Candy Spelling Skips Her Granddaughter’s 1st Birthday Party

In a reported attempt to end the ongoing feud with her mother, Tori Spelling invited Candy Spelling to attend Stella’s first birthday party. Candy accepted the invitation, according to sources, only to change her mindan hour before the party started.

A Candy source tells Us, ‘Candy did RSVP to the event but
decided not to attend when she found out there would be cameras there.
She wanted it to be an entirely private meeting.’ “

However, Tori claims her mother knew at least a week in advance the cameras would be there when the release paperwork was sent over. Tori also says she assured Candy’s people that “she would be respectful of her mother’s wishes if she didn’t want to be filmed.”

The sad part about this is that everyone’s missing out. First birthday parties never come around again!

Do you think these two will ever bury the hatchet?

Photos by INF




  1. Thismoment says

    Hey, those shoes were the rage in the 80’s. I like Tori’s outfit.

  2. Sheri says

    From every interview I have ever seen of Candy Spelling, she comes across as very cold, selfish, uncaring and completely non-maternal in every way to Tori. Tori is better off without this woman in her life … and so are her babies. Just because someone gives birth it doesn’t mean they are a good mother!! Case in point with Candy Spelling.

  3. Anonymous says

    Probably for her show “Tori and Dean” is my guess. I thought it was obvious.

  4. Anonymous says

    Oh please!! Do you really think the kid is going to be traumatized by this? or remember this at all? Get a grip.

  5. Anonymous says

    I hope this all goes well. They are a great couple and seem really happy. I hope our judgment and comments about them don’t chip away at their marriage like so many others before them. It seems to be that any marriage is fragile enough and theirs is great and then some seemingly solid marriages all fall apart in the glare of the public eye. Heck if they filmed my house every day my hubby and I would not last 5 minutes and we’ve been married for 20+ years. Patsy rocks.

  6. Me Oh My says

    I never really thought much of Tori Spelling! Now, with her new reality show, I have changed my thoughts of her! I believe that she is a smart cookie, look what she has done for her life! I truly believe that she LOVES Dean and her children very much. She does all of this for her family!!! I know that she and her mom have their differences, and that they will work things out eventually! It is hard to live your life in a fish bowl but, that “IS THE PRICE OF FAME!” People shouldn’t be so hard on Candy, I think that she just wants her privacy “CAN YOU BLAME HER”? Candy doesn’t have to pay that price, SHE DOESN’T NEED THE MONEY!!!!!! Tori, this is for the benefit of you and your beautiful children. Follow your heart, call your mother, make a play date (in private) and works these things out with her. I am sure that she loves you very much, you have to know that she is just a private person and that she doesn’t want to live her life in the public eye.

  7. giedre says

    she is an absolute idiot to miss her grandaughters 1st birthday party. the only thing she cares about is herself. I feel sorry for Tori it is hard to live in this world without parents.

  8. Amy says

    I don’t think they have ever had much of a relationship. Sounds like Tori was raised by nannies. Candy probably doesn’t know the first thing about being a mother or grandmother. I don’t think they can make amends on their own. I think it would require a mediator or therapist or someone to help them along. Candy is missing out on a lot by not being in her grandchildrens lives. That is not something you can get back and do over. Too bad for them.

  9. Cat says

    The cynic in me says that they talk all the time behind the scenes and all this nonsense is to keep Tori in the tabloids and to boost sales of their books.

  10. Anonymous says

    Well if it walks like a DOUCHE and talks like a DOUCHE then it is a DOUCHE. Candy Spelling is a DOUCHE! she says she wanna be apart of their lives but when the opportunity arises she pulls this i dont care about the two of them but the children, this type of behaviour can not be healthy for young children to observe. tsk tsk!

  11. Samantha says

    toris’ kids are adorable, i think they look totally like dean and not tori. her mother realy needs help, she is making things so much worst for herselves. i most say she is going to regret it one day.

  12. Anonymous says

    Her mom is missing out. Who cares if the party is private? She didn’t have to be on camera. She did a spread in People magazine about her house but she didn’t want to show up for her grand daughter? This is a woman who will die alone. It’s so obvious she wants to control Tori. Good for Tori for not bowing to her mom’s commands.

  13. Anonymous says

    I seem to think that tori was doing it for ratings. also as a child who was raised in hollywood’s a list circle…..she should be a little more discreet about her mother reuniting with her in public. this should be a private matter….and even if the film crew will not film candy…we know mouth will be flapping ….

    tori, should meet up with her mama and grandbabies in pivate.

  14. CapturingLife says

    Can you imagine having to sign a release to attend a birthday party? LOL Too weird. This family is crazy.

  15. Anonymous says

    it’s because they are filming footage for her reality show which airs with a delay. They don’t want anyone divulging what happened before the show airs.