

So where does this leave Whitney? Will she remain in NY? Or head back home to the West Coast? And if she does go back home, will her series still be called ‘The City’?




  1. Anonymous says

    olivia is a raunchy brat! who the hell does she think she is? she is so ugly and trife! i would have slapped her so bad after she stole my idea!

  2. Anonymous says

    maybe but olivia was also the only thing that made this show halfway interesting. whitney is just too boring to support a whole show by herself. naive and boring. boooring.

  3. researchbot says

    i watch these shows pretty regularly, but if Olivia gets a spin-off I will not be watching. She is a true bitch and her behavior should not be rewarded with its own TV show.

  4. dog eat dog says

    THE THING THAT PESTERS ME THE MOST ABOUT HOW THAT WHOLE THING BETWEEN THE DUMB B1TCH SQUAD, IS HOW Whitney ALLOWED THAT SCANK TO STEAL NOT ONCE, NO, NOT TWICE, NO…..more than, TIME AND TIME AGAIN her creative juice. While running her ass into the ground as dumb dirt. The DVF crew knew that Whitney has the boring skills to pull off that job, but it’s Olivia that has the style and the back stabbing balls to step up to the plate, to eat everyones meals without a thought, and then deliver a belch, as if that sh1t was meant for her. If you don’t understand the way that all worked out don’t go to the BIG CITIES, that do BIG BUSINESS, because those B1tches at DVF all knew that dance Olivia played…… I , on the other hand would have corrected that twat and told on her Ass RIGHT THEN AND THERE. That sh1t happened to me once…. AND, IT ONLY NEEDS TO HAPPEN ONCE WITH ME. I SEE THE SIGNS OF A FUKEN PHONEY NOW. WHITNEY IS “STUUUUPID” she really thought that olivia was going to stand up for her and tell the truth. DID YOU SEE HOW SMUG OLIVIA WAS WHEN SHE WENT TO GIVE WHITNEY THE “GREAT NEW”, OH BOY. (Whitney) child… meet world.

  5. Anonymous says

    I cannot believe that we have reduced ourselves to even talk about that backstabbing mole, but just on this….her blatent lack of respect for her peers is also a lack of respect for the people she works for and pays her, to think that she actually feels good about pulling the wool over their eyes by stealing someone elses idea. She can now continue to come up with her own ideas because I’m sure Whitney has now learnt that ‘Olivia’ is irrelevant not only to everyone around her but to herself, to not be able to accredit herself with her own ideas and feeling she needs to be a thief with someone elses…..Wise up Whitney….get even!