Beyonce Addresses “Screeching” Tape With Live Performance On Letterman

Have you heard the board feed Howard Stern posted on You Tube of Beyonce getting ready for the ‘Today Show’? She was a bit… off key. But the singer isn’t upset about the release.

"Everyone’s heard me sing and it’s perfect timing, actually, because I’ll be on the Today show tomorrow singing ‘Halo,’ or tonight you can watch me sing live on David Letterman!" she told MTV News. "It’s perfect promotion, whoever came up with that idea."

In case you don’t understand what’s going on, Beyonce sang to a track for the viewers. The audience did not hear what we just heard. Instead, they heard her cd playing.

The above video is what she actually sang into the microphone. Someone from the Today show published it on the web and here we all are.

Beyonce most certainly can sing and she proved it later that day on ‘The David Letterman Show‘.

If anyone doubts her abilities – they are crazy! Beyonce is amazing! One bad recording doesn’t change that.

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  1. valcat says

    It’s funny : ) With everything being digitally altered who’s knows what’s real anymore-especially when it’s all about image and not very much about talent.

  2. Anonymous says

    Its all about looks and marketing. She is very lucky to have made millions on her so-called ‘talent’.

  3. Anonymous says

    ValCat..Girl u couldn’t have said it better!…Beyonce PLEASE just go sit down and give us all a break! Daaaaaamnit!…u 2 papa knowles
    (aint it funny how all this “fake” audio crap is all being “faked” and the movie (which is going straight to DVD after tomorrow) is out 2morrow!

  4. Riviera says

    Well then call me crazy because I always thought that she was a bad singer. All she does, in every single song of hers, is scream and wail into the microphone. If THAT is considered singing, then Vera, you should get your ears checked.

  5. Anonymous says

    i don’t think beyonce should be too worried, im sure she has legions of fans that would still buy her cd. i think she should take this lightly.. i do think it’s funny though, will all the screeching.. it’s so bad im slightly embarassed for her.. gives me a good chuckle though : P

  6. Anonymous says

    TMZ already debunked the recording as a fake and anyone who listens to it can tell the notes were digitally bent with a computer program. It’s totally obvious. This was a prank that went to far according to the person who created the fake bad recording. Go to TMZ for the details.

  7. nyet says

    I thought that from the first line. You can tell it’s been digitally altered. Whether Beyonce actually sounds that bad is a moot point. This has been doctored, so it wouldn’t be a fair judgment to call it bad.

  8. operaghost says

    I think it was probably technical difficulties, but LOL. Poor B. That’s got to be frustrating.

  9. Anonymous says

    This story is filled with misinformation. She was singing live on the Today Show not lipsynching to a cd. Also this was proven false by a lot of blogs. The person who made the tape told a bunch of people it was fake.

  10. Anonymous says

    Really Vera you thought the recording was real wow…now I can see why you like Britney( no talent) Spears