Chad Michael Murray And Hilarie Burton Not Returning To ‘One Tree Hill’

Well, it looks like Chad Michael Murray was telling the truth last March when he said he wasn’t coming back to ‘One Tree Hill’ next season. Now Michael Ausiello has posted exclusively on his Ausiello Files that neither Chad nor his co-star, Hilarie Burton, are returning next season.

Murray and Burton have been engaged in rather high-profile contract
negotiations for the past several months. Ultimately, a deal couldn’t
be worked out and both actors will make their final appearances in next
Monday’s season finale.

To fill the void next season, a Hill insider tells me that
two new characters will be introduced. Additionally, Austin Nichols
(Julian) is being promoted to a series regular."

I guess that’s what Chad was referring to when he said the CW wanted to "save money." The CW is expected to announce their departure next Thursday.

Well, Chad’s and Hilarie’s characters were married in the penultimate episode, so I guess they’ll be written off together.

How do you ‘One Tree Hill’ viewers feel about this development?

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  1. Anonymous says

    Wow …. Why don’t they just blow the whole episode for next week. They seriously couldn’t wait for the season fianle to leak this out. So mad!!!

    I bet this show will be on for one more season and then CMM will come back crawling because he can’t find another job that will pay him what he wants or the show will be cancelled. As for their charecters I love them both. I really hope that they do something with Sam coming back to Brooke because I think that was a really good spin on Brookes life.

    I’m just soooooo disappointed. Now you want to talk about a show that should be cancelled how about SMALLVILLE. They should just call it STUPIDVILLE. How many Superman sitcoms are going to be made. This is ridiculous.

  2. Anonymous says

    All Peyton does is whine and cry i already know exaclt ywhat will happen Peyton will die during childbirth and then he will leave town — it sucks because they are a major part of the show and why it is still on and this very well may be the last season but you cant be greedy when one of you is an ex “MTV VEEJAY” and the other’s film credits include “House of Wax” I love CMM but come on lets be serious here!!!

  3. Anonymous says

    If Peyton and Lucas leave the show, I don’t care to watch it anymore. It’s like one big happy family on “One Tree Hill” and without them I don’t think it’ll be the same. They might as well can it. I hope other viewers feel the same way. They need to end the show with this season’s last episode.

  4. Anonymous says

    I agree with one of the comments above, they should just end the show with Monday’s episode. A lot of shows have tried to survive without the original cast and they do for a while but people just stop being interested really quick. I think that they should just end it and call it a day. I really love this show but all good things must always come to an end!

  5. Anonymous says

    That’s sad that they think that they can just get rid of the Main Cast and bring in a whole new one. I hope they realize that Peyton and Lucas are what made this show, and made everyone else’s characters who they are now. This show will fall apart right after the first episode of season 7. (To me, I cant stand any part that has only Brooke, Haley, Nathan…etc. Except for Skills. They all are so annoying and boring, they don’t really have a story to tell. For example, Haley and Nathan are never seen with their child, Jamie. i just think its rediculus.) I most likely wont be watching season 7. Sorry if you all hate peyton cuz she cries all the time (atleast she can, and doesn’t fake cry with no tears. like Brooke) but she is definetly my favorite out of all of the characters, because she has been through so much. and She still puts up a hell-of-a-fight.

  6. 1CHEEKIEBABE says

    It’s a shame to see the two of them leave. Although OTH has a solid cast of characters, it is hard to imagine it without Lucas and Peyton. I can only hope that this is not a sign that OTH is on its last legs. It such a good little show.

