Jessica Alba Makes Donation To United Way

Jessica Alba is still trying to make amends for participating in a campaign to bring attention to the plight of great white sharks. She has made a financial donation to the United Way of Oklahoma (one of the billboards she reportedly “defaced” was a United Way billboard).

Erin Brewer, from the United Way of Oklahoma, said: ‘We’re very pleased she made a contribution. The money will go
toward various good works around Oklahoma City.’ “

Do you think this is sufficient? If her donation covered the cost of the billboard, I think it’s time to let this go!

Photos by INF




  1. DaleJuniorAmp88 says

    I hate when celebrities only make donations to “clear” their names. It would have so much more meaning if they did it because they really care…not because they got caught doing something stupid.

  2. captain america says

    (like all the other good causes $$$$, brought to ya by celebs)

  3. Anonymous says

    It was, as the United Way SAID if you’d included the full story, over $500 at the very least. Alba asked that the amount not be specified. Since the billboard was $250, she covered the cost of it and more. GET OVER IT.

  4. lara jane says

    My panties aren’t in a wad over this, so there’s nothing to “get over,” but I don’t think that cleaning up after herself will erase her utter stupidity. I’m not going to “hold it against her,” but I have every right to think she’s a douche.

  5. valcat says

    Okay, I think it would have been really classy of her to not just make a donation but also to star in an add (both print-billboard-and T.V.) for the United Way but then again you can’t buy class!!! Oh well maybe next time.

  6. gabbygirl1210 says

    i like her shadess!
    but really, she is so stupid.
    im supprisedd she can hold all that stuff and still walk let alone take care of a baby and shop.

  7. Anonymous82 says

    I knew this was coming. I remember when she was so pissed that Playboy used her picture on their “Sexiest celebs issue” and forced Hef to make a donation to her favorite charity to settle it. So basically in Hollywood, you do something stupid/bad/weird/etc… all you have to do is PAY UP. If it was you and I, we would be fined, arrested for vandalism and still ordered to repay for the billboard.

  8. Anonymous says

    Seriously, let it go. She made a mistake! She has apologized and given a donation which I am sure more than covered the cost of the billboard. I don’t even like the girl, but come on!

  9. Anonymous says

    Her daugher sure is cute. I don’t like Jessica Alba as an actress. I don’t think she’s very good and she pretty much ruins most films she’s in. How hard is it for actors/actresses to take a few acting lessons and try and improve themselves. She seems to have gotten worse since her Dark Angel days. But she is an attractive woman so maybe she should not talk in any movies and just stand there and look pretty.