Victoria Beckham Reduces Her Breast Size To A 34B

Rumor has it that Victoria Beckham was sick and tired of carrying around those DD implants. The Sun is reporting the mom of three had breast reduction surgery and is now a 34B.

Victoria has wanted her implants taken out for a while. She felt that was part of her old WAG image – the big hair, big boobs, fake tan – and that she has moved on since those days.

“She had the op three weeks ago and is very pleased with the results. After the op she came to London for business then went to France to heal properly in private.”

No rep confirmation as of yet.




  1. Anonymous says

    She doesn’t look any different when we saw her last time .She may got a bra lift while she take those things out.

  2. Anonymous says

    Having implants removed is in NO way the same as breast reduction surgery. There is a HUGE difference so you should edit that story.

  3. Uhh..No says

    Umm No. Cup size is not dependent on body size. Jennifer Ellison is a 32DD

    And this is no way, shape or form a 32DD

    Notice how DD was not mentioned in the article but by the dumb poster of these news bits? Victoria was a big C and a small D at best, no way a DD.

    Recently, Victoria Beckham commented on her breasts and how everyone has it wrong about their size.

    “Everyone keeps going on about my tits, but they’re only a 32B.”

    Of course, this claim could not be farther than the truth and a poll from The Sun confirms that its readers did not believe this lie either. Results of the poll showed that 58% of readers believed that Victoria’s breasts are 32C-cups, while 25% believed that her breasts were D-size or bigger, and only a minority of 17% believed that they are 32B’s. In reaction to Victoria’s lie, some people have joked in her defense that perhaps Victoria was really talking about her nipples being 32B’s, not her breasts. She deserves the benefit of the doubt.

  4. Anonymous says

    Cup size is absolutely dependent on body size. Even the poster who insists it isn’t is providing the evidence in her post.

  5. Anonymous says

    wow, congratulations, you proved you are the dumbest and most ignorant person on this thread 😀
    btw, it also depends on the country, in Japan, since people’s frames in general are smaller the cup size again is different in proportion.

  6. Anonymous says

    WAG = wives and girlfriends. This is what they call the wives and girlfriends of football players in England.

  7. Amberizzle says

    For Christ’s sakes. Let me explain.

    Your cup size is NOT dependent on your body size. Bra and bust measurements are as follows:

    Let’s say Vicki Beckham here was a 32DD. That means her ribcage measured a 32 and her bust measured as a DD. The smaller the band size and higher the cup size, the bigger the breasts look. That is the general principle.

    That being said, most people have no earthly clue as to what cup sizes REALLY look like. Roughtly 85% of all women wearing bras are wearing the wrong size. The media would have us believe that C cups are huge, but in reality, they really aren’t that big. Unless the woman is something like a 32 (or below) C, in which case they’ll look much bigger. Personally, I’m a 40D, so my breasts don’t look as big compared to someone with a smaller band size.


  8. ALmostEviL says

    went from a DD to a B? That seems a bit extreme, but hey if it works for her…smaller breasted women always get to wear the best tops,lol.

  9. meeeeeeeeeeee says

    Actually I had the same question before when trying the bra and what i did, I took 3 sets of bra: 32C, 34C and 36C and compared the cups. They WERE different! Simply because the base of a the smaller one was shorter! otherwise the cups would end in the middle of the spine! Try to do it you are next time in the shop :)

  10. Anonymous says

    wow you guys:( you are confusing. i am tiny and i had worn a 34a for years and then a boyfriend (yes boy) went and bought me a bra in 32b cause he didn’t know how to tell me i was in the wrong bra size. HUGE difference. the A cup sat on top of my boobies and the B cup sits under and lifts my boobies. i was wearing to large a band and too small of a cup BOTH. i am 32 around my rib cage and then 34 at the fullest part of the bust.

  11. Anonymous says

    In Europe there is an official bra sizes regulation:
    DIN EN 13402.