  7. Anonymous says

    Well, the whole cast is not leaving…Just Lucas & Peyton. & while I would tend to agree that they pretty much made the show, that doesn’t mean that OTH couldn’t survive without them. You know people thought the same thing when George Clooney left ER. At the time, people thought that show was good as dead. They were wrong. (note to NBC if ER is on for another season…I’m going to scream…kill it, kill it now). Just wait and see what happens…

  8. Anonymous says

    Omg one tree hill is my fave show its totally number 2 after canada’s degrassi. I just watched the finale and you can tell that’s it the last f-ing episode. Everyone got nice got together acheieved their dreams. How lame. I’m not ready for it to be over. Totally agree with whoever said smallville should be cut. Also supernatural should be cut. I think that the show a few years back called bedford diaries show have made it. Anyways the show will not last without everyone. Again Lame!!!

  9. Anonymous says

    This show is great and i love it! I really think that the show will be weird with out peyton and lucas. They should definately keep them on, it won’t be the same without them. The season finale was great made me cry the whole time. And i can’t wait for next season hopefully everyone will end up coming back.

  10. Anonymous says

    One Tree Hill isn’t One Tree Hill with out Lucas. It is going to SUCK!! th story started with Nathan and Lucas, and about their lives. It is really dumb that they wont even show them leaving! We just have to wonder where they went! that is STUPID!! I will still watch it because I LOVE IT, but it wont be the same ]=

  11. Anonymous says

    I respect their decisions. Ultimatley it’s their choice in the end and considering the show has been running since 2003 i supose they feel it’s time to move on. Hilarie Burton has started up her own production company and i believe Chad wants to produce his own shows or movie. The show definitley will lose viewers and won’t be nearly as good without Lucus and Peyton but thats life. It’s had a great run, best series ever created.

  12. Anonymous says

    The season finale felt like a series finale! With everyone coming full circle with their dreams it seems like there is nothing else to tell. I will miss Peyton and Lucas, I can’t imagine the show without them!

  13. Anonymous says

    um, as far as i remeber, they were both very happyat the end last night. peyton didn’t die.. they were jsut taking care of their kid.. how is that gonna work

  14. Anonymous says

    I think tht c.m.m and h.b are a prime example of celeberties being selfish n greedy. They rose to stardom from one tree hill and istead of being grateful n thankful to God and their fans n settle on a reasonable amount, they quit. F****N CELEBERTIES

  15. Anonymous says

    One Tree Hill has sucked since they got of high school. The show jumped the shark long ago and now their just making up crap to keep it going. This show will be even more fail with two of the original cast members leaving. This show just needs to end already, seriously.

  16. Cait says

    I personally think this is stupid. Chad(lucas) and Hilarie(peyton), shouldnt leave, this show will not be the same ever again. Without those two alot of magic will be lost from the movie. So if chad or hilarie read what there fans right, then hopefully they will come back. Or is the productor reads this than maybe he’d realize losing them is the worst possible idea in the entire world, movies that have replacements or even kill them off. dont turn out good. They are one of the main sets of characters. Hopefully there is some way to get them back for season 7!!!!

  17. Anonymous says

    well obviously it didn’t happen like that in the episode and Peyton was a strong character. But I do agree about one thing… if major characters start being greedy about their paychecks then I highly believe that there won’t be any good shows anymore. It won’t be the same and it will feel weird watching it without them.

  18. Anonymous says

    It is definitely time to end the series. Season 6 started strong, but got really boring at the end. If the CW is smart, they will cancel the show. It will be better for everyone. I’d hate to see the show get even worse.

  19. Anonymous says

    well i absolutly love ths show it is really just amazing. i have ever been a peyton fan she is way too sobby for my taste. lucas should have never left brooke and gone to peyton, but if chad didnt mess everything up in his and sophias personal lives maybe it woukd have been written that they were still together…… anyways they should have just killed peyton off in the fi ale and kept lucas on they could have saved money that way!!!

