Fact Or Fiction: Did Kate Gosselin Present Jon With A Marriage Contract?

This is the latest allegation, made by Kate Gosselin’s brother and sister-in-law, Kevin and Jodi Krieder to Radar Online.

This is a train wreck,’ Jodi said."

Jodi said that Kate told Jon Gosselin "their relationship is over and they should begin dating others." Then Kate supposedly gave Jon a contract that allowed Jon to date other people as long as he showed up to film for their TLC reality show, ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8.’

Jodi said Jon was "taken aback by Kate’s bluntness in terminating the relationship."

This sounds outrageous to me, until I consider the effect large sums of money can have on people. And, as Kate said in the print version of People, this show is all they have (both Kate and Jon quit their jobs to film the show and be with their children full time).

This is also in line with the some of the stories coming out in the tabloids earlier this week…

But why in the world would Kate’s brother and sister-in-law be talking publicly? With family members like this…

What do you think: fact or fiction? You can see Kevin and Jodi’s interview here.

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  1. poetstar says

    I love how for the 4+ years this show has been on that NO ONE complained about her exploiting her kids and in fact watched the show – now suddenly everyone seems to have a problem with her exploiting her kids for profit??? It has always been about the money. Come on! I watched the show a few times and had to stop because Kate is a nasty witch who treats her husband like a submissive servant and the kids like freak show animals. I give her credit for finding a way to be a “stay at home” mom, but it isn’t about a struggling family of 8 anymore. I find the Duggars more interesting because atleast they are “not mainstream normal” and are interesting to watch their way of life and doing things, but Kate and her brood are such a ridiculous train wreck and she needs to get back to caring for her family before they all end up crazy. TLC has become such a joke! it used to be called the learning channel, what happened??? Now it is TOTAL LOST CAUSE channel.

  2. Anonymous says

    Its called KARMA! They should have let Kevin and Jodi get paid for being on the show instead of kicking them to the curb. Jon and Kate burned the bridge first, so I dont blame Kevin and Jodi one bit!

  3. Anonymous says

    With the way the economy is in the world/US why wouldn’t these two money hungry people make up a story like this? I just always knew “AUNT JODI” was so shady. Everytime I saw her on the telly I knew she was there for the cameras and not the kids or anybody. What a family. Kate also said something along the lines of Family members not being trustworthy and your circle of people you trust starts to shrink. Well, it HAS SHRUNKEN. yeah I said it, SHRUNKEN. Made up a word, so?? :)

  4. Anonymous says

    Wow, look at how clever you are…Total Lost Cause…Wow, seriously give yourself a cookie.

  5. lizzy says

    with family like this….who needs a enemy? fighting is a part of every family life….i’d hate to be on camera at some family affairs…..let’s be real

  6. Yaws says

    Isn’t the new season starting soon? I think this all may be for publicity so people watch the show

  7. Anonymous says

    You only have to watch 5 minutes of any episode to figure out that the reason this show is on the air is to make money…if it weren’t for the money, Jon would have either punched her in the face or left her a long time ago. She treats him like a dog.

  8. LoL says

    I think that after watching all this with kates actions that the show needs to be cancelled. those kids are being exploited because of kates greediness. she a sham a total fake. this is going to effect those kids in a bad way. i think what jon did was wrong but he was trying to fix it. at least he was trying to salvage the marriage. kate was more than likely the one cheating on jon in the first place, that is why she doesn’t want to take hin back. i think that the show needs to be cancelled. for the sake of the children.

  9. casablancas17 says

    All the adults in this situation should be ashamed of themselves! Jon and Kate’s family members should NOT be talking about these things to the media, whether they’re true or not. Jon and Kate shouldn’t be talking to the media, either! Nobody is thinking about the most important people here, the children, who are the ones that are the most likely to be affected.

  10. shera says

    Has anyone seen this show? I’ve watched some of it and Kate’s a b!tch. She treated Jon like crap, no wonder he went to some other woman. It’s just sad all those kids have to be caught up in it. Maybe if Kate was kinder she would find herself with a happy husband. . .

  11. Anonymous says

    i just want to know what do the kids think that is going its sad for the little ones especially

  12. Watcher says

    Jon is no prize. He is like another child. It takes two to tango.
    Kate treats him poorly but he also doesn’t stand up for himself.
    the woman is frustrated.

    if she wasn’t organized it would be chaos…..I do agree that some of the things she does are over the top.

    Jody and Kevin are pathetic.
    What liars. They are making $$$ from RadarOnline.
    Their latest line is about the book and saying Beth wrote it.
    They wrote it together…..Beths name is also on the BOOK.
    Its no surprise……..happens all the time.

    They are jealous and pathetic.

  13. Anonymous says

    Everyone loves a car accident-it’s sick, morbid and wrong, and yet we all slow down on the highway and rubber neck. Same thing here.

