Miley Cyrus Talks About Her Virginity

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I hate when reporters ask young celebrities this question. I loathe it. I detest it. It’s so personal and quite frankly none of anyone’s business. But if you have someone who is around 16, that’s the first thing a reporter will do… make them feel uncomfortable.

I mean, what is Miley Cyrus going to say? I wish they could just say “No Comment”, but if you say that then the media can spin, spin away saying celebs are hiding something.

And so here we are:

“I want to keep my virginity until I marry. I was brought up in a Christian family.”

Cringe. She shouldn’t have to say such things, but while promoting ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie‘ it just came up.

Moving on…

What about trust. Does Miley have a hard time trusting new people? The singer told Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper:

“It’s harder finding people who are real – you don’t know what’s real and what’s fake in this city because almost everyone has a motive and everyone wants to get something.”

And how is she dealing with all the pressure of growing up in Hollywood?

“It’s hard growing up in the spotlight, and I’m changing. I can’t
be the 12-year-old who just moved to Los Angeles for ever. I’m having a great time doing what I do, but I’m also going to stumble and fall. Having my parents close helps.”

She does seem to have a great support system.I suppose that can help with anything right?

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  1. ito says

    honestly…what other answer do they expect her to give? firstly it’s no ones biz & secondly she’s certainly not going to spill any deets to some random reporter. really ridiculous.

  2. gretel says

    why does she even answer? i mean, honey, you’re dating a 20-something: unless he’s gay or impotent, there is no way miley’s a virgin.

  3. Anonymous says

    oh please brat, you wanted the spotlight and now you’re bitching about it? hillbilly trash.

  4. Danie says

    First off, what is with all of the negative people and the implied language around here all of a sudden? It’s…pathetic.

    That being said, I agree that it is NONE of anyone’s business what she does behind closed doors.

  5. Anonymous says

    What else is she going to say?! ‘Oh, I totally plan on boinking everything that walks as soon as possible. I’ve actually already banged 4 people today, I’m exhausted!’

  6. Anonymous says

    there is no way she is a virgin – I could careless and I dont see why celebs need to discuss it. It is like Solange talking about teen pregnacy when she got knocked up before marriage at 17

  7. Monica says

    What I loathe and detest is Miley herself! Such a spoiled, obnoxious, self-entitled brat. And she lies too!

  8. Anonymous says

    I really, really detest this girl. After how God awful rude she was on that talk show she was on w/ Helen Mirren, I have NO respect for her. Wow, was she a nasty little b*tch on that talk show.

  9. Anonymous says

    Christian my @ss is what I also want to add. Are Christians suppose to be snotty, obnoxious, rude and act like it is all about “ME, ME, ME”??? Like she actually said on the talk show?? “I don’t want to talk about “her” (as if Helen Mirren does not have name) this is MY interview!” Wow, nice.

  10. Anonymous says

    Umm Britney later admitted (well Justin did) that she was no longer a virgin and they were having sex. Britney had said over and over that she was a virgin and this and that!

    SHE HAS to say she is still a virgin. How will that look to all the moms around the world. I believe she probably is though because she could have said I don’t like to talk about this subject. Or maybe she is just lying. WHO KNOWS. But why should we all care about who this 16 year old is banging.

  11. Anonymous Sex says

    Who is this little b!tch trying to kid? Vera your title should be changed to… “Miley talks about once being a virgin, now letting a 20yr old underwear model plow her 16yr old underage hole!”…

  12. Anonymous says

    The wording of her reply says it all “want to keep” is not the same as “I am keeping”…
    And again, just to reiterate others on this discussion

    “Christian, my foot!!!”

  13. Anonymous says

    That just rang to many alarm bells of Britney’s life story. She should not have said that especially if she meets the Justin in her life! What she wants to do is her own business but she needn’t tell the world. She’s selling her image exactly how Britney did and now look. That was a really stupid thing to say.

  14. Anonymous says

    Not really a big fan of Miley, but it is kind of perverted to ask a 16 year old about sex. What would be the reaction if one of these “reporters” was hanging around a High School asking kids if they where virgins? They probably end up arrested.

  15. Anonymous says

    all of yall pretty much need a life if your going to sit on here all day and talk about this, grow up.

  16. Anonymous says

    Ya’ll know what? Shut the f*ck up because even though Miley Cyrus is probably NOT a virgin how would you like it if someone came up and asked you “Are you a virgin?”. You people are idiots.

  17. Anonymous says

    Give her a break ,just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean people have the right to get in her business.

  18. Anonymous says

    If i was the”Good Christian” Destiny Hope Cyrus is, i would be HONEST about it…Maybe Miley the superstar/role model is a virgin,but who’s to say Destiny is, right? She has so many different “worlds” who knows(let along cares) what she does with in them.

  19. Anonymous says

    i agree, its like asking Hannah Montanta whats her real hair color she would say “Blonde” to keep her image. Now ask Miley Cyrus if she was a virgin she would say “yes” to keep her christain role model image

  20. says

    Lol! That is shit. She goes with 20 year old boys and she want us to believe that she is still a virgin. And what Christian family. She has taken herself naughty photos. I don’t think that God teaches to do this!

  21. Anonymous says

    disney has obviously just requested she say that…but what she said about remaining pure is ignorant and pathetic…who is she too critisize something she has never experianced

  22. Anonymous says

    She Is So NOT A Virqin !

    Have Yah Seen The Pictures She Takes .

    && Hello She’s Goinq Out With A 20+ Year Old ,

    And For Those Who Say ” Who Care ” Why Are Yah Lookinq It Up Then ?

    Its The Same Old Story That Happen With Britt !

  23. Anonymous says

    She Is So NOT A Virqin !

    Have Yah Seen The Pictures She Takes .

    && Hello She’s Goinq Out With A 20+ Year Old ,

    And For Those Who Say ” Who Care ” Why Are Yah Lookinq It Up Then ?

    Its The Same Old Story That Happen With Britt !

  24. says



  25. Anonymous says

    I suspect for someone like Miley, her PR team would have had this very question rehearsed over and over.

  26. Anonymous says

    i agree, her virginity is no one’s business. I do hope she does remain a virgin esp b/c of her young followers, but what she does behind closed doors is her business.

  27. Anonymous says

    I feel so badly for her, I’m sixteen too and I would hate to have that personal information known by everybody!

  28. Manimal says

    I bet she’s not a virgin anyway.

    But honestly, who cares?

    I remember Britney having to answer this question a bazillion times, too.

  29. sumone says

    she is.. my friend knows her, and they txt each other and he asked her if she was a vigin. she said yes, so there you have it bitch

  30. Anonymous says

    she has a right to her privacy is true, but please ho don’t lie about still being a virgin!

  31. Tyra says

    No celebrity should have to discuss their sexuality let alone a 16 year old. Shame on the reporters who ask such a question.

  32. Anonymous says

    I dont think its a suitable question either. Imagine any random adult approaching your typical 16 year old and questioning whether they’re a virgin. It would seem perverted right? And yet somehow we allow it (and even expect it) from the media to a famous 16 year old.
    I’m no prude, I’m not much older than Miley myself, I think the oversexualising of all of these tweens is a bit too much.

  33. Anonymous says

    are you 12 or something? “your friend” ask her if she’s a fucking virgin? seriously, you are the dumbest whore i’ve ever seen. bet you wanna get fucked to, just like how cyrus has been fucked like a dog zillions of times.