Ashton Kutcher Wants Demi Moore To Open Up A Doll Museum!

Ashton Kutcher is SO creeped out by Demi Moore’s doll collection that he wants her to bring them all somewhere and open up a musuem because he can’t handle them at home anymore.

“Spent the day going through wifey’s insane doll collection – 3,000
contemporary art dolls all staring at you. I’m gonna have nightmares.

“I’m trying to convince the wife to open a doll museum. She also has thousands of Barbies and GI Joes.”

She recently got her collection insured for TWO MILLION DOLLARS. I mean, my life is not worth two million dollars let alone a doll collection! I just cannot believe that!!!!!!!!But, I guess the collection means a lot to Demi. There’s an entire room in her house devoted to the dolls. She started the collection back when she was married to Bruce Willis.

Are you one of those people who is super creeped out by dolls?

Photos by INF.




  1. Anonymous says

    Haha yeah, most dolls are creepy as sh*t. Especially porcelain dolls with the blank eyes…I used to love them as a kid though.

    Barbies aren’t creepy though, they’re awesome!

  2. missmarnip says

    two million dollars must be a bargain for her. considering that some collection item barbies can yield like 1500+ dollars… o_O

  3. ito says

    barbies are awesome…but they’re not really a doll per se…more like a toy or a collectible. dolls are like those marie osmond things which are gross & very creepy.

  4. Anonymous says

    Why does he refer to her as ‘wifey’ or “THE wife”- some object. And for such a strong respectable woman, hes a complete mockery of what she is and represents. Asshat to the nines!!!

  5. Anonymous says

    Being a doll collector myself I would really love to see photos of Demi’s collection! I am SO tired of people saying they are creeped out by dolls *yawn*

  6. Cat76 says

    Being a doll collector myself I would really love to see photos of Demi’s collection! I am SO tired of people saying they are creeped out by dolls *yawn*

  7. Dan Lauer says

    I am the creator of WaterBabies, its a babydoll that when filled with warm water, feels like a real baby. I want to open a series of stores I call BMyBabyNursery. Demi, Ashton… have you heard of them? We celebrate 20 years with over 20 million next year Want to hear more?

  8. Anonymous says

    I wish she would post some pics of them somewhere. I have collected antique dolls for years. They do creep out some of my family and friends. Espically the one’s that are haunted.

  9. lizzy says

    like George in Seinfield….he hated the doll collection because one of them looked like his mother!!!

  10. Anonymous says

    I’m just curious about the collection itself. Take a couple of pictures, Demi!

    <3, other crazy doll people.

  11. bruce willis says

    fuk the dolls,when are these two going to have a little monster of their own. that kid should be super cute; unless the kid ends up with the parts she had fixed ( I KNOW, SOOOO BAD OF ME, PLAIN AWFUL). …….SCREW U I SAID IT.

  12. says

    I just told my boyfriend 20 mins ago that dolls are ALWAYS scary. I wouldnt want to be trapped in that room in her house.