Angelina Jolie Laughs Alongside Stunt Double On Salt Set

I always love having a look at stunt doubles. They are the men and women that make the movies we watch so incredible, yet typically get NO credit (except for their annual award show that noone watches).

Angelina Jolie was seen hanging out with her stunt double on the Queensboro bridge, where her latest film ‘Salt‘ is being shot in New York City. She must feel pretty good knowing someone believed she could stand in for ANGELINA! Now THAT’S a conversation starter if I ever heard one.

Photos by INF




  1. Linda123 says

    I don’t know why people are lying about Angelina’s stunts. She has never said she does all of her stunts and doesn’t use a stunt double. She has always said that she tries to do as many as she can and is very open about using doubles. The studio says no to the riskiest stunts. Producers wouldn’t be happy if their star broke a leg in the middle of filming. There are photos and video all over the web so I don’t know why people are trying to say she doesn’t do any of her stunts.

  2. luckystar says

    Angelina’s stunt double is from the UK and was on the show Gladiators over here (in the UK)!!

  3. Oops_Busted! says

    Yeah, she likes to give the impression that she does her own stunts. But has had stunt doubles for ALL of her action movies. There are pics online of her doubles for a variety of her action films.

  4. Anonymous says

    It is smart to use professionals to handle dangerious parts. All famous actors do that all the time.

  5. Anonymous says

    Doubt they would insure her if she did all the stunts. She tries to do as many as possible so it looks real and I’m sure many of the stunts are fun to do.

  6. Anonymous says

    not all actors use stunt doubles. She always acts like she doesn’t but guess she isn’t as bad ass as she wants us all to think. Of course if she gets flack she will come out with so me lame excuse like I used to but now I have to thing of my kids and not take those risks. I hear it coming now.


    it is not only dangerous part. some stunts need tremendous physical training, that’s why they need to use professionals