    There is the measurement of the rib cage in cm and the cup size. To find out the cup size, you take the difference between the ribcage measurement and the measurement of the full bust in centimeters:
    12–14 A
    14–16 B
    16–18 C
    18–20 D
    20–22 E
    22–24 F
    24–26 G
    26–28 H

    Now the actual body size does not really matter in the end, because only the difference between both measurements counts – meaning how much the breasts “stick out” from the rest of the body.

    So if your ribcage is 75cm and your breasts add 20 cm to that (total 95cm) you are a D, and if your ribcage is 90cm and your breasts add 20cm (total 110) you are a D too, proving that the body size does not make a difference because both women with different body sizes have the same cup size.

    A D-size breast will of course look bigger on a small and slim girl than on a bigger one, even if the cup size is the same :-)

  12. r.j says

    a WAG is what they call a footballers wife , well thats what we call them in england, and obv shes a wag she is married to david beckham but shes got her own clothes line etc now but she was famous before as a spice girl

  13. Anonymous says

    ok, what difference does it make? it’s her body, therefore her tits. what she does or does not do with them is her business.

  14. Anonymous says

    Good for her, I think she will look better without them. BTW – why is everyone so angry about bra size??

  15. Anonymous says

    Since everyone seems to be an expert on breasts;) do you think it is better to lose weight before undergoing (real) breast reduction or not?

  16. says

    :S What the fuck are you smoking? How am I the “dumbest and most ignorant person on this thread”. Bra size does depend on country but the US, UK and Canada have the same size.

    Jennifer Ellison is a 32DD and her breasts are bigger than Victoria’s so therefore Victoria is NOT a 32DD (and a 32 DD = 32E as well). Both women are from the UK btw. How can you NOT understand that?

  17. confused says

    the top of my ribcage measures 24 but i’m really petite. Am 32 at the fullest part of the bust… I wear a 32c but it rides up my backand boobs and leaves red marks. I can’t find any smaller bras. What bra size am i really? Because i’m nowhere near 32 at my ribcage…

  18. says

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  19. Anonymous says

    your cup size is dependent of your body size… DDs on a bigger girl would look entirely different from DDs on a girl her size.

  20. Anonymous says

    Cup size is not dependent on body size; they’re arbitrary, objective measurements. DD’s will have the same volume on any woman, whether they’re real or silicone. However, they will appear larger on someone with Posh’s itsy-bitsy frame since they’re so out of proportion. I think that’s what the first Anonymous was getting at: any implant would look larger on her than a more “standard size” woman; therefore, it’s surprising to learn that they were as big as DD, since they didn’t seem overly large in the first place.

  21. Anonymous says

    No it’s not. A larger woman who wears a D cup has girthier boobs than a smaller woman who wears a D cup, even though the difference between the circumference of the person’s back and nipple peak is 4 inches in both cases.

  22. Anonymous says

    Cup size is not dependent on a person’s body size. When measuring for a bra, you take the measurment of the rib cage, just beneath the breast, and add four if it is an even numbered measurement, five if it is an odd measurement, i.e. 27+5=32, and so on. If the bust measurment is 6 inches greater than the original measurement, then the person’s cup size is a DD. So basically, Posh was probably a 32 DD, meaning her bust measurment was a 33.

  23. DaleJuniorAmp88 says

    Good for her, for getting rid of them. However, I wonder if that means she’ll be sporting new tops, as her old ones will be too big now….

  24. Anonymous says

    But if she was a 32DD versus a 36DD, that is smaller. Still… didn’t seem like DDs but may very well be. I don’t know that I believe this story anyway.

  25. Anonymous says

    I thought her implants looked cheap. Like two grapefruit halves bolted on her chest.

    Anyway, cup size DOES vary according to the woman’s rib cage size. Rib cage size is indicated by the number, cup size is the letter. For example, lets say Victoria Beckham with implants is a 34DD. A woman who has a bigger rib cage size but the exact same size of breasts would be a 36D, 38C, 40B, you get the idea. On a larger woman, the same volume of breast tissue will look smaller.

