Kelly Osbourne’s Hair Fell Out After Bleaching It!

You always hear these stories. But I figured it was just some adult fib to prevent you from doing something that might not be so healthy for your hair.

You know, like how we tell our kids not to cross their eyes.

Did I think your hair could actually fall out from bleaching it too much? NO! Did I color my hair about 7 times last winter while trying to find the right shade for me? YES! Thank goodness nothing happened.

Kelly Osbourne wasn’t so lucky. The 24-year-old star – who is engaged to model Luke Worrall – decided to
overhaul her image with a drastic makeover recently, but was left devastated
when the dye didn’t take to her hair properly.
She explained to FOX News:

"I went to dye my hair blonde from black and it
was going really well and then something happened during that last process
where they put the toner on and it made all my hair fall out and I was just
like, ‘Cut it!’
"Luke laughed at me and told me he wasn’t going out with me if I looked like

He went and bought me some blue shampoo so that my hair would not be
so yellow."

Kelly now sports a white-blonde cropped hairstyle, which she insists she is
happy with.
The TV’s star love of her new short hairstyle is in marked contrast to her
comments about Victoria’s Beckham’s pixie crop, which she blasted when the
former Spice Girls singer debuted it last year.
Kelly said at the time:

"I think she’s too skinny to have hair that short.
To get away with that, you need to have something soft about your face. She
looks too immaculate."

What do you think? Does Kelly pull off the look?

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  1. Jan says

    haha I cant believe how many do not realize just how damaging colouring your hair is ! My niece gets highlights or whatever they are called these days and when I was giving her some curls I found this whole section that had cracked off about 3″ from her scalp. Her hairdresser never even told her how damaged her hair was !

  2. momster says

    I think this girl can get away with any crazy hair style. I love it on her! Wish I could do something with my hair like that!

  3. Ellie says

    Or maybe she (or whoever did her hair) doesn’t know how to use hair products properly. =^_^=

  4. suffy_78 says

    Actually it happened to me. Thank goodness my hair didn’t completely fall off but the ends of it started to fall while the dye was on.

  5. hansie says

    My hair did this!
    Well i lft bleach on too long/or it was overlapping already bleached hair, and it all started breaking off over a few months, until i had to get it all cut off :(
    But its grown back nice and heathy now, and im sticking to natural!

  6. Anonymous says

    She’s making the best out of a bad situation. I like the attitude she has about the situation (at least in public anyways…).

  7. Anonymous says

    She looks cute, but, geez, talk about kharma!! Lesson to learn: don’t shoot your mouth off about someone else’s look or the kharma gods are going to make you pay!

  8. Polly says

    Um, it’s not at all contradictory to what she said about Posh. She never said she didn’t like short hair, just that she didn’t like it on Victoria Beckham.