  20. Anonymous says

    This is like the O.C all over again. Could they not just carry on for another few seasons? i mean CW doesn’t actually realise that not only do we watch OTH because it’s addictive but we watch it because its heart warming and touching. It teaches you about life and about what we need to think about whilst deciding all the decisions there are to come in life. But if they do cut out the main character it’s just gonna fall apart and i gurantee that, if you don’t believe me then watch the O.C. as soon as its main character, marissa, left the show fell apart, less viewers and it soon had to cancel. Hopefully this resolves itself because i LOVE OTH. i miss work and college and university deadlines for this. It inspires me throughout my life and it has taught me that not everything is what u want it to be. you have to work hard for it and the key to success? Create it and build it up into something. AND NEVER TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOUR MOM. 😀

  21. Anonymous says

    actually i take back what i just said, hilarie and chad sucks! paychecks low? HA! TRY FIND A BETTER JOB OUT THERE MATE UR ALREADY ON A HIT SHOW!

  22. Theresia says

    This is how i see it One Tree Hill is Payton and Lucas, so if they dont return then they might as well cancel the show. its been around since before i graduated high school and all of a sudden they leave us hanging on what happens to the baby and all that it isnt right i think they should do one more season and if the CW wants to so called save money then just cancel the show. i love this show its a good show but wants the point of watching it if it dont have payton and lucas

  23. Anonymous says

    for years i have beeen watching this show and now there talking about taking offff the two people who mean the most to me thats just crazy what is oth without them i have had people who has hated this show for so long and i gave them a season and they feel in love with it how can this be im still is disbeilef this can not be happening why would they do thsi the show will make no sense to me he is hott and so is she there the fire under the belly of this show i dont think that if luke and payton dont come there should even be another season wow really this cant being happening i love oth and i dont eve want it to end it is my fav show and without him or her will it ever be the same what about the ratings for the show helllo people did u eva think about that i bet u didnt think about that well guesss what i just did and i jus think that it is crazy and u would have to be a loon not to have then two back on the show since they jus got married finally had there child even after the whole scary thing with payton and the baby why would they just want to go and take the excitment away from all of the oth fans i never thogught that i would say this but i will not watch this show anymore if there isnt a way to make sure that they come back u cnat jus write them off there worth way more then that….ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Anonymous says

    well i guess. that’ll be the last time im ever going to watch oth. i kinda knew the show is spiralling downward but i stucked around. im not really keen to watch season 7 w/o them. well maybe the first episode (might be curious) but, ya know..

  25. Anonymous says

    Now i don’t even feel excited for the next season. i have a feeling that less people are going to watch One Tree Hill

  26. Anonymous says

    I’m kinda tired of people calling Chad and Hilarie selfish and greedy or whatever else. It was their freaking decision to leave the show so just accept it. No ones knows what they were offered or whatever reasons they have for leaving. I’m gonna miss them too because they were my faves but I’m not crying over it or calling them names. You can’t expect the show to go on forever and the CW is pretty much crap anyway.

  27. anonymous says

    someone needs to call down there and tell them they need to put them back on or they will lose all their viewers!!!! we need peyton and Luke back on!!! now

  28. says

    llok i feel someof you guys but u really shouldent be so negative i mean think about it!!!! There is only One tree hill..and its always been that way it was always lucas and peyton and it sucks not having them on one tree hill but its still tree hill there name hasent changed they havent been replaced if ur a true fan or as obsessed as me then i would think that u would follow them to the very end. And in one of the episodes peyton said and sometimes they come home i think lucas and peyton will come back but u have to give it time. It would not make sense not having peyton at brookes wedding and i really hope im not wrong about this because sometimes i think i live for oth everythime i want to believe in something good that can always make me smile one tree hill is the thing i always go to hey this is just my oppinion and myabe u think im full of it but y not try to believe in something every once in awhile.

  29. says

    llok i feel someof you guys but u really shouldent be so negative i mean think about it!!!! There is only One tree hill..and its always been that way it was always lucas and peyton and it sucks not having them on one tree hill but its still tree hill there name hasent changed they havent been replaced if ur a true fan or as obsessed as me then i would think that u would follow them to the very end. And in one of the episodes peyton said and sometimes they come home i think lucas and peyton will come back but u have to give it time. It would not make sense not having peyton at brookes wedding and i really hope im not wrong about this because sometimes i think i live for oth everythime i want to believe in something good that can always make me smile one tree hill is the thing i always go to hey this is just my oppinion and myabe u think im full of it but y not try to believe in something every once in awhile.

