Robert Pattinson At New Moon Photo Call In Cannes

Here’s Robert Pattinson at The 62nd Cannes Film Festival 2009 – Day 7 doing his part to get the Internet buzzing over his newest movie, ‘New Moon’. The actor was seen running his fingers through his now famous hair style. I wonder if teens around the world are opting for the Pattinson cut? Is he the new Aniston in the salon industry?

As I post these pictures, I can’t help but imagine thousands of ladies resetting their desktop pictures and replacing them with Edward… oops! I mean Robert.

Remember, higher quality shots are available if you click the thumbnail and then click the medium quality picture. :) LOL!

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  1. Anonymous says

    i think he has a very manly look which i like.
    even when rob played cedric diggory in harry potter he had something about him that made him sexy…
    rob is great. it is just ashame so many other girls think he is hot too. its a turn off for liking him when you hear 10 year olds talking about him.


  2. Kory Muniz says

    I agree so Frigging HOTTTTT!!!! I can’t help but look at him. I have never seen a better looking Man EVER!!!!!! My husband keeps teasing me that Rob is gay, JEALOUS!!!!! I’d do him either way. I mean Rob not my husband LOL :) I LOVE YOU EDWARD/ROB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CALL ME!!

  3. says

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  4. Anonymous says

    i never really paid much attention to him until I saw Twilight. and now for some reason, I find myself extremely attracted to him and thinking about him constantly. I’m two years older than him, and I never went thru that teenage celebrity obsession faze when I was younger. I guess he’s the only celebrity that I’ve come across that makes me go “oh my god!” :-)

  5. Juliia says

    i like his hair, the shape of his face and pretty much the whole face. but those eyes. NO. the chesthair doesnt do to much for me as well.

  6. Mamita says

    I am still trying to get what the fuss is about. I am really trying…. he has great hair….

  7. Anonymous says

    i dont know about him….sometimes he’s really hot (like in these pictures) and other times he looks disgusting….

    a little too inconsistent for my taste! it reminds me of that Seinfeld episode when Jerry dates a woman who only looks good under certain lighting.

  8. Anonymous says

    he looks tired and i think summit entertainment are a little nervous of him being under that sun! haha sorry, but seriously the guy is so pale i have to squeak my eyes.

  9. Anonymous says

    “I wonder if teens around the world are opting for the Pattinson cut?” Probably not too much. I’m sure a few are, but this isn’t the sort of cut that teenage boys would be caught dead wearing at school around their male friends. They would have a field day if someone showed up with this. It’s great on Rob and for movie stars or someone a bit older (out of high school). Very sexy.