Anna Faris’ Texting Mishap

Texting mistakes happen to everyone, right? (If you text, then you know it does ;)Well, Anna Faris knows our pain because it happened to her when a text meant for her fiance ended up going to a small child.

My fiancé and I, when we first met, we had sex-text-Wednesdays. Every Wednesday we would text each other the naughtiest things.’

‘I sent a text to a small child, asking the small child if they wanted
to get drunk with me,’ she admitted. ‘But I meant it for my friend. The
small child said, ‘I don’t know what getting drunk means,’ so bless the
small child’s little heart.’ "

Well, given the types of "naughty things" that could be sent in a text, it could have been far worse! LOL

Have you ever sent a private text to the wrong person?

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  1. Anonymous says

    To the third comment …. one would think that her fiance’s phone number would be stored in her phone and she wouldnt be typing it in anyway. Never thought she was the brightest of the bright.

  2. yaya says

    i love her dress and jacket but the boots are just a no no. i sent a text to this guy who was badgering me saying “omg he JUSt texted me again cant he get the hint???” meant for my best friend, awwwwkward!!!

  3. says

    How small is this child and why does said child have a cell phone? And “getting drunk” does not sound naughty. Anna edited this story out. 😀

  4. Ellie says

    Why does a “small child” who doesn’t know what getting drunk means have a cell phone in the first place?… and why does she have this “small child’s” #? Haha=^_^=

  5. Anonymous says

    Seriously? Why would having a cellular phone, in any way, constitute a need of alcohol related knowledge? Parents give kids phones to keep track of them. As for getting the kids number, have you ever misdialed someone? Its a pretty common mistake.

  6. KissKiss says

    it’s never happened to me… texting-wise. But a few years ago there were some very private pictures making the rounds around the internet. A girl took pictures of herself to make her ex jealous (you get the idea) Well a classmate of mine asked me to e-mail her the pictures (I know, IMMATURE!) She gave me her e-mailaddress, which was kind of a funny address. So I thought I remembered it correctly. Turned out I sent the pics to some stranger, who complimented me on the photos 😐 awkward..!

    Anyway, like Ellie said, what’s a small child doing with a cellphone?!

  7. Anonymous123 says

    I wonder if Anna has a drinking problem – she’s always talking about getting drunk and having wine etc.