First Listen: Taylor Momsen’s Pretty Reckless

‘Gossip GirlTaylor Momsen just released the first sound of her new band, Pretty Reckless. It’s very punk rock isn’t it? Makes sense that she’s opening for The Veronicas on their most recent tour starting this month.

Take a listen to the demo and let me know what you think. The lyrics are a bit out of the ordinary.

** Warning: the occasional curse pops up **




  1. Emilia says

    Yep, def. not punk rock, it’s the pop imitating rock sounds, THE trend in pop music right now it seems, teens don’t wanna be litlle barbies à la spice girls anymore so they aim for this wannabe tough chick thing.. i like it though, dance dance baby:) she doesn’t have a distinctive voice yet, it’s that moaning, from the throat and throuhg u’r nose kinda voice that all the likes of miley or brit like to make, but she’s young and sounds kinda good, brighter future awaits i’m sure!

  2. Anonymous says

    Wow, she is actually better than I would have thought! I could see myself rocking out to this and who knows me might have a career ahead of her in music, too!

  3. jen benny says

    Tell her she is trying to be Karen O and what does a punky 15 year old have to be angry about? She’s not going to make it.

  4. jen benny says

    Tell her she is trying to be Karen O and what does a punky 15 year old have to be angry about? She’s not going to make it.

  5. Anonymous says

    i really like this! i think its really good! she is definetly going to accomplish alot, being this ambisous at 15!!

  6. Anonymous says

    it sounds abit wannabe here, all cleaned up, but if u listen to the live version she is SO rock and roll! kind of courtney love-y, very kick-ass!

  7. Anonymous says

    i like that unlike the other girls her age shes being real and not all popstary and disneyish. if that makes sense =)
    i liked it! xD
    i cant wait to hear more!

  8. Anonymous says

    It’s a pretty good song but she’s growing up way too fast. She’s 15 ppl! I’m only 15 and if I cursed in a song my parents would hang me, lol. She’s not even old enough to drive!

  9. Anonymous says

    “What does a 15 year old have to be angry about?” Are you serious? Is there an age limit on emotions?

  10. Anonymous says

    when i heard she was doin music i thought it was gonna b like cheesy pop but this is totally different and i l-l-l-l-love it lol

  11. Dec. 21, 2012 says

    Bah. Candy coated teenage angst complete with a peroxide blonde rip-off style. Can she do anything with those rusty pipes other than just squeal and yelp? .. I bet she can, but not musically oriented!
    Pretty soon she’ll just be another lost soul be on the cover of Maxim and FHM spreading like peanut butter, showing off her shaved regions, and we’ll all forget she was ever famous for anything…


  12. Anonymous says

    Eh…I’m not into it. It’s really pop and cliche. I like more punk rock music like The distillers and Courtney Love though so I guess for a pop-punk album like Avril Lavigne it’s ok.

  13. Liam says

    agree. her “music” has no substance. stop with the smoky eye/leather look, who are you trying to kid?

  14. Anonymous says

    omg i love this song lol she is really good no wonder she is the lil girl from the grinch stole christmas

  15. gretel says

    meh, it’s kind of regular punk pop girls band. but she’s young, she has plenty of time to develope it. i like the voice.

  16. Leonie says

    Not what I expected!
    I thought it would be crap but it’s actually pretty good.
    Not bad, not bad at all!
    But Punk Rock…it is not…

  17. Anonymous says

    What is it again .. if it’s too loud, you’re too old, right? I feel old and I’m only 24 :s

  18. Anonymous says

    did not expect it, but i actually like this song! i could see myself cleaning my apartment and dancing around to it haha.

  19. Anonymous says

    i like it, she’ll make it because she’s true to herself, not like the rest of the disney-popish, bubbly starlets out there