Jon Gosselin Takes Female Friend Shopping While Family Vacations In North Carolina

Remember the story of Jon Gosselin hanging out with two women at a bar over Memorial Day weekend? This is a pic from that day. Not sure how it made its way online, but here we all are.

Apparently, this blonde is a very good friend because yesterday the pair were found shopping in Barney’s (see pic here) and spending lots and lots of cash. About $2,000!

While at the Riverside Square Mall in New Jersey, Jon paid a visit to Louis Vuitton, Cole Haan and Godiva. This man has great taste!

Meanwhile, Jon’s wife Kate Gosselin, their nanny and two bodyguards were spotted with his 8 children in North Carolina on vacation. Click on thumbnails to enlarge.

Photos by INF




  1. valcat says

    Life must not be too bad for him since he has 8 beautiful kids, hair plugs (transplant) and can shop at Louis Vuitton : )

  2. Danie says

    At least Kate is spending time with the kids! And I must say that Kate and that silver fox look like they’d make a cute couple! 😀

  3. Sarah B says

    I looked at the supposed picture of Jon Gosselin shopping at Barney’s and the photo was obviously doctored. That’s the exact same picture that surfaced the other day of Jon outside of a bar with two mysterious women, only now it shows him holding three strategically placed (and may I add photo shopped) bags. And aside from that…. WHO CARES?!?!

  4. yeahItsMe says

    I’m thinking that TMZ is trying to be funny but photoshopping the tags on. There’s no way anyone would create that photo and think it looks real. I totally think it was done for humor.

  5. Saudia says

    wow .. looks like they really are going to end up divorced … this is really sad .. poor kids

  6. Anonymous says

    Jon Goselin is a pathetic father to his 8 children. In nearly every photo of him , he’s holding on to a beer bottle as if it will keep him from falling down into the gutter he calls his life. The past two years, i have noticed when they would mention being “Jon & Kate + 8″, Jon would remark , “I’d like to be just Jon for awhile”…..i thought he meant he wanted some time away from the house, the family…normal guy stuff yano. Fishing trip, poker night with the boys, but nooooo. He wanted to go back to being the Momma’s Boy he was when he met and married Kate ( he was still living in him mother;’s home)…he created the situation, and needs to own responsibility and show more concern for the welfare of the 8 children he helped create rather than taking strange women designer goods shopping, buying a TWO SEATER sports car, and out drinking all night with strange women….oh! and how about his sleep overs with the young teacher who is “just a friend”…..I know Kate came off being rude to Jon on the program, but imagine yourself the mother of twins age two, and sixtupletts are born and your husband is behaving like he needs his mommy to take care of his responsibilities for him…I noticed Kate always had to point out to him his daddy duties, things any regular dad would know to do automatically, but Jon always acted as if he was still living with Mom and needed direction. I think Jon has already divorced his FAMILY in his mind, and is living the single, irresponsibe life he wants so badly….No responsibilities….someone else to take care of everything…just go get a woman and drink yourself blindly drunk….way to go Jon

  7. C. says

    It sure is alot of money when he doesn’t want to earn any of it. Jon likes to spend and play. Jerk!

  8. Anonymous says

    I think Jon needs to have “his own” bodyguard !! Some really hot chick that he can be seen with 24/7.

  9. Anon 21 says

    He looks horrible–bloated and very strange. I wonder if he’s had something done to his eyes and the swelling is still going on. His eyebrows look strange and very straight-across all of a sudden.

  10. Monica says

    I think you have some very good points, but on the other hand, I think Jon truly does really love his children. You can see his affection towards them in the show.

  11. Anonymous says

    You can love your children and still be immature. He was complaining on the season premier that he was so young when the got married, had the twins then the sextuplets, I really have NO sympathy for him. They chose to have those babies. They were given the option of reduction when they found out she was carrying 7 babies (she lost one during the pregnancy) and didn’t believe in it for religious reasons. THEY made that choice!!! Get over yourself Jon, you are a grown man who has to take responsibility for your actions. Has anyone noticed that the whole time Kate is being slagged SHE is the one that is out working to make money for the kids’ education, SHE is the one planning the birthday party, SHE is the one on vacation with them. She may be difficult and controlling, but she knows that and admits to it, she has made many comments about trying to change that and give up some control. Regardless; there is NO excuse for cheating!

  12. Shyshy says

    The only time Jon EVER smiles is when he is NOT with Kate and I don’t blame him one bit. Kate never smiles whether she is around Jon or not, she always looks angry. She is a miserable woman and makes those around her miserable. $he only care$ about one thing.

