Matthew McConaughey In Los Angeles Confidential Magazine

Matthew McConaughey graces the cover of Los Angeles Confidential this month and he had quite a lot to say in his interview with them!

On what relationship advice he’ll pass on to his son Levi.

There will always be a natural attraction that comes at first for most
men and women. I’d say, don’t complicate it, because it
will get complicated on its own.Enjoy trying to figure women out because
you’ll do it for the rest of your life.Expect change every time you
think you’ve got the answer."


On what his own parents taught him.

"If you go in for a kiss, and she hesitates,
stop, respect her impulses.Any sort of action you take in intimacy needs
to be reciprocated.If a woman hesitates, you stop.After you stop,
the woman might say, ‘Let’s go ahead,’ but then you don’t. Don’t be in a rush.
That’ll come next time." He goes on to talk about what his mom had to say:
"Mom always taught us relationships are 50-50.She may be a catch,
but you’re a catch too.We had mom preaching that you’ve got to respect
yourself, respect your body, respect your time, and then Pop reminding us to
respect women and gentleman.Open the door, pull out the chair."


Were things this open in your household talking about love, sex and relationships when you grew up?





  1. lara jane says

    My parents didn’t talk about sex or relationships, but we had HBO! (Yikes! Where were they when we were watching R movies on cable at 8 or 10 years old!?)

    I started talking to Henry about it a couple of years ago, and he’ll be 9 next month. Just vague stuff, but I don’t want him to make the same mistakes we made. He’ll make plenty of his own, but hopefully not repeat ours! LOL

  2. momster says

    Things were NOT open in my house growing up – I had to rely on school friends for most of my (mis)information.

    I talked to my daughter about it for the first time when she was 8 – pretty vague, she’s 12 now and she’ll ask questions now and then and I just try to answer as truthfully & as calmly as possible (even though inside I am just freaking out!) But I want her to be able to come to me and I want her to hear it from ME first!

    Now, with my boys – the older one will be 10 in a few weeks (the younger one is almost 8) and we’ve never had The Talk. I guess DH & I better get our rears in gear and get it out there!

    BTW, usually ol’ MM photographs so yummily, but these shots are just not my favorites…. :((((

  3. Anonymous says

    “Enjoy trying to figure women out, because you’ll do it for the rest of your life” is in this post twice. You need an editor.

  4. gretel says

    My mother was always pretty open… when it came to my brother! Me – a girl – forget it. If it was her choice I’d probably be a nun.