Liev Schreiber Admits He Used To Resent Naomi Watts’ Fame

Liev Schreiber used to resent Naomi Watts’ level of fame.
The 41-year-old actor – who has two children, 21-month-old Alexander and
four-month-old Samuel, with the actress – admits he struggled to
deal with the constant media attention that accompanied his romance with
Naomi. Initially, he held her responsible for the unwanted disruption to his

"As an actor, I think I’d never kind of reached the heights of fame
that Naomi had, and so when she came into my life it was a real test on our
relationship. I didn’t like that she was bringing all that attention with her and I think
I probably blamed her for it in the beginning. But after a while, I
acclimated to it and then, of course, Alexander was born and I had to
acclimate to it all over again."

Liev also revealed he wouldn’t mind raising his kids in Naomi’s native Australia
Speaking of a recent trip Down Under, he said

"I was able to get into a
rhythm and I got a feel for the lifestyle and the quality of life there.
It’s just unbeatable, plus if you’re raising kids, I can’t imagine a better

Will they make the move? That would require a ton of very long plane rides back and forth for work.

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  2. Gemma says

    I so agree with him on living in Australia. I just spent a couple of months there and if I could I would have made it a permanent stay.