  30. Drey1boo2003 says

    I would like to see Peyton and Lucas back on the show. The show is still good, but I personally think it would be better if they were back married and with the baby.

    • Mary says

      Yes i also want peyton and lucas to come back.. they made the show and without them the show is nothing.. Even though i still watch the show i wish they would just come back so it can be the way it was before. Plus Brooke needs her bff back

  31. Jessir says

    Brooke is Peyton’s BEST friend, since they were like in elementary school. It just wouldn’t make any sense that Peyton wouldn’t be at her wedding. I figured they were going to come back even before the producers said that they might because they were mentioned a lot this season. Like Skills little doll thing of Lucas & Hayley’s letters to him. I dn’t know, I hope they come back though. And if not, I’m def going to keep watching.

  32. oye says

    its awful. I tink they shld av just killed lucas and peyton then brooke can raise their baby instead of writing them of completely i mean the two of them are the show and it will be perfect now that brooke cant av a child. They also could av replaced them with other people their characters shld not av gone lyk dat even clay can be a good lucas they even dress alike. Its a bad decision n if there is going 2 be a season8 then they shld bring them back or give us a good reason for their disappearance instead of haley writing stupid letters to lucas and skills bringing a lucas doll n julian making it his best man its just lame n only goes 2 show that they dont want 2 completely write them of so they bring them into conversations and peyton not bn around for brooke’s wedding is just too fake. This sucks big time i still watch the show but i no longer look forward to it. BRING THEM BACK.

  33. Any-However-you-spell-it says

    For those of you who stopped watching AFTER Leyton left. BIG mistake. I Almost stopped too, Considering I LOVED cmm and hilarie and thought the Show Would FULLY change. It did; but not fully. It still has an AMAZING storyline and writing and acting. I mean yeah a huge part of the storyline left. But they brought a new storyline to take its place. And let me tell you that ur definetley missing out on greatness and inspiration. I think the gets better by the season.

  34. Edward says

    The show will be different this season i really liked the Chemistry between Lucas and Peyton but new stars will be better this just might work. New concept new stars but ratings will drop maybe this is the final season i don’t know we’ll see.

  35. xodazzl3d says

    NOOOOOOO!!! My favorite show!! It will be so weird without them… They’re going to lose a lot of viewers this way.

  36. Anonymous says

    I agree. This show sucks without Lucus and Peyton!!! I used to watch this show but when Lucus and Peyton left the show I had stopped watching the show. It was not the same w/out them. They make this show! They need to come back!!!!!

  37. says

    thank god. i have hated peyton for the whole series. lucas sucks without brooke. so they can both go to hell. and as for brooke? she is better off without either of them. she and julian can just have a ton of hot kids, and then the show can end

  38. Anonymous says

    Then why do you waste your time watching it if it sucks butt so much? Sounds like you are/have been wasting your time since 2003. Sorry bout your luck. :)

  39. Anonymous says

    what is wrong with u? Lucas and Peyton were ONE TREE HILL! They were the main characters!

  40. Anonymous2 says

    Thats about the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard (read). Julian sucks, he’s not a dynamic character like Peyton and his acting is NO WHERE near as good as C.M.M. I didn’t like him even wen he appeared the first time. You want One Tree Hill to see more seasons, here’s a thought BRING BACK PEYTON AND LUCAS (and throw Samantha in there too, she was a great character)

  41. Anonymous says

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. The show is written about Lucas. It started off with Lucas, how can they write him off? I personally think they should end the whole show on Mondays episode.. They will ruin it without them.

