Mariah Carey Suffers From Insomnia

Get some sleepytime tea Mariah Carey! Use two bags and call it a night. Works wonders!! 😉

Poor Mariah. The singer is suffering from insomnia and instead of getting rest in the evenings, she stays up and watches her husband Nick Cannon sleep and updating her Twitter feed.

Mariah wrote on her Twitter page:

"I just finished working out. Whooo! Quite
naturally, ‘its 5am and I still can’t sleep'(sung like ‘crybaby’ from
‘Rainbow’ 99)lol Who’s up?

"Nick is too cute when he’s sleep! I wish he didn’t have to work tomorrow so
he could help me sleep all day and I could sing all nite (sic)!"

Imagine not sleeping all night and then working out until 5 in the morning? I don’t want to fit in those skinny jeans that badly. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Instead of attempting to rest, Mariah popped in a movie.

I’m about to watch "bedtime stories"(Adam Sandler) for the first time. Anyone seen it? How is it?

Mariah also admitted to watching ‘Grey Gardens‘ the following day starring Drew Barrymore and loving it.

Just watched "Grey Gardens" Very intense! "Its an artistic smaaaaash" D.Barrymore as "Lil Edie" new fave saying: )

Can’t wait to see that one either.

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  1. mariah_fan says

    She sleeps during the daytime and works at night. She does suffer from insomnia and that is why she does activities at night like working out and working on her album, and twittering. She is one of the hardest working women in the biz. }i{mariah_fan}i{

  2. says

    I dont think that MC has insomnia. She is just a night owl like me. she has said that she does most of her work at night which is typical of the music business.

  3. Anonymous says

    She sleeps during the day therefore she does not suffer from insomnia. She just has bad sleep hygiene. Sorry but tea and sleeping pills do not solve insomnia, I have been an insomniac for 3 years now. I get shiatzu massages, I do yoga, I walk everyday and I don’t drink caffine. I get about 3 hours sleep in one and a few 10minutes here and there if I am busy. She just needs to wind her day down earlier and do stuff later but not stuff that will activate her mind, like walking or getting a massage.

  4. Linda123 says

    I think Mariah has always had sleeping problems. Isn’t that what caused her ’01 breakdown? Maybe it was a rumour but I thought she didn’t sleep for a week when it happened.

  5. Anonymous says

    I suffer from insomniac too, have been for the past 20 years. I take Tylenol PM or drink Chamomile tea. Insomniac sometimes is an underlying problem; for me is depression.

  6. Monica says

    Oh my gosh, I have terrible sleeping problems, but I am not an insomniac! Neither is Mariah — Insomnia is where you can’t sleep at all, day or night, or when you can only sleep for very short periods of time. She at least sleeps during the day. Her schedule is just off. I don’t sleep till 5am every nite. I am up on the internet until then. It’s horrible, and I wish I could get back on track but I have tried everything and cannot!!!!! UGH.

  7. Laura Perdona says

    Mariah isn´t an insomniac. As others already said, she sleeps during the day. Don´t make drama out of nothing.

  8. says

    she has a similar sleeping pattern to my neighbor only my neighbotr works at night so she doesn’t get disturbed while doing her chores! but she doesn’t have ensomnia!

  9. Amy says

    I can’t sleep without my Tylenol PM. I have never tried the tea. I have tried a few other things and nothing works better than the Tylenol for me.

  10. B says

    I read somewhere that Mariah sleeps 12-14 hours a day, and sleeps all during the day to “rest her voice”. So does she now really have insomnia, or is she struggling along on 8 hours of sleep per day? Maybe she needs to reset her body clock, to sleep at night.

  11. Stephanie B says

    My sister-in-law suffers from insomnia and has just recently gotten it under control with a mild anti-depressant. She has become much better to be around, looks great, and has even lost the last a bit of weight she had been battling to lose for years. It is amazing what regular sleep does for us! She would work out in the middle of the night because she had nothing else to do. It is totally unhealthy and makes you have a bizarre routine when you can’t sleep.

  12. B says

    I suppose it could be, but it was a quote from her husband about how he has to keep himself occupied during the day while she sleeps. I understand that how “well” I know any celebrity is only as well as the veracity of what I’ve read, so who knows.

  13. Ellie says

    I can’t sleep till like 4 or 5 am either… so I watch movies or read, haha. The working out at night thing is a great idea. Afternoon/evening naps are great as well. =^_^=

  14. Anonymous says

    She also suffers from chronic, ill-fitting sunglasses syndrome. Does she EVER where her sunglasses like a normal person?!?!?

  15. papyrus says

    she’s out of her mind if she thinks she can just fall sleep after working out late at night…thats call stupidity.

  16. Anonymous says

    i think she sleeping during the day and not sleeping at night, that’s not insomnia. She should try and stay awake one day to be able to sleep at night to flip back to sleeping on nights. I suffered too, except I was a night nurse then, not a celebrity.