  13. fluffy says

    Those children are beautiful, intelligent young people. They already must understand much of what is going on – that their parents do not get along, that they are on TV and have been on TV for years, that money is being made when cameras are filming. They may be only five years old but children are VERY aware of what goes on around them, especially within the home. And the eight year old twins, forget about it, you KNOW they are very aware of the marital strife.
    These children have brought me and my mom (we always used to watch the show together) so many smiles and laughs just by being their genuine, sweet selves. But now that I see the cost they pay for it I just feel guilty for watching. I wish them the best, I hope this scary, tumultuous part of their lives is VERY short lived, and I hope TLC cancels this show for their sake.

  14. Anonymous says

    The 2 women that he was with at the bar are the Plastic Surgeons wife and her daughter. Since the surgery they are friends with both Jon and Kate. The girl above is the daughter.

  15. Anonymous says

    Wow he is so terrible and always going out. Get over yourself! She needs a bodygaurd nothing is said. She writes a book thats kind of hard to do by yourself with 8 kids she must have had some help I guess. She travels on speaking engagements for days or weeks at a time no kids but with a bodyguard. Where is the outrage. She is always photographed with a man nothing is said. I have never heard of her being mobbed. So he drinks a little so what many people drink to relax. He seemed to be a good father the first season and second but now he is terrible. I think she got fame and it has gone to her head and she wants more than she should ever get. *steps off my soapbox*

  16. says

    While negative news and gossip swirls around the web about Jon & Kate Gosselin and their family, a new blog is joining the ranks of those praying for this couple and their family – The purpose of this blog is to refocus attention on praying for this couple, their marriage, and their family’s healing.

    Featured also are many resources and tools to help strengthen your marriage.

  17. Digger says

    I’m happy for Jon to have a great new gal in his life. He’s been bush-whipped on Nat. TV for years. Now it’s time for him to have some fun with a cute skinny girl who adores him. Poor ole kate and her surgically rendered weird looking body. She’s very heavy and matronly looking no matter what she tries to do. Let’s face it a 23 yr old doesnt have to try at all —- buh bye kate

  18. Anonymous says

    He’s TRASH! married or divorced when you have 8 kids you shouldn’t be out partying with little b****’s. He needs to learn that once you have kids; the party is over.
    Kate didn’t get on top of herself and have eight kids, why should she be the only one taking care of them. poor thing.

  19. C. says

    What pictures are u looking at? The kids look fine. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill. Jeez!

  20. Anonymous says

    Who cares? They are separated. Jon is half white. maybe the lady is a relative. Maybe it’s a friend and it was her birthday. Maybe SHE bought the items and he just tagged along. If Kate won’t sign off on him getting out of his TV contract maybe he wants to embarrass her to force her to give him what he wants. But the guy is an adult and he can do what he wants. He seems like a great dad so I don’t get the Jon-bashing.

  21. Anonymous says

    Maybe the bashing comes from the pictures of him out drinking with women while his wife is at home with THEIR eight children. Plus, I have yet to see anyone bash him as much as they have Kate. She may be a little harsh but he sure is not much of a man when he has basically abandoned his kids because, boo hoo, he doesn’t want to be on the show. He could just not sign the next contract. I have also noticed that he certainly does seem to drink a lot. He needs to quit drinking and go home to his children.

  22. C. says

    FYI-Jon isn’t embarrassing Kate he is embarrassing himself. If he really gave a damn about his kids, he would realize that his behavior is all over the internet for them to google for the rest of their lives and maybe he’d behave better.

  23. Anonymous says

    LMAO!!! That pic is not real. The pic is from when he was spotted hanging out. Those “bags” in Jon’s hand were photoshopped. They are not bags at all, but tags blown up to resemble something he’s holding. Give me a break!

  24. Anonymous says

    The “bags” aren’t even supposed to be real, ya jackass. You didn’t just stumble onto something here; the picture is supposed to look fake because it is. It’s a joke at his expense and apparently yours.

  25. Linda123 says

    TMZ said he was with the same two women from the bar, not just one woman. Nobody knows who these women are so assuming they are girlfriends is a leap. I know he had an affair but it’s annoying that when celebrities are with somebody of the opposite sex, they get accused of cheating.

  26. yeahItsMe says

    He looks pretty wasted and obviously not even trying to hide that he’s done with it anymore.

  27. anon123 says

    lol the pic means nothing but the link above is lik omg look at this pic of them shopping so yeah that’s misleading. obvs the pic is fake. calm down.