  42. Anonymous says

    I completely agree with you the whole show has revolved around the Scott brothers and i think the next season will get the worst ratings and i would rather see it end whilst its good you cant get rid of two main characters it is ridiculous! Ahh i think i will continue to watch the 7th season but i really wont look forwards to it the way i used to. I live in England and am update with america because every tuesday night i watch it but i dont think ill bother anymore with out chad and hilarie its so sad :(

  43. Anonymous says

    ugh one tree hill is gonna turn into 7th heaven! once characters start leaving the whole thing falls apart and stays on the air long after people care about it anymore. chad is a jerk, he cheated on sophia bush when they were married so idc bout him, but having him not on the show is messed up.

  44. Anonymous says

    I don’t think sophia and chad were ever married. I’ve heard that James and Sophia are going together.

  45. Alnonymous says

    Lucas and Nate were the nucleus of the show from the very beginning. I will miss Lucas and Peyton. They made a great couple. If they are walking away because of salary negotiations, they will find that much of the entertainment industry can’t offer the salaries they used to. They really should rethink their exits before they go.

  46. DAKOTA says


  47. 1CHEEKIEBABE says

    If for only the music alone, its a fabulous show. Besides, the show is surprisingly well written.

  48. Anonymous says

    I’ve been watching this show since I was in 6th grade and now I’m a junior in high school. I know I’m still not old! But this is the worst thing ever. This show means so much to so many people and I can’t believe that Chad and Hilarie couldn’t just take the best offer. So many of the fans are disappointed and the story lines next season cant be as good as they were this season and One Tree Hill is going to end up being canceled. I’m just disappointed more than anything. However I’ve known about this for awhile but I guess I HAVE to get over it. I wish them the best of luck in all their future roles.
    BYE INO!

  49. Anonymous says

    i know exactly what you mean i have been watching the show since it first came out when i was about 12 and i cant believe that there will be no more lucas and peyton its literally like an end of an era im truely gutted lol :( XX

  50. Anonymous says

    They will be missed! The show just isnt right if any one of the cast that we have known now for 6 full seasons are gone. It doesnt matter who the favorite characters are or not you cant have One Tree Hill with any of the cast members gone. It will go on but it will only go so far, its not right and it won’t be the show we all used to love and watch. Its a shame they couldnt work it out!

  51. Anonymous says

    I will be sad to see Lucas is gone and the insightful voice overs he gives, however, Lucas and Peyton are married with a child. Writing them off could easily fit the story line without too much disruption. As for Peyton- I’ve never liked her and I’ve been a fan of the show for six years.

    The show will be fine. Peyton and Lucas weren’t the whole show.

  52. Anonymous says

    The producers need to stop being cheap and give them what they ask for. There are so many people that watch the show that money is not an issue lets be serious here. Lucas and Peyton are two our of the five main characters on the show if you seriously think you are going to have a big hit by letting them go think again. The seventh season will be the worst without them so its time to wake up producers and realize how much you will lose from letting them go. They just got married and had a baby girl you can’t let them go and if you do you will lose more then you could ever imagine. Without Brooke, Peyton, Lucas, Haylie, and Nathan there is no OTH so lose one of them and you lose the viewers everywhere!

  53. Anonymous says

    this is so stupid honestly. at the end of the finale everything is fine and now you are just going to write them off the script. the new season is a fail. peyton and lucas honestly made the show, and im soo disappointed. if anything you should have just made peyton die and lucas leave town, but to have everything work out and now they “moved” someone is like honest to god the most uncreative stupidest idea ever. way to ruin a great show, i looked forward to this for months, just to be let down. bring them back or itll be cancelled.

  54. Anonymous says

    This really stinks Payton and Lucas are the only reason i watched the show. The way it was left off it seemed like everything was going to be ok! Payton should have just died. I watched the first episode of season 7 and I think it sucked. I feel you are chaning the characters way too much. I dont think I’ll be watching again.

