Sneak Peek: The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

It has been my recent mission to convert everyone I know to become avid followers of NJ housewives. I always catch myself talking about the program despite my company. It could be a one year old birthday party or a Memorial Day BBQ with people from my town. These 5 ladies always seem to come up.

This week the parental control continues — Caroline pushes her daughter Lauren to enroll in cosmetology school, but Lauren only wants to learn how to apply makeup and do hair…not how to wax people’s nether regions!

Danielle continues to be open about her 26-year-old boyfriend, claiming that rock-climbing is what helped her snag a younger man and Teresa takes her daughter Gia to NYC to meet with a renowned modeling agency, but they get lost on the way.

Watch what happens tonight, Tuesday, May 26th @ 10/9c only on Bravo.

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  1. ito says

    can’t decide if nj or oc is my favorite now. just freakin love this show. what is it? why? idk!!!!!!!!

  2. gerard vandenberg says

    I’m sure there are also housewives in WYOMING, folks.
    ……………..agree, BEARS TOO!!

  3. Anonymous says

    I am SO sick of these t.v. shows playing into the trashy stereotypes of us Jersey women. Less then 1% of us are as vulgar, trashy and crass as these ‘ladies’ are, this is a gross misconception of how we are here. Most of us work too hard and are too worldly and educated to act like complete assholes like these ‘ladies’ do. It makes me sick to still see us portrayed like this, the richest most successful women in New Jersey would NEVER agree to do a show like this. All these women just live off their husbands or ex husbands, its disgusting, they bring NOTHING to the table. And as for the fukin repulsive ‘Jersey Accents’, you have got to be kidding me. Only pure trash speaks like that, we all know that having an accent like that shows the total lack of class and education you have. All in all its just pathetic and I cannot believe that you people support this shit, all you are doing is throwing us hard working, successful, non big hair, non fur wearing Jersey girls under the bus. This is so embarrassing.

  4. Anonymous says

    O.C. ito…they have fake tans but cooler accents, i would rather hang out with fake tans and big than a big haired jersey girl anyday.

  5. karra says

    i hate to say it but im seriously addicted to this show! and im slowly corrupting all my friends and family into watching it as well. one soul at a time……its craptastic television!