Rihanna Formally Subpoenaed To Testify In Chris Brown Case

Well, Rihanna’s attorneys have already said that the singer "will comply" if she were subpoenaed to testify in the Chris Brown hearing. Today Rihanna was put to the test: she was formally served with a subpoena, and she is keeping her word.

‘Rihanna was served at my office by L.A. DA investigators,’ Etra says. ‘If the preliminary hearing indeed goes forward, she is now legally
required to be there, she will be there, and will answer all questions
truthfully.’ "

The purpose of the June 22 hearing is to determine if there is enough evidence to actually try Chris on the assault trial, so it makes sense that Rihanna’s testimony is key.

‘Rihanna’s testimony can make or break the case,’ says L.A. criminal
defense attorney Jeffery Rubenstein, who’s not involved with the case. ‘Her willingness to testify and be truthful about what happened is a
step closer to convicting Brown. On the other hand, if prosecutors fail
to present a case, Geragos can seek to dismiss or reduce the charges on
the spot.’ "

I bet she wants this whole thing to go away, but I’m glad she’s brave enough to cooperate with the authorities.

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  1. Blanche says

    I don’t think she should testify, but she was subpoena so she must comply. I’m sure Chris feels terrible for what he did, some women love to push a man to the point of no return. Then again, some women need to be “put” in their place.

  2. Anonymous says

    I bet you’re one of those women that stays in place, right? Think for a second: what could a human being could do or say to beat him/her? That only proves that you’re an idiot and can’t deal with the situation. There are other ways to resolve a situation, you know? Violence only proves that you’re only a monkey…

  3. Anonymous says

    Or you’re a man who feel like expressing his masculinity by beating a woman!
    Look, bottom line, people can be provoked. Men and women, by other men and women. So a man’s boss “push him to the edge” would he beat him/her? No, because he would be fired, there are consequences. No reason in the world could justify hitting another person (not in self defense). And clearly, this case was not self defense. Only difference between humans and animals is that the former are trained to control their emotions (hunger, anger, etc.). If you’re going to be acting like an animal, then you deserve to be locked up like one.

  4. gretel says

    One thing is to push someone way too far – and i understand this can happen. BUT saying some women need to be “put” in their place is stupid. Some men need to be put in their place too, but the problem is that women usually aren’t as strong (physically) as them.

    I get the idea that the fight must have got out of control for him to beat her up SO obviously, but if you’re doing that to another woman at such a young age, feeling bad is not enough. If he isn’t stopped/punished now, most likely he will do worst over the years.

  5. really shocked says

    you need to be “put” or should i say locked up in a mental institution cause you’re damn crazy for saying that!

  6. Anonymous says

    umm… kate says that everyone WANTS her hair! People call her stylist to copy her all the time.

  7. Anonymous says

    Blanche – would you really say that lasr sentence to a victim of domestic assault? No one should be physically ”put’ in their place.’ That’s such an insensitive thing to say.

  8. papyrus says

    Blanche has a point. i dont approve of domestic violence in any way, but there are women that think they can punch/slap/kick a guy just because they are women and expect men not to defend themselves. seen this many times from drunken girls just trying to start a fight for no reason. Im not saying in any way this is what happened here, violence is never good no matter who starts it.

  9. Anonymous says

    ‘but I’m glad she’s brave enough to cooperate with the authorities. ‘
    Whoever wrote this needs a brain transplant. WTF. She got the shit beat out of her and your talking about her being brave? Please she has been nothing but a COWARD since this all happened. Running away from it all so she did not have to testify, never publicly speaking about it and just acting like it never happened. She is DELUSIONAL and she needs some help. I am sick of seeing her and her stupid hair and ugly clothes everywhere. She is a piss poor example to women everywhere. Fuck Rihanna.

  10. Anonymous says

    She had no choice. Why do you think she was so eager to get this over with before it came to this?

    Because she started it! She thought if I did it many times before and he did nothing I will do it again. Well! this one proved her wrong.

    She is not this sweet little victim in this case, the people made her that because it’s her with her no talent self… It’s time for her to get a piece of what he got…

  11. Anonymous says

    i agree.. she is not brave to do anything.. she wanted it over and done with as soon as possible.. i mean she has done nothing to go after the people who posted her pic.. that was violation of her privacy to the max but what does she do, go out in front of the paprazzi every chance she gets with her ugly get ups..she looks like a clown..pulezzee,she is a poor excuse of a woman.. he actions post the incident have said a lot me.. june 22 is comming and can garantee you are going to hear a few surprises that some of us have been saying along.. she was no victim!!!!