  55. Anonymous says

    NO first off they were on the show from the start . WHO CARES ABOUT TH NEW PEOPLE. seriously i loved seeing those two .. they made the show for me. i honestly have to say now i am no longer going to be a veiwer of one tree hill i think this was a bad mistake, one tree hill is going to lose alot of viewers becuase the group who grew up together is no longer together, the new people dont fit in right anymore. :(

  56. Anonymous says


  57. Anonymous says

    the show sucks with out them and they are going to lose veiwers and im one of them. big mistake.

  58. Anonymous says

    I just wanted to say I’d like more info as to why they aren’t coming back it’s gonna suck without them they both started with one tree hill and they should finish with one tree hill talk about ridiculous!

  59. ronald says

    this show is going to be super wierd without them im very sad bcuz they were the best thing that could ever happen to one tree hill

  60. Anonymous says

    I think that this great show is now one of the worst how could you not pay the 2 actors that made the show what it was. thats like having a bowl of ceral with no milk it just dont work…. But i can honestly say i will not watch the show anymore……………………

  61. Anonymous says

    wth!! season 7 is not the same!
    why create a series of OTH with them in it, only to have the two main characters cut out in season 7!!!! thats so far into the series of OTH! next thing you know it, the CW will replace all the damn characters just to save their damn money!!

  62. Anonymous says

    only just found out that chad michael murrey and hilarie burton are not returning, i think the shows guna do just fine without them maybe they shudnt be thinking about the money but the fans that stand by the show. im enjoying it so far, good luck to the rest of the cast.

  63. K. May says

    I totally agree with the above comment. We don’t want to lose all our viewers and have the show completely canceled do we? That’s what happened to The O.C. when Mischa Barton left! It just doesn’t work to take the main characters away. The whole show was made to be about Lucas!!! And I totally agree that Sawyer should get a chance to grow up on the show too! I love One Tree Hill and I will continue to watch it year after year until all the viewers are gone, but that’s just me. I know that a lot of viewer’s are mad or upset and are quitting watching it completely. This just shows that the CW should have been able to pay Hilarie and Chad what they wanted to stay on the show! So many more viewers would stick around that way!

  64. janelle says

    i am so mad without lucas peyton i mean they practically made that show without them the show SUCKS i mean im only in 7th grade and i have been watching it since 4th i mean i been watching that show cause chad man i wish they were still there

  65. Anonymous says

    I don’t know how longer I can watch One Tree Hill with lucas and peyton. season 7 is good but the reason I started watching this show is because of lucas and peyton. if they don’t come back I going to stop watching. I thought this show was about two brothers and the people around them but I guess i was wrong.

  66. Anonymous says

    ONE TREE HILL will not be ONE TREE HILL without “Leyton” [Lucas & Peyton] They practically made this T.V show interesting to watch because of all their DRAMA – – As a fan; PLEASE make them return to Tree Hill, Tree Hill is their HOME & Sawyer should have a chance to grow up the way JAMIE did ~ I’m telling you, If you guys put Lucas & Peyton back on SEASON 8 you’ll make more money than not having them in it. BELIEVE ME + One Tree Hill sets a perfect example of the do’s & don’t’s for us TEENagers – – Let them back into the show.

  67. Anonymous says

    One Tree Hill is not the same without Chad and Hillarie alson known as Lucas and Peyton . The better bring them back for season 8 and other seaons . The were the best part of the show .

  68. James Nicholson says

    I think its atrocious that BOTH Hilarie Burton And Chad Michael Murray are not in the newest season, Infact its that diabolical i have refused to watch the new season, the show must surely be losing the number of viewers considering they lost the main storyline of the whole show!

    I may end up forcing myself to watch the new episodes eventually, in my opinion the best seasons of One Tree Hill was when they were in high school, after that it just didnt seem that right to me!

