Cynthia Nixon Engaged To Girlfriend Christine Marinoni

Sex and the City‘ star Cynthia Nixon has announced her engagement to longtime girlfriend, Christine Marinoni. The couple has been together since 2003 and made the official announcement during the Love, Peace and Marriage Equality rally in New York City.

Nixon shared the news with audiences during the Love, Peace and
Marriage Equality rally in New York City. The actress and Marinoni
became engaged last month and are currently working to support the new
gay-rights bill proposed by New York Gov. David Paterson. The goal is
to achieve equality for same-sex unions.

Congrats to the happy couple!





  1. Juliia says

    Lol i was like WHO? i think i never read her real name before. i am definitly to often on DListed. But congrats to them. they are going strong for so long. wow.

  2. Anonymous says

    The one in the stripe shirt is a women???????????? Are you kidding me? Seriously, is that a women???? If gay women are attracted to the “same sex” why in the world would you go out with a girl who looks like a man. Can someone answer that for me? If you’re a gay women, wouldnt you be attracted to someone who looks like a women, and not a man?

  3. lis says

    ha, I admit I read too much Dlisted… she’s Rojo to me always. — But congratulations to them! :)

  4. Anonymous says

    How presumptuous of you…How in the hell do you know anything about the person who posted the comment.

  5. Gee Gee says

    What the hell do they know about Cynthia and Christine’ relationship to call it disgusting? because they are gay? because according to that poster gay is disgusting. So Heteros don’t do anything disgusting?…LOL Yeah…how presumptuous of me.