Lady GaGa And Beyonce Rock The Leotards

Leotards seem to be the costume of choice! Lady GaGa was spotted heading to rehearsals in what looks like a black leotard and a leather jacket. And what a jacket: it’s decorated with shoes! (Thanks for the correction 😉 What do you think of it?

And here’s Beyonce performing on-stage in a gold leotard. Her body never fails to amaze me. Regardless of what you think of her singing, you can tell even in pictures that she has a spectacular stage presence.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Lady Gaga is so tiresome. She knows that if she put on a pair of pants she’d never be talked about again.

  2. smcose says

    I agree with Capturinglife above… she’s trying way to hard… it’s not coming off as creative and unique anymore.

  3. Anonymous says

    They both try so damm hard is pathetic. Is time to let it go girls… maybe if you stop then maybe you’ll be respected for your fashion choices.

  4. Anonymous says

    Lady Gaga is one person who doesn’t try hard to be eccentric.. she is weird in her own sense.. Just like Cyndi Lauper before.. everyone criticized her for being too out there but she had something to really boast about.. which is they make great music….

  5. Frimmy says

    I must be having a bad day… Beyonce looks fiercely ridiculous. What is that a gilded playboy barbie disco leotard? Speaking of tards, I can’t even find enough decending superlatives to describe how I feel about Gaga’s get up…Gaga me. Like the comments said, you’re different. We get it. It’s old. Do something really different and look decent for a change. Where’s my Airborne disc…I need a music cleanse.

  6. kelly_o says

    OMG ! What is up with these two and their crazy/trashy outfits ? I guess they just want their pictures taken and love the attention. No, I’m not a hater- they both look ridiculous.

  7. ALmostEviL says

    i highly respect people with their own sense of individuality, and who aren’t afraid to even show it. It is just too bad and depressing that hardly anybody else does.

  8. merce369 says

    Beoynce is in good form. Lady Gaga… she… i don’t know what to say. The outfit is definitely something.

  9. Anonymous says

    Beyonce looks almost Barbarella-like here. She does have the some stage presence. The other one, not so much.

  10. Anonymous says

    Yeah…sadly, I think I’m starting to get tired of Gaga’s shtick. It’s getting too predictable- “Look! I’m crazy! Just for the sake of being crazy! Whee!” Blech. It disapoints me that I’m already starting to feel this way, because when she first came out I thought she was the first exciting popstar since, like, Madonna. Madonna pwns this chick; now she was original, naturally.

  11. ALmostEviL says

    So, on the flip side… when you people see someone in jeans and a t-shirt walking down the street does it piss you off that they seem to be “throwing their normality” in your face? At least you don’t see GaGa making statements about how “crazy” or “unique” or “badass” she is… So to me, she is just another girl walking down the street in clothes…I do not understand why everyone suddenly gets offended by the way someone looks and immediately thinks they are pushing their fashion in your face.

  12. Anonymous says

    They both look awful wtf leotards? I bet you if any of these two wore tu tu’s people will think it’s hot they look horrible leave leotards to ballerina dancers!!!

  13. Justin says

    And 2 years later… Biggest pop star, most powerful celebrity at the age of 25, 5 grammys 13 VMAs and counting all in 3 years !!!!

  14. Gisela says

    Benevolence’s back up dancers look better than her, Lady BlahBlah looks ridiculous, as always.

  15. Manimal says

    Yeah, Lady GaGa is stupid/insane. Seriously, it’s not cute anymore. We get it; you like to wear insane clothes. It’s old. Let it go. Jebus.

  16. Anonymous says

    Lady Gaga with her unique sense of style, while Beyowulf emulates everybody else’s sense of style. What happened to individuality?

  17. Anonymous says

    agreed. Beyonce has no individual style whatsoever. Shakira was her first victim…now she’s (& many others) are hopping on the Avant Garde look. I swear if I see her in another leo..

  18. Anonymous says

    vera… those aren’t earrings clearly… I don’t if it’s you writing this or one of your writers/interns… tsk tsk tsk…