    It’s too bad that family dirty laundry is aired in front of millions and under a microscope. Families are sometimes horrible to one another and none are perfect-hell, some christmas parties and family functions can get downright nasty! I think that “Aunt Jodi” and her brother are primarily giving interests for their own gain and profit not for concern of the children. Why would John and Kate suddenly be getting berated for exploiting their children? It’s been over four years and now these accusations are occuring? As if-and what about all the other reality tv and family shows? Lame. I don’t know who cheated what, when or where. All I know is that both of them look unhappy-though on the upside, the children look fine and happy!

    Im very tired of hearing how both JOhn and Kate are in it for the money etc. Like, who wouldn’t be? Eight kids, medical expenses, schooling, clothes, food, everyday needs…Who wouldn’t want to ensure a financially secure future for their family?! They are doing what anyone would. In a recession, worknig full time or a single mom making after tax $50k isn’t enough for groceries, medical care, clothing etc. They would be living in poverty. Their families and childrens future may be financially secure following the show but it will most likely be at the cost of the marriage between Kate and John. I think they are both aware of this and are in fact, doing it for their children.

    Kate appears to be trying too hard to be a celebrity-though I don’t think she sees herself as one…Maybe her head got a little big. As far as her bad treatment of John, it is clearly evident that she is displaying coping and defence mechanisms. Give her a break: she had a set oftwins and then sextuplets. Zeesh and she was in her early twenties! I can’t imagine having two or three let alone eight, so people should just stop putting both of the parents down-they are doing what they can and don’t know how to deal. Kate is a control freak I think becasue she might feel that if she isn’t anal then things will get disorganized and out of sorts. Can’t blame her. Abou the gum-who gives 4 year olds gum when its goign to get in hair, clothes etc. And who dose all the laundry and cleaning?? Kate and or her help. Who would want that? Like seriously? And once you lose control of time and organization you can’t get what you need done in a day-done. So though she treats john badly (which is probably a result of venting her own stressors and using John as a target-which isn’t right, but it happends in relationships) there are reasons. And don’t think for one moment that John is innocent. It takes two to tango.

  14. Anonymous says

    It is NEVER EVER acceptable to air out family laundry to friends, colleagues, let alone a freakin’ magazine. If Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jodi had such a problem with the Gosselin’s exploiting their kids then they should initiate a family intervention or go to protective services and get custody of them. The fact of the matter is, Aunt Jodi is angry because the Gosselin house is now bigger than hers….she used to be the star of the family until now…boohooo for her.

    Leave them alone. What people do with their kids, unless they are being beaten, starved or molested, what they do with their kids is their business. Who are you to judge them. Only GOD is allowed to judge anybody.

  15. AnonymousRebecca says

    Are you guys serious. I just saw the first episode of the season. I’m sure Kate had her croc tears, but no one could fake being as misrable as Jon. He even referred to times when they were doing their little chat and saying “well some people say I don’t know how to speak and the way I breathe is annoying” Kate has used him for a whipping boy and has emasculated him for so long. I would have left long ago. She says she has regreted treating him harshly everyday, but Jon is responsible too. He’s responsible for the the way she acts and speaks to him? Who knows? But the children…nature or nurture, “Kate” is doing the nurturing by the way she treats her husband? What healthy relationships do you think these kids will find? Look at their role model! COMPLETELY SAD!!!!

  16. Nanny says

    Jodi didn’t see a problem while she was on the show. She is the one who is selfish and so is Kate’s brother. I have disliked Kate from the beginning, but guess what, I am on her side now, because Jon cheated on her. If he wants out of the show, let him go out and find a job that will support a family of 10 in a style that he also has become accustomed to! He says he quit his job so Kate could make book appearances. Is he talking about his big IT job? He quit that long ago to work for their friends, so it must not have been a great paying job. Go to work Jon. You are lazy and anyone who has ever watched the show could see it. You go Kate, do what you need to do to allow your children to have a good life and not have to struggle to make ends meet. I have always thought Kate loved her children, I just didn’t like her attitude sometimes, but now I see it was for a reason, she knew what Jon was really like, selfish and lazy!

  17. Anonymous says

    First of all, they are only filmed 2-3 hours thee days a week through the year. Second, They have 8 kids and they certainly need the money. Third, Someone has to pay for college and the future fr thee kids. The filming isn’t going to e horrible on te kids and this show won’t last forever, let tem run te course and get te money tey need to have a decent life. Jodi and her husband are leeches that are jealous that tey arent on the show anymore. They just want media attention and a bookdeal! Jon has been resentful of kate since she has the babies. He really ddn’t want the kids inthe first place. Kate was very brave to have all of those kids, she didn’t exect a litter, and she choe not to aort any of them like Jon wanted. She really needs ths show cause Jon doesn’t like to work! That’s why he’s at home and she is out tere working her butt off! No one would say anything if Jon was working and she stayed home. Right after she had those babies she was forced to work as a nurse because he wouldn’t get a decent job. obody knows what she goes through and they need to back off!

  18. ito says

    fact. her hair is out of control & may possibly have a mind of its own. it looks like it’s eating her face.

  19. gretel says


    what kind of irresponsible idiot decides to make their living only out of a reality show? i mean, wtf will they do when the show is cancelled/the kids grow up?

  20. Anonymous says

    Her hair reminds me of my toilet brush and yes i believe she presented him with a contract and told him to show up on filming days.

