Kendra Wilkinson Admits She’s Turned Into “Bridezilla”

I love that show! Would hate to be one of the friends of the brides… but it’s great to watch.

Kendra Wilkinson has turned into "bridezilla".
Bridget Marquardt – who lived with Kendra at the Playboy Mansion when they
were both dating Hugh Hefner – revealed her friend is determined to make her
wedding to football star Hank Baskett perfect.

Bridget, who will be a bridesmaid at the ceremony, said:

"She told me she
was a bridezilla! I think she is super crazy as far as this being a really
big deal for her and wanting it to be the perfect day and wanting certain
things done right.

"They are so cute together and are so lovey-dovey and into each other. It’s
like no one else is in the room when they are together."

Time to fess up. When you got married, did fire shoot out of your mouth? I had my moments. The one that comes to my mind is when we were addressing the wedding invitations with my maid of honor and mother. My mom got a little sloppy and I literally lost it. Crying, screaming, threatening to rip everything up. It was embarrassing.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Oh gosh, my worst moment when planning my wedding was in the car with my parents, sisters & husband (then fiance), and my mother suggested I do my own hair and make up for my wedding because that’s how she did it. And she said it wasn’t necessary to get my nails done. I flipped and was crying and swearing I was so upset. My dad had to pull over so I could get out and calm down. That was my only flip out… everything else was smooth and surprisingly easy to plan. And i got everything professionally done.

  2. papyrus says

    wow…a simple ‘hey if im old enough to marry, im old enough to decide on my nails and hair” but crying and swearing like a brat sure made everyone believe you were ready

  3. says

    I agree, weddings are out of control these days, debts are piled up, Couple go home gnashing their tooth after which, sometimes, kick starts the marriage on the wrong note. A word of caution

  4. Anonymous says

    I know when I get married I will be the same way! Not super b*tchy but I would def make sure everything is perfect.. come on now it’s a special day!! :)

  5. Anonymous says

    Weddings are out of control and selfish these days. I have spent over $1000 on my sisters wedding so far and the wedding itself hasn’t even happened. Women put so much pressure on the wedding that they actually forget why they are even getting married. Emphasis is ALWAYS on the WRONG things, no wonder 60% of marriages end in divorce its like the women don’t care about ANYTHING except themselves and the stupid dress. I honestly cannot think of anything more ridiculous and frivolous then a wedding, sharing your happiness is one thing but having people shell out thousands so you can get married is just insane. I would never have the balls to do it to anyone. I’ll by my own flatware and home furnishings thanks.
    And Kendra looks really OLD.

  6. Anonymous123 says

    I don’t understand why women sweat over small little things… me, nobody notices all those little details that you put some much effort in. It’s a waste of time and it will be forgotten very quickly. Just be happy and have fun.

  7. Anonymous says

    I cannot stand the bridezilla mentality. Brides today are very selfish in thinking that it is “their day.” I agree with the pp who said nobody notices all the little things that people pay so much for. Seriously- does an Ice sculpture really add that much to a festivity? no and its a waste of money. I am currently dealing right now with a family friend’s daughter who thinks it is all about her, even though her parents are paying.

  8. Anonymous says

    I really did not care at all…I just wanted to get married, the wedding was secondary. My mother-in-law was really into it so I let her do whatever she wanted save for a few things I knew I wanted. Made us both happy. We kept it small because that is what husband and I wanted, but If I could do it over again, we’d elope.

    The wedding industry is totally out of control, and some of these brides need a HUGE reality check. The focus should be on the *marriage*, not the *wedding*

  9. Ha says

    I wanted my wedding as simple as possible and I wanted everyone happy and having a good time. It was a celebration of marriage, not a day to focus on me. I don’t get some of these people have their priorities so completely out of whack.