Britney Spears’ Bodyguard Is Suing Her

I don’t think there’s been a WEEK in Britney Spearscomeback life where she wasn’t involved in some sort of legal battle with another individual. If it’s not family members, ex husbands, managers or past lovers – it’s bodyguards! This time
Kerry Vine is claiming he was hurt while working at her former LA home in March of 2008.

The documents state:

“Advanced Security Concepts negligently operated their
business thereby causing injuries to Vine who worked for Spears at the time.
Spears breached that duty of care to the plaintiff by failing to ensure that
he could safely perform duties that Advanced Security Concepts ordered him
to perform."

Kerry is suing for personal injury, battery and negligence which he claims
caused him to lose wages and incur medical and hospital costs. He also
alleges loss of personal property and earning capacity.
A hearing will take place on September 2.

We obviously don’t know whether or not Kerry has a legitimate claim – but I can’t help but visualize everyone walking around Britney with dollar signs in their eyes.

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  1. Vicki says

    Vera, another website confirmed that he worked there for 3 days and on the fourth day called in sick with shoulder pain and has been on work comp for over a year. Check it out?

  2. Anonymous says

    You are telling me that the picture for this article is of a WAX Britney Spears, and not the real Britney??? DAMN it looks fantastic!