  26. says

    Cup size does NOT vary according to the size of your ribcage. 3 years of working at Victoria’s Secret doing bra fittings gives me the authority on this… the number is indeed the ribcage size, but the cup size isn’t arbitrary like you’re implying. To fit a bra, you measure the ribcage just under the breasts, and then you measure the breast at their fullest part. If you’re 1-2 inches larger in the second measurment than the ribcage, you’re an A. 2-3 inches larger, a B, 3-4 inches larger, a C, 4-5 inches larger, a D, and 5-6 inches larger, a DD.

    God I hope you’re not a woman.

  27. Anonymous says

    Cup size is absolutely dependant on body size, it is not an issue of volume. Implants are spoken of in terms of their volume in cc’s. Cup size, however, depends upon the measurement around a woman’s torso at the level of the nipple. Given that that measurement obviously also includes torso width, cup size becomes absolutely dependant upon body size.

  28. Anonymous says

    a size D on a size 2 woman is much smaller then a size d on a size 20 woman.
    Cup size is the difference in inches between the measurement around your ribs and then the fullest part of your bust. One inch for every cup size.

  29. Anonymous says

    Cup size does vary depending on your ribcage. For example, someone who wears a 32C would also fit the cups of a 34B. It just may not look as good on because it may not be tight enough to create cleavage. Implants are also wider than natural breasts, so sometimes you have to go up a cup size.

    That being said, I don’t think she was a DD. Maybe if she’s a 32DD, but not on a higher band size.

  30. ALmostEviL says

    Love Vicki’s!! Would never buy bra’s anywhere else and haven’t since I was 17.

  31. Anonymous says

    Sure, I’ve been fitted before and that’s right, but if you’re measuring the breast at the fullest part, that includes the rib cage, so it seems to me the person who says it changes depending on the rib cage is right. If you were only measuring the actual boob then I’d agree, but both measurements go around the ribs and therefore it must take into account rib size.

    I mean, I know there are 2 measurements taken, but there are also two measurements listed, so it seems to me that the measurement around the ribs is the number, and easy to work out, but the letter measurement must take into account the ribs.

    I know what I’m trying to say in my head, but it’s coming out confusing. Sorry!

  32. Booyah says

    Absolutely correct, a 32 DD (likely size) is a different cup peice in a 38 DD, that will make it a no brainer, you can’t mistake the cup material as the same. Go to a store and see. A 34 D using the same cup material as a 36 C when sewing.

  33. smcose says

    I am not sure I agree with you. Any time I have been fitted at Victoria’s Secret, I am told a completly diffrent size than a department store had reciently measured me at. On 3 seperate occasions, I even purchased the size VS told me I was, and after wearing the bra for 2 hours I would get the dreaded double boob look. I am not saying their bras a bad.. I really like their bras, when I get the correct size on my own… but when it comes to measuring, they are not accurate.

  34. Jan says

    Yup I agree with VS being wrong. If I go by their measurements I am an A. Not even close to being right ! When I buy from any other store I am a B or C depending on the make. I LOVE VS bras tho and buy them all the time – I just go by my own size and not theirs lol

  35. Polly says

    Totally agree! I love VS but when I’ve been fitted there and bought the size they recommend I end up tugging on my bra to tuck my boobs back in… not attractive. I don’t think the women who work there are taught how to properly measure.

  36. missmarnip says

    oh, according to this system i should wear a C to D, but was fitted for a bra last month and it was an A which sits perfectly…. hm. i’m confused.

  37. Anonymous says

    Cup size DOES vary according to the size of your ribcage, Cookie. The people at the Victoria’s Secret don’t even know how to measure properly! And you clearly don’t know what you are talking about.

