Hilary Duff Attends Bike in Style Challenge Award Ceremony

Donna Karan, Marion Cotillard and Hilary Duff attended an award ceremony to announce the winners of the ‘Bike in Style’ challenge on Tuesday night. The ceremony was held at the LVMH Tower Magic Room in New York and all of the ladies looked dressed to impress.

Speaking of the event, Donna said

“The DKNY design team focused on helping the students to incorporate these essential elements of the City into their designs, with the goal of making fashionable, functional urban biking a reality. We are proud to be involved in a program that fosters the next generation of designers and will make NY an even better, more environmentally friendly, place to live and work.”

On another note, check out Marion’s heels! Aren’t they amazing?

Photos by INF




  1. Anonymous says

    Hilary needs to work out her arms they look bigger then the rest of her body. I like her dress though I don’t find anything about her appealing, she is ridiculously untalented.

  2. rockonxox says

    Aw Hilary looks adorable! Not a fan of those shoes Marion is wearing, weird. They’d be cute with a normal heel on them though.

  3. Anonymous says

    Actually I do have a perfect face! Thank you! :) And sorry you nor this star you envy doesn’t! Have a nice day sweetie! :)

  4. Anonymous says

    If your face is so perfect who not post it? If its really as perfect as you say then you would probably be on the cover of magazines and not commenting on how “gross” other people’s faces are.

  5. Padmy says

    I would like to style my hair like Hilary… What do you call that style? How can I do the puffy hair on top like that? Does anyone know a tutorial or youtube video that shows how to do it? Thanks… =)

  6. meme says

    Marion is the epitome of beauty, grace and style. Those French women know how to dress. Note to Hilary: NEVER NEVER NEVER stand next to Marion.

  7. Anonymous says

    Why is it that, as much as this girl works out, she always looks like she’s a Big Mac away from a weight problem?

  8. Anonymous says

    I think Hilary Duff looks great. She was looking a little too skinny for a while there. Her cheeks were really sunk in and she looked skeletal but she looks really good now.

  9. Anonymous says

    I have seen that “Big Mac” comment like 6 times on the website, all about different people. Who are thin, and it’s ridiculous. Hense the recycling and unoriginality.