David Hasselhoff Hospitalized With Alcohol Poisoning

Oh David…

If there is anyone you should feel sorry for in this story, it’s David Hasselhoff’s daughter Hayley. She has seen her father in this state one too many times.

In fact, Hayley is the one who found the actor unconscious on the floor and "barely breathing". The young girl called her mother who came and drove her ex-husband to Cedars-Sinai medical center for treatment.

David’s battle with alcohol has been a long, very public one… and he doesn’t seem to be winning.

He was registered with a .39 alcohol level. Hasselhoff, 56, has had a history of alcohol problems, which included a home video in 2007 in which he was drunk and lying on the floor, eating a hamburger, while his daughter Taylor, 18, begged him to stop.

Although a source told RadarOnline.com that the America’s Got Talent judge was "barely breathing when they got him to the hospital," he is reportedly recovering.
"This is about the seventh time he’s been taken to a hospital over the last few years with alcohol poisoning," the source said.

Does anyone remember that video? It was so very sad.

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  1. Anonymous says

    It is irresponsible for the children’s mother to let her kids spend so time with him alone. They should not have to deal with this type of behaviour. They are kids who have to act like adults. Pleading with him to stop drinking, calling for help when he passes out…

  2. Anonymous says

    She’s not letting the kids spend time with him. Believe it or not, David was awarded primary physical custody and full legal custody. Now what does that say about his ex wife? Wow.

  3. apple says

    I’m shocked that this man was awarded primary physical custody and full legal custody over his children. Money talks..

  4. says

    That’s sad, if it is definitely alcohol poisoning? He doesn’t seem like a drinker to me, Scott Mills recently stayed with him for a reality show and he never mentioned a drinking problem?
    Oh well, whether it’s true or not, I wish David and his children a healthy happy future.

  5. Monica says

    It is so true. Have you ever seen that video of him on the floor, ridiculously drunk and completely incoherent, eating Wendy’s which was recorded by his young daughter? She was there, begging for him to stop drinking, asking him to promise her that he wouldn’t again. He’s know for his alcohol abuse. I hope he can get better.

  6. Elaine says

    So he fell off the wagon. It is very unfortunate that his daughter had to find him.
    Alcohol is a easy drug to obtain. You don’t have to see a dealer in a seedy part of town. Go to the store and it’s starring right at you.
    Judgmental comments will not help this man. Therapy might….!