  38. Anonymous says

    actually, the cup size is determined by its proportion to the woman’s body. the cup on a 32d, 34c, and 36b all have the same cup. on the woman who wears a 32 (and has the smallest rib cage, and therefore, likely the smallest frame overall), the breast will appear the largest. the woman who wears a 36 band size has breasts the same volume as the 32, but they will look considerably smaller on her frame, because of their proportion to the rest of her body.

    dd’s would not have the same volume on any woman. a 32dd would only have the same volume as a 36c. so maybe that is why they didn’t look so huge to you – if you took them out of context, the breasts themselves didn’t look overly large.

    but i have to say, those looked like dd’s on posh’s frame, to me! haha. they were massive and too round!

  39. Anonymous says

    you’re wrong, cup size is determined by the difference between bust and under bust a dd is not the same volume on all women. Idiot. Why do you speak as if you know it when you obviously dont!

  40. Anonymous says

    I was properly fitted the other day.. I am a 30C and Iv been wearing a 34B which i thought was too big! I told the lady this and she replied – If you were a 34 around your back you would be a A cup, if you were a 32 you would be a B cup, but you are a 30 so you are a C cup! .. Make of that what you will :/

  41. Lilu says

    Since I am a 32C, VS ladies constantly try to tell me that a 34B will fit. IT DOES NOT. The underwire strangles my boob and the back of the bra rides up – indicating that this fit is not correct – nor is the notion that 32C’s and 34B’s are the same. Since 32C’s are a rare size, I am simply left squishing my boob into a 32B for most bra styles just so the band doesn’t ride up the back. I actually had a VS lady measure me as a 30 between a B & C. Now if they would just make bras that size…

  42. Anonymous says

    LOL Seems to me there are a lot of women out there that don’t know what size bra they should be wearing. After reading all the above, I guess I better go for a bra fitting myself. Is the measurement taken with or without a bra on? I just tried to measure myself and the numbers are all wrong compared with what I actually wear. (?) Victory’s Secrets here I come.

  43. --- WAIT --- says

    will you all stop talking about breasts for a minute… what exactly is going on with her ankle, are those random pom poms attached? lol

  44. Anonymous says

    Who cares! I love DDD”s or bigger” I want to put my big D— between them. I love playing with big t—. I wish we could have a national holiday were all big breated women walk around naked! if U got big D’s sent me your pictures!!!!

  45. says

    Breast reduction..?? That’s definitely not common, usually we heard about breast implants but hardly never about a reduction… Is she maybe trying to fight against gravity?? Jejeje…

  46. says

    Wow.I never realised Victoria does have a DD!LOL!Well,rarely heard of breast reduction as well,but if thats so,it is definately a good thing to her.Perhaps she might have too much fake things on

  47. says

    Wow.I never realised Victoria does have a DD!LOL!Well,rarely heard of breast reduction as well,but if thats so,it is definately a good thing to her.Perhaps she might have too much fake things on top of her for years and would like to settled down.Good for her!

  48. Marco Panza says

    She would be better off just being a mother instead of trying to be something else, all the model poseing and cloths designer stuff just makes her look desperate for attention.

    Sincronizzare Cartelle

  49. says

    LOL… A lot of people just don’t know what to do and what not to do! That’s what happens when you have a whole lot of money and you don’t know how to splurge it!
    First she spends on implants, then she spends on reduction! Someone give her some common sense or something!

  50. says

    LOL… A lot of people just don’t know what to do and what not to do! That’s what happens when you have a whole lot of money and you don’t know how to splurge it!
    First she spends on implants, then she spends on reduction! Someone give her some common sense or something!

  51. says

    She’s one funny female. That’s what happens to you when you have too much money and you don’t know how to waste it! She should go find something better to do in life!

  52. says

    Wow, all I could understand in the end is that she made a good decision…but still, as always, I’m always asking, why on earth is this lady so appreciated? In professional matter I agree that she made achievable appreciated things, but as a look – come on, she’s not that hot at all. That’s my point of view, nice to read this article, thanks for sharing! I’m making an article about her life.


    Alin Biletul zilei