Kelly Carlson Shoots Scenes In A Bikini For Nip / Tuck



Wow! No nip or tuck needed here!! :)

Kelly Carlson was photographed filming a scene for ‘Nip/Tuck‘ in a white bikini on the beach in Malibu. The actress frolicked in the surf alongside co-star Julian McMahon.

Not a bad way to earn a penny.

Photos by Splash





  1. Kathryn says

    i agree, she doesn’t have curves but shes still cute. She looks a bit older (but don’t we all) i hope her hairstyle will be this century though. it has never changed. The Marylin Monroe thing is played OUT.

  2. Anonymous says

    perfectly dreadful, she looks 60yrs old except for the botox and implants, what’s not sagging is stretched out of shape over her bones. the hair is probably fake too that would explain the lack of updating style

  3. Anonymous says

    Hmmmm…. I must be looking at a different picture than you. I have no idea what you are talking about. 60 years old? Huh?

  4. Anonymous says

    yes, that’s a compliment for a 60 something year old to shoot for this look is not bad 😉

  5. Anonymous says

    in what world are you living? i never seen a 60yr old to look like this…even after tons of make-up and operations…geezz you people have no sense of reality

  6. riina says

    i agree, this woman doesn’t look 60 at all, i mean that’s a joke right? not near 60, or 50, it’s a different thing when there’s those 20 somethings that have sun damaged skin and loads of make-up + trashy outfits and they kinda look like in their 40s, though really they just look like 20 yr olds that age badly, but this girl doesn’t have any badly aged features what so ever… i don’t even know what it would be referring to, weird. go look at a 60 yr old and see what they really look like. she doesn’t have the curviest body, but who cares, she takes amazing care of what she was born with ( no idea if she’s had work done but anyways..)

  7. Zeroelle says

    This woman looks like she is in her 30s, which she is. The anonymous poster who said she looks 60 is proof that some people make untruthful or exaggerated negative remarks about persons undeserving. Why? One can only speculate…

  8. Anonymous says

    just because someone has a different opinion than yours doesn’t mean they are jealous, lying, exaggerating, or just plain blind. get a grip people. no one has to see reality through your dim eyes.

  9. Anonymous says

    … the media ignores 90% of the actresses over 25yrs old not because they are all washed up, but because they don’t fit into these pathological waif ideals the media continually insists on as a standard of beauty all women should envy. *news flash* BITE MEN and if you use your own narrow viewpoints as the summit of all reality for everyone else in the world then you are the one who needs to ask yourself what world you’re living in?

  10. mynameiskevin says

    have you ever seen the show nip tuck? she looks great. these are just two really bad photos thats all. is that her ni….? nevermind. LMAO

  11. CapturingLife says

    She’s so fantastic. :) They have to work to make her look “rough”/aging in a lot of her scenes. Her character is one of my favorite to hate but I still miss Gena. LOL

  12. yeahItsMe says

    Ha! Me too. I thought she was in some thumbnail photos or something. I thought “wow, way to have some confidence girl!”

  13. Anonymous says

    She is beautiful and has the perfect body. She does not look anorexic and is in great proportion.

  14. Anonymous says

    I disagree with you. Look at how her ribs are sticking out. I think we have all gotten way too used to this look and are even starting to think of it as beautiful. I just heard that someone I know with two small kids was shipped off to an anorexia rehab clinic in Minnesota – I have to wonder if she would see images like this and strive to look like that. So sad.

  15. says

    Don’t know who she is, but she has a gorgeous body. I just remember that Julian McMahon was married to Dannii Minogue – random!

  16. Ellie says

    Whoever thinks that she loolks “anorexic” or like a boy is straight up jealous. I have no idea who she is but she’s got a hot body. =^_^=

  17. Anonymous says

    I agree, those jealous people are probably stuffing their faces with cheetos as they cry over her photo. jealousy gets you no where people. just back to the fridge with your fat face looking to get stuffed with something to kill your misery.

  18. Anonymous says

    For a quick second I thought it said Kelly CLARKSON. Hahahah now that would have been entertaining.

  19. Anonymous says

    For a quick second I thought it said Kelly CLARKSON. Hahahah now that would have been entertaining.

  20. Jiu says

    Think for a second! At the position that she takes, if you don’t see the ribs, its called morbidly obese…stop criticizing without any logic at all……

  21. Anonymous says

    Exactly – you are 100% right. Top photo no ribs, second photo – arms stretched upwards and you see her ribs which makes sense!

    sorry people she is not sporting a muffin top, back fat and cellulite. what it boils down to is that fat america is just so angry. don’t supersize at mcD’s every night. The human body is supposed to be lean. Our ancestors where not hogging it up like people do today. instead of hating, use her pic to get your self motivated and maybe…the end result could be happiness.