Hot New Couple Alert: Jeff Goldblum And Tania Raymonde

Tania Raymonde is a name that might not sound so familiar. If you are a ‘Lost’ fan, you will know Tania as Alex, Ben/Rousseau’s daughter.

Well guess what? This 21 year old actress is hooking up with Jeff Goldblum!
The pair has been spotted smooching all over town and today pictures were distributed showing the actors hand in hand.

What do you think about this couple?






  1. kelly_o says

    She’s also been on Cold Case this past season. She looked so familiar and I googled her after an episode and I realized that she was the nerdy girl on Malcolm in the Middle. There is quite an age difference, but to each his own I guess…..

  2. fastfingers says

    oh, honey — what are you thinking???? maybe 20 yrs ago he was the bomb. there must be some junk in his trunks…

  3. cops says

    Very creepy in deed. I think he feels he still got something. Dating young woman , old enough to be your GRANDCHILD IS PERVERTED. She’s such a pretty girl.

  4. cops says

    Very creepy in deed. I think he feels he still got something. Dating young woman , old enough to be your GRANDCHILD IS PERVERTED. She’s such a pretty girl.

  5. Anonymous says

    Haven’t you people heard that age doesn’t matter? Look at Cat and Mike Douglas. There’s about 25 years between them and they’re very stable. Tho I’d imagine a celeb website isn’t the place to tout a relationship, eh? Ok, you’re right, she’s fishing in his pants to see if there’s gold there.

  6. Anonymous says

    umm there is a HUGE difference between 25 years and 35 YEARS. He was 35 when she was born. Definitely more than old enough to be her DAD. It makes him seem like a pedofile. She is 3 years from being 18 not too long ago. Such a nasty old man not to mention she’s definitely digging for some gold there.

  7. Anonymous says

    I think they should give Madonna and Jesus a call…Maybe the four of them could double date!!!

  8. april cherrybomb! says

    Im so AGAINST old creepy guys and really young women. That’s just gross and makes those pervs look like pedophiles!

  9. Anonymous says

    Yes 35 years is a large span but just because he finds a young woman attractive by no means makes him a pedophile! That’s so ignorant to equate someone who finds a woman in her early 20’s (and I believe you’d be hard pressed to find a man of any age who doesn’t) attractive is not the same as a mentally confused person who finds prepubescent children sexually attractive.

  10. Anonymous says

    Isn’t Jeff like…a whole generation older than her..what could they possibly have in common…I guess you can’t choose who you fall for!

  11. katariina says

    hmm well i don’t mind the difference in age if it suits them, they look like a good couple in other ways, both are kinda skinny, jeff doesn’t look like those grandpa’s that hook up w/ hootergirls and all that. they do look VERY alike though, he could totally be her father, but like the scientists have proved, many ppl are attracted to ppl who share same kind of features w/ them. funny that they have the EXACT same age dif. as me and my mother :) would like to see my mother’s face if i came to visit her w/ my new boyfriend that would be the same age with her. well she’d get over it i’m sure, if we’d come along well and have that right chemistry 😀

  12. captain america says

    you know why he chooses a “brainless” chick?

  13. JoCh says

    All the comments are very very sad and stupid.
    The important thing is LOVE. How easy is for all to criticize.
    Nobody can talk about this relationship because nobody knows Jeff and Tania
    Maybe they are in love and that´s the important thing.
    He finds a young woman attractive by no means makes him a pedophile.
    You are really pathetic if you think a young woman and an old man can´t be together.

    Sorry for my english

  14. B, too says

    The mom actresss in the Lost shot; why not a woman like that? Same sort of look but with the maturity of age to have more in common with the man? Oh, well, go ahead Jeff Goldblum. I’ll agree that it doesn’t cross into pedophelia. It doesn’t scream fufilling LTR, either, but who says he’s looking for that?

  15. Anonymous says

    Speaking as a young woman in her very early twenties I have to say that I can understand the appeal. I attend a pretty prestigious university on the west coast and even there the selection of men is very sad. All they care about is getting drunk, getting high, and getting laid, and after all that is finished making sure that they get c- in all their classes. No one wants to discuss anything of worth, it would be refreshing to meet someone who actually wants to have a conversation about more than how “totally wasted” they got last night. It’s not like he’s ugly, bald, and dumb- he’s an attractive, intelligent older man.

  16. jane says

    have you guys heard about silvio berlusconi, who’s in his 70s, hooking up with an 18 year old?? Now THAT’s disgusting. lol after hearing that one, i don’t believe anything will shock me any more…

  17. Anonymous says

    An older man is not interested in having a real conversation with you, yes he will talk to you; but he is wondering how long before he can tap that 20yr old p.u.s.s.y.

