Hayden Panettiere Auditioned For Footloose

Hayden Panettiere has auditioned for a role in the ‘Footloose‘ remake.
The ‘Heroes’ actress tried out for the part of Ariel Moore in the updated
version of the 80s film, and wowed bosses – including director Kenny Ortega
– with her vocal ability.

"They were really impressed. No one realised what a good
singer she is."

Gossip Girl‘ actor Chace Crawford has been linked to the lead role of Ren
, who was originally played by Kevin Bacon.
Gossip website E! reports Chace’s role in the movie is "pretty much a done

High School Musical‘ star Zac Efron was previously set to play Ren, but
pulled out after deciding he did not want to appear in another musical

In the movie, city boy Ren moves to a small town where rock music and
dancing is outlawed. Ren decides to get the laws changed, and during the
process Ariel falls in love with him.

** I just want to say that Footloose should be one of those movies that directors are NOT ALLOWED to remake. There… I said it.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I’m courius too about her tatoo… Maybe is written “Vivere la vita”… vut I don’t know… almoust because I don’t know if she would do a tatoo written in italian!

  2. jt says

    I heard Hayden had some songs circling the internet awhile back and that she’s a good singer. I guess she wanted to be a singer before she got on Heroes.

  3. Sharyl says

    Hayden Panettiere….. tattoo….. “Vivere Memento”, which means “Remember To Live”.

    Got that from the internets 😛

  4. Anonymous says

    But the tatoo ends with an “a” not “o” like momento! plus she wrote it in latin? i don’t know if moment exist in latin and for sure it doesn’t mean remember… it means more live every moment of you life….

  5. Anonymous says

    How does she already have so many wrinkles!!! I am 33 and dont have a single wrinkle on my face, guess my moms advice paid off! Use good creams and stay out of the sun

  6. Manimal says

    As in, you think she’s be too fat?

    That’s how I take it, and I completely disagree.

  7. Anonymous says

    She is a gorgeous girl, but those lines on her forehead… for a girl of her age they seem extremely pronounced

  8. Monica says

    I noticed that too. Isn’t she only 19? They’re so pronounced even though she’s wearing make up and there is a flash in her face.

  9. Anonymous says

    Its pretty clear she really has to work to maintain a slim figure. She has a very short, stocky build that even the slightest weight gain would be more obvious on her than most of her peers.

  10. Anonymous123 says

    I think she’s beautiful but yeah I think she’s a little chunky….look at her flabby arms.

  11. katgib13 says

    I think she looks fit. Not anorexic, which we are so used to seeing. I agree that if she isn’t careful when she gets older, she will have a problem, but right now? I think she’s one of the best role models for young girls, weight wise. She’s not a twig, she’s not fat…..she actually looks healthy.

  12. poetstar says

    NOT Hayden.. I think Annalynn McCord would be a GREAT person for the role of Ariel. Doesn’t she look so close to the original girl? Hayden has had so much bad press about attitude problems, that I can only see her as a brat. I agree with Vera though, I think this new version will never live up to the original, they can’t keep remaking these classic 80’s films.

  13. Anonymous says

    Ok , if she is chunky, then I am morbidly obese. And I’m a size 2! Not a Kardashian 2, a real 2.

  14. Anonymous says

    Why would she (I assume it’s a she) care what you thinkor that she has to show you anything??

  15. sarahb says

    I don’t see anything wrong with Hayden. She is a beautiful girl and does not seem to have a weight problem to me. On that note though, I agree with Vera. Footloose was a classic movie and I don’t think they should do a remake.