  21. Crystal_nyc says

    CLEARLY, Kevin & Jodi have some sort of jealousy towards Jon & Kate. Whatever is going between Jon & Kate is their own business. Yes, the welfare of the children is important, but, I believe if Jodi & Kevin were really THAT concerned they would take care of it privately through lawyers or ACS. They obviously want attention. So, at this point, they are just as bad as they believe Jon & Kate are. I feel like this is mostly Jodi’s doing. Why would Kate’s own brother go through this much to put his sister out there like that. It’s def more Jodi’s doing than it is Kevin.

  22. C. says

    Yes, yes, yes! Jodi & Kevin are so lame to go public with any opinion about Jon & Kate’s marriage. No one knows their marriage except them. Jon & Kate need to handle it their way. What kind of brother would do that to his sister. You have to question their motive for wanting the spotlight to throw his sister under the bus. BTW – these kids are filmed 24/7 and they are healthy and well-adjusted. Get off Kate’s back already. If there was a serious problem, it would be on film. Enough!

  23. Monica says

    Yes! Jodi seems like she is just jealous and trying to bring Kate down. You said it well. Jodi is going to the media for attention and money.

  24. Anonymous says

    I totally agree with you! Has anyone read their book Multiple Blessings? They bought their second house because one of the perks was living closer to her brother Kevin. Jodi is totally jealous because she was not getting paid for being on the show. Now she must be trying to get money by bashing them. Isn’t it hard enough to go through a divorse without every single person in America critizing you. Just leave them alone people!! Get over it! AND SHE HAS EIGHT KIDS… DO YOU REALLY THINK SHE HAS MUCH TIME TO FIX HER HAIR!?!?!

  25. papyrus says

    Crystal – i dont think it has nothing to do with jealousy but do to some right to a person thats being accused of cheating. if in fact Kate gave up on their marriage and allowed Jon to be free, then Jon has done nothing wrong. The problem is the whole world is accusing Jon of cheater and his children are listening to this as well. and its not fair for Kate to show on TV and act as the victim. If they were separated someone has to come up and say it. Kate wont because she only sees $$$$$ and then she wants another book on how to deal with divorce and survive as a single mother. KATE HAS NO SHAME.

  26. C. says

    Read the People magazine interview with Kate’s direct quotes before you make up your own story. Get the facts. Kate never gave up. Jon feels like he didn’t get to go bar hoping in his 20’s and now thinks he deserves ‘me’ time. He needs to wake up to the reality that his responsibilities come first. His behavior is hurting 9 people not hers. Kate offered him many options to fulfill his desires but he is still not happy because he is being selfish & self-centered. He needs to grow up.

  27. valcat says

    Okay, I am so disgusted by all of this and the media craziness. While I agree that Jon and Kate are a little weird the fact is that there are eight children in the middle of all of this and it seems that no one cares about the well being of these kids. I think it’s time to shut up and move on already, let this FAMILY work it out on their own-no matter what the out come may be . . . let’s just move on, please.

  28. tiffyd says

    BECAUSE KATE IS A MONSTER. see below..

    This is a blog that aunt Jodi’s sister made in order to spread the truth about this family. I will no longer watch this show because Kate and Jon have become money hungry fame lovers who are exploiting their children. What a shame. Those of you who don’t know the truth shouldn’t be judging the family members.. why do you think they’ve cut off their parents in the show? There are plenty of loose ends if you pay attention.

  29. papyrus says

    W.O.W … thanks for posting that site. i read the blog for the first time and im glad someone is stepping up for those children. there should be a law that protects children in reality tv.

  30. Anonymous says

    No matter how you feel about them, it is NOT right for these so-called FAMILY members to be giving interviews about a PRIVATE matter. They act like oh, they care so much about the kids, but then they turn around and slam their parents publicly on a trashy-tabloid site??!! Yes, they love their nieces and nephews oh, so much!! But now it is time to go and record videos of the demise of their parents marriage! They are SICK. If they cared about Kate and Jon and the kids then they would not be getting PAID by Radar to speak the “truth”. What losers.

  31. Anonymous says

    I think if the show is “all they have” to support EIGHT children that they should grow up and control thier hormones! The kids have to come first.

  32. papyrus says

    i agree with you… get the facts. read this site http://truthbreedshatred.blogspot.com/ , im not fan of kevin and jodi either because i dont know the whole story. but jodi’s sister created a blog back in 2008 posting the family and friend’s concerns for the children and they are also want to pass a law that protect children as laborers in reality tv. these children are on tv 24/7 they dont know the difference between tv show and real life…this is their life. they dont only have 1 camera man following around doing candid shots, they have a whole crew and these kids are working constantly. they are reality actors.

  33. C. says

    Stick with the current post about their marriage. The kids have been doing this for years yes. Got it. Common knowledge. Don’t care what their families have to say. If you want to attack them for filming the kids, then attack the Duggars, the Roloff’s (Little People…), and the Hayes (Table for 12) too. It is all the same.

  34. Anonymous says

    …they;ll laugh all the way to the bank. I mean, that’s the obvious answer but I do think it’s disgusting.