Lindsay Lohan Posts Old Topless Picture On Twitter

Confessing she was bored and looking for something to do, Lindsay Lohan decided to post a few older pictures of herself on Twitter. This one in particular she even forwarded along to a few members of the press in hopes of getting some media attention. Well, it worked.

This shot is traveling faster than the speed of light around the Internet and not everyone is happy to see it. Just check out some of the mean things her followers are saying.


What do you think about Lindsay posting a picture like this on the web?

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  1. Dick Throbbn says

    WOW, don’t look like she got much of a fire bush in this shot, even with pants on.

    Is this one of those, “look how bad you look after being on crystal meth” ads ?

    Who am I kidding. I’d bone her in a heart beat. Make her daddy watch too.

    COUNT TIME ! Stand for count ! Sound familiar Dad ?

  2. Manimal says

    And shooting into the lead for “Most Disturbing Comment of the Day” is Dick Throbbn!

  3. DaleJuniorAmp88 says

    She wants people to take her seriously and blames her fans for her lack of roles and mediocre career. But then she posts this crap… Lindsay, sweetie, think before you act.

  4. Ha says

    There is only one reason to post a picture like this. Lindsay is definitely a subscriber to the notion that any attention is worth getting. Doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative. Sad.

  5. Anonymous says

    You know, I am really starting to hate this site. All these super vulgar people are repulsive. Vera should do more to moderate her own site and kick these people into orbit.

  6. Ellie says

    That hair color looks fabulous on her. And I’m pretty sure that she’s at a photoshoot or something; there are makeup brushes and clothes everywhere. =^_^=

  7. Polly says

    Photoshoot or not, posting topless photos of yourself is not the way to be taken seriously. This reeks of desperation.

  8. (= says

    she looks weird!!!


    & she is a good actress, but I don’t like this pic, she needs to eat.

  9. papyrus says

    She’s desperate for attention, why not post a picture where you are not half naked? maybe noone would even comment on it, sad she has to go this low to get few mins of attention.

  10. Anonymous says

    Skinny bones…anorexic + fake boobs is not sexy at all!!!! She has NO hips, No waist…. not a women to me…

  11. Manimal says

    I like how there is just some dude hanging out behind her, like she’s topless all the time and it’s no big deal. I don’t know many (edit: ANY) girls who do that. A flash from time to time, sure, but not like that. Yeesh.

    Now if only the hair would move just a little…

  12. leelee316 says

    She needs a hamburger lol! I didnt know who it was a first when I saw her she looks like she is hungry… sure the blonde look throw me off to!

  13. missmarnip says

    she didn’t even make the effort anymore and goes with the usual “s.o. hacks my pc and my privat pics are now everywhere!” to keep the little rest of her good reputation.
    she must be very, very, very , very proud of her skinny frame. or is it a cry for help? again? she had got help. several times. i go with “she is proud of looking like this”.