Quote Of The Day: Jon Gosselin Says Two Photographed Female Are Just Friends

"The two women with whom I’ve been photographed are family friends – Lauren Glassman and Lauren’s daughter, Hailey," he tells PEOPLE. "Lauren’s husband, Dr. Larry Glassman, performed Kate’s tummy tuck surgery, and since the surgery we’ve become friendly with the Glassmans."

Jon Gosselin talking about recent pictures showing him hanging out with two female friends.




  1. Anonymous says

    Did it for free huh? Looks like Dr. Tummy tuck needed another plug- find it interesting that all these pictures come out of Kate with a pretty amazing tummy tuck and then somehow the doctors full name makes its way into the media. Maybe Jon needed calf implants :)

  2. says

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  3. Anonymous says

    Both Kate and John are fuckn idiots… All they care about is $$$ not the kids… I feel so bad for these kids. Their own parents used them to make money. John is ummmm UGLY! and for some reason these young girls like him bc of what!?!? o yea the 8 kids $$$…. so these pics “just friends” right….. they just released pics of John and Hailey holding hands in France… lol I also findit funny that John is trying to look younger these days… I cant stand how he dresses… Kate did marry a boy!! … but I have to agree John did marry a monster.

  4. Vicki says

    Kate publicly announced her tummy tuck and even showed the viewers of TLC her tummy BEFORE the tuck. They were proud that someone offered to do it for free. He didn’t throw anyone under the bus. I love IMNOTOBSESSED.COM but I can’t help but feel you really really really escalate the poor family’s situations when you post pictures of Jon with girls. Almost every picture had a completely understandable and normal situation behind it and I’m so frustrated because you guys are escalating the situations and ruining their lives to the point that if they even WANTED to get together and forget it all, YOU won’t let them.

  5. C. says

    “understandable” & “reasonable” … really? Please explain the reason he slept over the 3rd grade teachers house and was video tapped sneaking out at 7:30 am? And why was that same 3rd grade teacher in a bikini on his front lawn sun bathing? And why was he out bar hopping with her until 2 am when Kate wasn’t home? Reasonable… I think not.

  6. Gisela says

    You’re an idiot, Vera has a life, blogging is her job. You wish you could be so lucky to stay at home with your kids, manage to work and make money. HI HATER!!

  7. Anonymous says

    Just wondering how much you need a life since you are obviously visiting this site AND posting! Hmmmm. Sounds like you need a life (or some happy pills!) lol

  8. Anonymous says

    Oh how unusual, a drunk faced Jon grabbing up on yet another very young blonde with a drink in her hand and a camera phone in the other. You’d think he’d have learned by now to at least drink in better bars with chicks who don’t have camera phones out and ready to send the pics off to US weekly.

    The guy is a huge douchebag. If your marriage is falling apart because you can’t keep your biz in your pants or your wife’s pants, why on earth would you be out at YET ANOTHER bar getting your picture taken with yet another very young blonde holding a drink?

    It’s easy to get on Kate’s case because she’s a control freak, but this guy is a total d-bag. He created his own problems and while he’s always crying like a baby over the mean old media, he’s the one out drinking again.

    Jon needs to get his butt home, work on his marriage and be a better father. Or get the hell out and divorce Kate and be an honest man. Either way, he’s a total ass to stand there with his hair plugs and talk crap about Kate’s tummy tuck.

  9. Anonymous says

    Jon is having a beerwith The wife and daughter of hte surgeon that did her belly, Kate is pancing around in a tiny bikini in front of her bodyguard and staff. what is the diffetence, She threw him out with the trash the minute she hit Oprah, she has no need for him, she is the star of her own world.

  10. C. says

    Kate was still wearing her ring while on vacation with her kids at the beach. There was nothing sordid about it. Jon has done nothing but party, spend money and hang with other women (whoever they may be). Jon said he’d always be there for his kids, yet he isn’t with them on vacation…..hmmmmmm. Who has there priorities screwed up?

  11. Anonymous says

    Question: How many of the commenters on this site are considered a healthy weight? Be honest. (That is what I thought.) Get off your asseeeeessssssss!

  12. Anonymous says

    Vera this is complete overkill with these people. THEY ARE NOT CELEBRITIES AT ALL. And the way you portray the family is very tacky especially since you too have your own family and you too have NO IDEA what your husband is up to 24-7. Its like you don’t want to post on Octo Mom but you post on these losers. You have convenient morals and for someone with a family and children you glorify the nastiest people EVER.

  13. C. says

    They aren’t divorced. She is wearing her ring. Apparently, Jon wanted more ‘me’ time. There is no custody arrangement. He bailed on the family he claims to love again to shop and drink.

  14. Anonymous says

    He was probably out bar-hopping and being with the school teacher because Kate had him sign a contract that gave him permission to do so, just as long as he still filmed for the show. He got caught and that’s why Kate is so p____ed-off. She could care less he is seeing another woman because she is getting it on with her bodyguard. So there!