Sienna Miller Excited About GI Joe Doll

Everything is to scale! It’s an exact mini-replica!!! How creepy is that?!? Sienna Miller says she’s going to be the hit of the party when it comes to Christmas presents this year with her G.I. Joe doll!

“I got measured in this pod so the doll is exactly to scale – every nook
and cranny. They showed me my bald head before it was painted on and it
was me! That was weird. I’ll have happy nieces and nephews at Christmas
time. My Baroness doll is so flexible too. Her foot can even flex 360
degrees. Kids will be killing me though because I’m the baddie.”

How awesome, her nieces and nephews must think she’s pretty much the coolest aunt in the world!

Photos by INF.




  1. Ciele says

    Your site is great, Vera, because your comments are always so nice! A lot of people don’t like Sienna, but I’m a fan of hers. How weird to see a mini replica of yourself on sale!

  2. merce369 says

    she looks like she kicks serious ass in that movie, still can’t stand the girl.
    You make your own bed!