    I say bring back Both Chad and Hilarie :)

  69. Anonymous says

    I am from Kent in England, I quite frankly think that CMM and HB are just being greedy. its very clear they are leaving because they want more money than everyone else. granted they make the show and both are great characters. As people they are clearly greedy. As if the offers made to them were not substantial amounts, they were probably offered millions and was not enough. I hope they Dont find work as Karma.
    Happy New year all…………………… much love

  70. Anonymous says

    its shocking how well some shows do when they get rid of main characters, although I find their departure weird. They should have been willing to pay what these actors deserve after 6 years. I think the show is even better now, its a sad reality, sometimes you don`t know how much you didn`t love someone till they are gone. I love that Julian is main now, and the knew characters are great, one can only handle so much high school bull shit. Farwell Chad and Hilarie.

  71. Anonymous says

    Dumbest thing I ever heard! If they want this show to continue Lucas has to be back. Ratings dont lie

  72. Anonymous says


  73. APotter says

    Many wrote that Chad left because he asked for a lot of money.. No.. He left because the show couldnt pay him the money he was paid for the past seasons… so instead, HEY… Let’s kick some good face out and put those that nobody knows and cost less! How lame… well, im not surprised. It happens to all good shows, in a way.. this, Kyle XY, SGA, Roswell…and so on.. But then again, stuff like “bold and the beautiful” go on forever…

  74. Anonymous says

    I am 68 years old and I have watched the show from the beginning. It has always been intertaining for me, without Lucas and Peyton, the show has become rather dull. I like fairy tales and they were happy endings at all times. I don’t watch the show anymore unless there isn’t anything else to watch. Young people shows keep me young.

  75. Anonymous says

    I love this show but now without peyton and lucas its just not as good. I mean i am so obsessed with this show i watch every episode of it over and over again and the 7th season is so boring with out luke and peyton!

  76. Anonymous says

    some of you people are really disturbing. What a bunch of WHINERS you guys are. Don’t you know that the highest paid actors are usually the ones to leave during what is called “SWEEPS.” Chad didn’t WANT to be on the show anymore and Hilarie wanted to broaden her horizons. Instead of being online bitching about how oh-so-horrible it is without Lucas and Peyton, stop watching the show, and quitcherbitchin. GROW UP. Wahhhhhhhh! Bunch of babies.

  77. anonamys says

    Hillarie and Chad please come back to the show I am 12 and you have to stop being stubborn about money so GO BACK ON ONE TREE HILL PLEASE it is really all I have in my life I can relate to it but it is just stupid without you guys do it for the fans and shows sake!!!!

  78. anonamys says

    shut up and keep your mouth shut one tree hill is good and if you done like it don’t watch it and don’t comment here

  79. Anonymous says

    this is dumb because lucas and peyton are the main thing about one tree hill. I have seen the new seaon and the actors suck! especially the girl who plays Quinn she sucks balls at acting! I cant even believe she got on a show as good as one tree hill!

  80. Anonymous says

    am not watching one tree hil any more without them its not the same there going to lose alot of viewers its a big mistake

  81. Anonymous says

    in french the show is called “les freres scott” – in english meaning “the scott brothers” .. I guess they have to change the name of the show in french now? bad move.

  82. Anonymous says

    it wont be the same but its there choice but some poeple really realate to them and maybe without them on the show thoses poeple be lost and not understand what there doing because chad And hilarie are romodles and good ones because i do look up to thm and its just not the same :( but its there lfe they could do what they want we cant stop them but now in a way they know that they mater like they really matter to a lot of people maybe even more

    -love ……………….

  83. Anonymous says

    I am probably the biggest lucas and peyton fan out there, even thou i believe in Brucas over Leyton. But to be honest one tree hill lost there way after they left high school in season 4. As soon as season 5started it was horrible, they turned lucas and peyton in a perfect relationship with no obstacles which made it dull and sometimes annoying, they lost what made the show good, tragedy with strong determination to over come situations and find happiness, and the strong quotes they would recite that would linger in your head for days and help you fall in love with the characters. So maybe the show is better off with out them unless they brought back the season 1-4 mentality of they way they are.