  18. Anonymous says

    (-he’s an attractive, intelligent older man)….you forgot to add very rich too. I know you wouldn’t be interest in someone like Jeff who is receiving a Social Security check once a month…keep it real girl.

  19. Anonymous says

    and a younger man isn’t? Men are men they want sex regardless of age, how is the fact that an older man wants sex from a 20 year old different than a college student who talks to girls just get laid?

  20. T. says

    Its weird, sure, sure… But I’ve always loved Jeff, his mind is hilarious and creative in such a way that you dont find often. I’m happy to see he likes younger chicks (I’m 22!)- gimme a call Jeff! 😉

    But yeah, ignoring my own fascination, its weird.

  21. AnotherDirtyMartini says

    Well, I didn’t realize Jeff was 56. He looks DAMN GOOD! The age difference is a bit….creepy. But they don’t look bad together at all. Sometimes people click. She does seem like she would be very mature.

  22. AnotherDirtyMartini says

    Oh, and I was very sad that they killed her character, Alex, off on Lost AND Danielle, her mother. Danielle had lived 16 yrs on that freaking island and then bam! Yes, I love that flippin’ show….so sad that next season is the last one :(…

  23. Anonymous says

    When one member of the pair looks like she should be hanging at sorority parties and the other a card carrying AARP member, there has to be a huge conversational gap. She graduated high school four years ago and he’ll be accepting social security checks in four years. Two generational gaps to say the least. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…..

  24. Anonymous says

    I was addressing her comment on how she can’t have an intelligent conversation with a younger man. Just stating a fact, an order man is not more interested in her brain than a younger man. They both just want to tap that a.s.s. The only difference is that an order man will be more “mature” about it and “respectful”; but he still wants to f.u.c.k. the bitch.

  25. says

    I think they make a pretty cute couple. Though age difference is a concern when dating, I don’t think it’s a reason NOT to neccesarily. In the end, it’s just a number.

    And hey… Jeff DOES still have something. He may even be getting better with age.

  26. Anonymous says

    to anon at 12:31, you need to look up the definition of “pedophile”. You might learn something.

  27. Anonymous says

    To captain america:
    She’s extended family of mine, but I’ve never met her. I know her father, his siblings and their parents…all very intelligent…I’d assume the same is true for her. I doubt she’s a “brainless” chick.
    On the other hand, I don’t understand the relationship.

  28. Nene says

    Um…wait until you’re an older woman – then tell me it wouldn’t be fun to have a fling with a beautiful younger man!
    And as a younger woman, sometimes it’s really nice to be with a guy who knows how to treat you well, appreciate you etc etc. Older guys are great for that.

  29. fred wer says

    Y’all got to stop being such haters. My sand nig Jeff just getting soem while he still can I just hope I can still tap that quality 21yr old p*ssy when I am like 100. You go J Man

  30. Lefky says

    Wow! A sea of moronic comments here. First off what’s with the incredibly immature tarts on here dropping the “pedo” term? She’s in her twenties and therefore a woman, not a prepubescent girl — jeez, pick up a dictionary before following suit with other misinformed, ignorant folks. And this seems to be yet another double standard where a man is chastised for behaving a certain way, whereas a woman doing likewise is lauded and praised for being confident, independent, diva-esque, etc. what a laugh! This whole hype with these “cougar” types could be viewed as equally sad and desperate, but look how popular it is. Hypocrites!

  31. Tess says

    it sucks that they can’t just enjoy a day out together without being hounded constantly. I think they’re a great couple and wish them all the best! Love you Tina !!

  32. Tess says

    it sucks that they can’t just enjoy a day out together without being hounded constantly. I think they’re a great couple and wish them all the best! I love you Tina

  33. Tessa says

    it sucks that they can’t just enjoy a day out together without being hounded constantly. I think they’re a great couple and wish them all the best! I love you Tina

  34. Anonymous says

    Is so refreshing to see you post on other celebrities we hardly see. Especially real celebrities; not these fake, trash, hos like the housewives, or the Hills.

  35. Anonymous says

    Except that they don’t look that far apart in age. He looks great and young, and she could be anywhere between 19 and 40, LOL LOL. So no big deal, IMVHO.

  36. Anonymous says

    How convenient she hooks up with a rich man old enough to be her father especially with her career not going too far after lost.

