Fact Or Fiction: Is Jennifer Aniston Not Completely Over John Mayer?

Okay, I feel pretty safe in saying it looks like Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper went on a date last Thursday night. Perhaps the pictures are misleading, but I’ll make that assumption (with all the other rumors that have been going on about those two). And now I find this story that claims Jennifer still sends ex-boyfriend John Mayer perfumed notes before his performances!

It read, ‘Play well, you always do’. It was sweet. Clearly she doesn’t want to let go completely.’

The source added to Britain’s Daily Express newspaper: “John hasn’t shown any interest in other women since the split, which is a break from the usual pattern. Who knows, this may not be the end of their romance. Neither seems very good at letting go.”

Jennifer is reportedly still in touch with John’s brother, too.

Could Jennifer be feeling caught between two men? Who would you advise her to date if you were her BFF?

What do you think: fact or fiction?

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  1. Anonymous says

    Fiction, I feel sorry for Aniston, considering the rumours and fake news stories that paint her as pathetic and sad. Aniston can’t win, if she goes on a date she’s trying to get attention, if she’s not dating she’s desperate and lonely, if she is dating then it’s for headlines or to promote a movie. If not dating to promote a film then she is pining away for her ex-husband and jealous of his partner. Aniston once said she was not a victim, why don’t we believe her?

  2. Lizzypoo says

    She’s probably just fine. Just irritated that everyone is so caught up in her dating life.

  3. Anonymous says

    The rumor about she and Brad meeting clandestinely is a lie.
    Don’t know about this one. If true, she is following a pattern. I don’t think she knows what she wants.

  4. Anonymous says

    I think also John probably put this out there. I really don’t care for him, or them together.
    But, I truly love Bradley Cooper. And, they look like they go together, so I am Camp Cooper all the way!

  5. Anonymous says

    Rumors are that Cooper is gay (possibly bi) and his EX Jennifer walked in and found him in bed with another guy. That’s why the marriage lasted a whole 4 months. There were earlier rumors too of him with Vincent Garber, and an old college friend who confirmed he was gay back in the day. Now, if this is true I can see why he needs a “beard”, but why does she? Mayer was bi (mostly gay) and everyone knew that relationship was “make believe”. It’s a strange pattern. Makes one wonder, is she the one who needs the “beard”?

  6. Gisela says

    You can’t believe the rumors of her and Brad, but you can believe everything else on Jennifer? right…because you want to believe she is this desperate lonely woman; but Brad couldn’t possibly ever meet and speak to her….

  7. Anonymous says

    Another lame movie ~ here sits Jen on a bench in a park. What movie could this be from? She does this every movie!! Aarrggh!!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous says

    She is over him.She is someone who only love herself. She is smart though she doesn’t want John to slam her like he did in one of his concerts before, for her friend calling him like that in her fake award last week. She is begging his azz. I hope John don’t fall for it.

  9. Anonymous says

    This is not brangelona or a maniston thing. The street word is his ex walked on him while with a man. Being with Maniston makes his things go out in public openly and if and when he breaks up with her it makes it worse. He is killing his carrier everything was going good for him. He shouldn’t hook up with Maniston even for one day.

  10. Anonymous says

    That is what her PR wants her to be ” relatable “. She definitley contacted him becasue she doesn’t want to slam her once again. He is John not Brad he is not letting her to narriate what she wants. He got painted to be a bad guy than he was before. Whatever she does she get away with it since she is victim. Give me a break.

  11. Anonymous says

    She made it like that by selling it to the public to the begning. Everyone is worry for the ” victim Jen” they want her to find her ” happily ever after” LOL

  12. Anonymous says

    She should definitely choose Bradley over John Mayer. Mayer is too immature for her. Bradley seems to be on the right track.

  13. DonnaJ says

    I hope for her sake that she is over John. While I think he is adorable, he is an idiot that really needs to grow up.

  14. Cheryl says

    I call BS! Everyone is too keen to make her look sad and pathetic. I’m sure she is just fine.

  15. Riviera says

    It would be weird if she and Bradley Cooper start dating. Her ex-husband was Brad (Pitt) and his ex-wife was Jennifer (Esposito).

  16. Anonymous82 says

    I guess they are running out of things to make her look bad and desperate. And who are these SOURCES anyway? And plus, reading the quote, looks like John is not the one who is not over. What’s funny is those SOURCES get access to celebs’ private conversations, their lives at home, the “notes” they supposedly send to each other, their thoughts, their families’ opinions,… BS.

  17. Anonymous says

    why is she always painted to be the lonely heart broken one? She is what appears to be a strong independant woman, not the pathetic lonely sole that everyone makes her out to be.

    For the record – I think Bradley Cooper is WAY better!