  84. Anonymous says

    l honestly dont like Peyton very much, and l dont care if she goes but please let Lucas stay the show was really about him and Nathan

  85. layefa says

    hey i just wanne say that one tree hill is not fun with out Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray becaus the way i see it is that there is noting to see if there are not there oam a big fan but u canty replas them

  86. Anonymous says

    wont be the same without them am i deff. wont be watching it anymore or buying the seasons!!

  87. Anonymous says

    It wont be the same without them! I will not continue watching season7 because Hilarie and Chad aren’t in it!

  88. Anonymous says

    Really miss Lucas’s commentaries, his voice was so awesome and gave such heart to the show. I am so glad he ended up with Peyton because he loved her from 8th grade on, they were so alike and loved the same things,her art beauty and passion changed his whole life. I didn’t care for Brooke from season 1-4. She was all about partying and sex with Lucas where he never slept with Peyton until just before high school graduation.

  89. pamela llamoso says

    i’ve already watched the season 7 of one tree hill and REALLY it’s not as good when chad and hilarie are there. one tree hill is nothing without them. They are the best. Almost all the story focus on them. PLEASE, ON SEASON 8 of ONE TREE HILL, bring BACK the couple..

  90. Anonymous says

    This show is on its way out. The same thing happened to The O.C. when Misha Barton left. You can’t expect fans to stick around when their favorit charactors are axed. Hope that One tree Hill gets a chance to finish out with a bang.

  91. anginic says

    Well that’s it for me no more one tree hill. They want to save money by not bringing back Hilarie and Chad no problem I’ll be saving my money by not buying anymore box sets. Season 6 is the last box I buy.

    Unless in season 8 They both come back from wherever they are supposed to be!!! only then will I watch again.

  92. Anonymous says

    aw im just heartbroken.. :(:(.. i really loved lucas and hailaie..and was realy looking forward to see how they wud get on togethr with d new baby.. i dont think il ever lik it as much without them.. and the worst thing is thst ther not even mentioned.. lik its lik as though they just disapeared, they shud have had sumthing atleast about how they left…. miss them so much, n lucas was so nice to watch hehe.. yuum!! xx

  93. Lucas And Peyton Cant Go! says


  94. Rox says

    I didn t see the point for filming season number 7, they tried to introduced a bit of drama in order to survive, but i think it would have been better to stop at season 6 when everything was in order, OTH used to be my favourite tv show but now I kind of doubt it, such a pity

  95. Anonymous says

    Season 7 was good. I really liked it. Nathan, Haley and brook still there and they ve always been the best.. And honestly I do not really miss Peyton. But I understand how all those people, who liked her must thin about that.
    Anyway i miss Lucas. Hes one of the two brothers and he should be there.
    Maybe they’ll come back for season 8?

  96. Anonymous says

    one tree hill will never ever be the same wid out hilarie and chad! never i miss them so much they were the perfect couple they made the show idc if u disagree but they need to bring them bck if they want ppl to start watching again..and the jamie sooo cute! but this show is all about the scott brothers and its not right they need to cancel the show its not the same

  97. Anonymous says

    Chad is one tree hill. he is the reason why i got obsessed with in the first place. i want them back noW!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Anonymous says

    I agree we need Chad and Hilarie back on one tree hill at least bring them back at the end of season 8 to leave us intrigued for season 9. Right? Season 9 please hahaha I love one tree hill, want it to go on forever like the Soap Opera, that go on and on.

  99. Anonymous says

    Yes I agree we need chad and Hilarie, although we love Brooke, Haley, and Nathan, Julian, and the rest of the cast members, we love Chad and Hilarie. At least bring them back at the end of the season 8, and leave us intrigued for season 9, right? :-} I love one tree hill, I which it was a soap opera that go on and on forever.