  37. Anonymous says

    They pulled this picture out of the dictionary under “Male Mid-Life Crisis” then the two hopped into his 1981 Chevrolet Corvette convertible while he splashed Old Spice on. This picture is soooo not right.

  38. Anonymous123 says

    I don’t know I think Hugh Hefner (who is in his 80’s) with 3 girlfriends (in their early 20’s – even though they all looks 30ish) is creepier!!

  39. Anonymous says


  40. Dinand says

    I like tania. She was amazing in lost! But i cannot understand how she could date a dude like that.

    But you know love is blind. Anyway i don’t think this will last for long.

  41. says

    Tania is extended family of mine. She is an incredible hard working girl who is an astounding actress and has FIERCE taste for shoes!
    Anyone who has anything other than that to say can bite it or leave a comment on my personal blog per this issue:

    Luv you Tania!

  42. Anonymous says

    Everyone’s mind screams ‘perv’ when they see a large age difference, but Jeff Goldblum is very young for his age and really, what matter is their age if they like each other? My bf’s parents have an age diff. of nearly that magnitude, but they have just celebrated their 25 year anniversary and are still extremely happy together, the most in love couple I have ever seen.
    Love is not restricted to age difference. If a twenty something year old woman can love someone who’s 25, why not at thirty? And if she loved someone at thirty, what really would matter if he was thirty five, or forty, or even in his fiftys. If we’re not feeling what they are, we have no buisness judging it.

  43. Anonymous says

    Nothing wrong with having a friend no matter the age. We all need someone in our life to talk with or to be a friend. It would be hard to say who is helping who at times. There are ways a person treats an individual who they date versus the individual they would consider marrying. Dating is for fun and sometimes just having someone to talk to that you can relate to has tremendous merits. It doesn’t have to be serious as most who have divorced know. It is pits that Jeff can’t date someone without the rest of the world being in on it. Such things as privacy are common to most of us but not to those in the film industry. I sincerely hope they can help each other in whatever the needs may be. She isn’t doing that well in her film work right now. Jeff is a tremendous actor and teacher who can perhaps help her get directed to some good acting skills and maybe to a better acting career overall. Serious, as in marriage, hardly. Dating is for fun and probably all either of them want via the age differences and interests. So leave it be. Corinne in Missouri

  44. Anonymous says

    Someone (who knows who he is and will soon know what I think of him) linked me here, reminding me why celebrity blogs repulse me. Anyway, I’ll know better from now on – at least when it comes to this one.

  45. Vivian1027 says

    I think things like this sometimes have to do with the older one being an actor or a singer or something. It’s like when you first see them on screen they become immortalized in that same fashion. And in this case Jeff also adds to his cause by being in great shape. But how can I give an unbiased opinion to this? I’m a teenager and I wouldn’t mind if Jeff called me in the middle of the night! 😉

  46. sameboat says

    It’s very sad the comments on here. People so narrow binded and eager to condemn something becuase it is superficially distasteful to them. You do not for a minute consider compatibility. You do not consider that this relationship is hurting no one. You assume that the young woman cannot think for herself and does not know what it going on. You assume the worst in people and that is very very sad. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. But don’t condem it. I was 21 when I initiated a relationship with a much older man. I have yet to meet anyone for whom I have more respect.

  47. Anonymous says

    WTF? He’s still a freaking great actor and not fucking bad for being 50+. I’d do him. ^_^ Besides, some get better with age baby. ooooh yeah. ^_~ So age doesn’t matter. Whether you’re 8 or 40 yrs apart, if you trully love eachother for each other then what does it matter? Besides, if he decides to go for someone else, somebody better get him my number ^_~

  48. Nene says

    Ok, here is something you will all learn as you get a bit older – I’m a 29 year old woman btw. Just because you get older doesn’t mean you suddenly start being attracted to people your own age. You think 60 year olds don’t look at 25 year old and think they are hot? If they could sleep with them they would. They don’t find other 60 year olds hot any more than you do. Everyone likes beauty. Yes Jeff is getting on but he is very charming, intelligent and sensual and a practised ladies man. She is an young adult.

  49. Anonymous says

    I don’t think it’s disgusting. She’s not that pretty so she looks ok with an older man.

  50. Anonymous says

    I don’t think it’s disgusting. She’s not that pretty anyway so she looks ok with an older man.

  51. Anonymous says

    I don’t think it’s disgusting. She’s not that pretty anyway so she looks ok with an older man.

  52. Anonymous says

    if you think that’s bad i took pictures of him kissing video vixen Oleena Ru two weeks ago in New York City . He is a wild boy !