Keeping Up With Young Hollywood

Some were working, some were shopping and some were drunk out of their minds! Let’s do a quick morning round up of who did what in celebrity-ville yesterday.

Stephanie Pratt made quite the exit while leaving My House Nightclub in Los Angeles. She kissed a photographer on the lips, made another one fall and was carried away by a male companion who decided it was time for a little tickling. 😉

Paris Hilton was a busy, busy bee. She was spotted trying on new hats at a store on Melrose Place. The reality start made sure the paps had a proper shot of each look.

Hayden Panettiere was the only actress to actually be working. She was photographed leaving a business meeting holding some documents. Could it be a new script?

And last but not least, the always lovely Rose McGowan was in desperate need of new shades, so she went shopping for sunglasses in Beverly Hills.

Photos by and INF

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  1. Anonymous says

    Yes, like I want to see Wonky Hilton fill up my full screen……
    This site has become so offensive!

  2. Anonymous says

    All i have to say is Stephanie Pratt is such a fame whore just like Spencer and Heidi.. But in all honesty i think she is even more pathetic!!!

  3. Anonymous says

    Even though people say Hayden Panettiere maybe bitchy or whatever, but at least she takes her work seriously!

  4. Anonymous says

    Isn’t that guy Brett Novak from America’s most stupidest model? They dated last summer… Wonder if they’re back together. He is way hotter than that Cameron kid.

  5. KARA! says

    Paris is going to the Kentucky Derby, so she must be trying to find the perfect hat for the day! I can’t wait to see her outfit on Saturday.