Hot New Couple Alert: Evan Rachel Wood And Shane West

Looks like Evan Rachel Wood has found a new man! The actress was seen "making out in the middle of the table" with actor Shane West (think ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’, ‘A Walk to Remember’).

The pair spent the night at Tao in Las Vegas on Saturday night with a group of friends and made their relationship no secret.

"They were both there in a big group of 20 people," said our source. "At around 3 a.m., Shane and Evan Rachel were all over each other and making out in the middle of the table."

Ah to be young and free again…





  1. Initial_G says

    Shane West is looking like he is still recovering from partying the night before. He is looking rough. LOL

  2. Eva says

    The two aren’t dating. Call me skeptical, but there is a lot of evidence to the contrary. Plus, I get the strnage feeling that she’s already back with Manson.

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  4. missmarnip says

    ha? how old is vera? shane is 30. i’m also 30 and consider myself still young. or am i dillusional?? ;P

  5. Anonymous says

    no, not delusional…anyone after the age of 30 is old….i compare it to being a senior citizen…i will be 30 next year…maybe thats why i am so

  6. Anonymous says

    I consider anyone under 60 young but once you have kids I think you just change mind frames and become ‘old’ in your head. Vera cant be much older then 30-34. Which is young, she doesnt get out much though so…

  7. Anonymous says

    WOW . interesting. they’ve known eachother for quite a long time tho since Once & Again . I loved that show . .

  8. Anonymous says

    Weren’t those two brother and sister on the series “Once and Again”?

    Shane West is an improvement from Marilyn Manson.