Shia LaBeouf Lands His Next Role

Remember when we heard that Shia LaBeouf was in talks to star in ‘Wall Street 2′? In an exclusive on Hollywood insider Nikki Finke’s website, Deadline Hollywood Daily, Nikki reports that Shia has indeed signed on to join ‘Wall Street 2′ with Michael Douglas. She even has “top secret” plot details…

[A]sthe movie begins, it’s 21 years later and Mr. Greed Is Goodhas
finished serving his prison sentence. Hefinds himselfon the fringe of
the financial community. (“Kinda like Jim Cramer or Mike Milken after
their disgrace,” an insider with the pic tells me.) Gekko is cautioning
Wall Street that the ‘end is coming’ — but nobody is listening. So
Gordon is obsessed with trying to repair his ruptured relationship with
his daughter.

Enter Shia LaBeouf, who was reported in negotiationsand I can now
state is set to co-star. (I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it
again:one day everyHollywood movie will star this guy who turns 23 on
June 11th.) Shia is a young Wall Street trader who’s engaged to be
married to Gekko’s estranged daughter. Shiawants to be a major player,
but hismentor unexpectedly kills himself, and Shia thinksa
stock-shortingworldwide hedge fund manager is responsible.Shia seeks
revenge on this villain, to be played by No Country For Old Men
Supporting Actor Oscar-winnerJavier Bardem. So Shia goes
toGordonsaying, “I need your help”, and makes a Faustian deal with
Gekko who in return wants Shia’s help getting back with the
daughter.From then on, it’s ‘antagonism’ for everyone, my insider says.”

Javier Bardem too!

So how does it sound to you?

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  1. Anonymous123 says

    I don’t get why Shia is so popular….bushy eyebrows with big nose, white pasty skin and a body of a 12 year old and his face is always miserable….huh? I haven’t seen any of his movies so I can’t judge on his acting skills.

  2. Anonymous says

    Are the films Shia stars in successful because of him or is he successful because of the movies he’s in. IMO he is ok, but I don’t think he is that good of an actor to get the roles he gets.

  3. Anonymous says

    Shia is a horrible actor, I will never again watch something he is in. He delivers his lines in a dead pan voice and his facial expressions never change. Plain bad.

  4. Laura E says

    Excuse me but he obviously is a talented actor if Steven Spielberg, one of the most famous and successful directors of our time, keeps asking him to do films for him! He has done so many different kinds of roles from Indiana Jones to Transformers and nails all of them! He has the money and popularity to prove that he can in fact act!!!

  5. Sammy-xx says

    So excited about this, more excited about the Accosiate but I’ll take any Shia in any form. Money Never Sleeps sounds good though, love Javier. On the Shia note as well I am drinking that excact tea right now, Chinese Apple pomograntate. Yummy. Got the plum one waiting in th fridge.

  6. Anonymous says

    Shia might not want to share a screen with another Hollywood legend. He paled in comparison to Harrison Ford and he will again with Michael Douglas. He looks like a child next to these two, and not just because of his age.

  7. Anonymous says

    Explain to me why he is considered a great talent. He ruined the Indiana Jones movie and now plays in those robot films. People are praising him as if he were such a great character actor.

  8. Ellie says

    Explain to me why so many people criticize others’ acting? Unless you can do a whole lot better you have no room to judge someone’s talent (or lack of talent… either way).=^_^=

  9. Anonymous says

    So you’ve never thought a meal was bad? Or a movie was bad? Or clothes in a shop looked ugly? Because that is all you judging someone elses talent fool.

  10. Anonymous says

    Ellie, with this comment… I’m thinking you may be slightly retarded. I’m just putting that out there.

  11. Anonymous says

    Shia is NOT a good actor at all. People praise the WORST actors just cuz they are ‘young n trendy’. Get over it. Michael Douglas is just going to show excatly how bad Shias acting is. I agree that he RUINED Indiana Jones, his acting was SO BAD.