Adriana Lima Wants A Big Family

Adriana Lima, who is four months pregnant, and husband Marko Jaric sound like they are excited about their baby and already eager for more!

"We are so excited!" she says. "We wanted this. We were ready."

"Even in my wildest days I knew that I wanted to be the ultimate family man," Jaric adds. "We’re ready to settle down."

"If it were up to me the nursery, everything would be done
already!" says Lima, who is four months along – and who has help back
home in Brazil.

"My mom is doing everything and getting things ready," says Lima. "She’ll bring everything."

Adriana told People that as soon as she met Marko she could see herself married to him "with a big family."

Adriana said the nursery will be all white and will include a hand-crocheted blanket made by Adriana’s grandmother. She’s chosen white because she doesn’t know the baby’s sex.

I’ve never heard of an all-white nursery before, but I bet it’ll be lovely. Have you?

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  1. Polly says

    I’ll be the first one to admit I know NOTHING about babies, but shouldn’t a nusery have colours for the kid to look at?

  2. socheeky says

    just because her husband isn’t conventionally attractive (I don’t personally think he’s attractive) doesn’t mean that he’s not totally worthy of her. sometimes the less-than-attractive guys are the ones who treat women the best.

    good luck to them and congrats on the pregnancy. children are so much fun and worth every stretchmark and hours hugging the toilet.

    oh, and an all white nursery just sounds like a nightmare to me! I have 2 kids and shout has been my best friend.

  3. Ladylala says

    I think he’s kinda goodlooking… And it helps that he’s a basketball player and that big 😉 Lol!

  4. Anne says

    The first thing babies will be able to see is black and white and then red. The nursery can be all white as in linens, walls etc and then add in accents that contain black and red.

  5. Anonymous says

    An all white nursery for a new born would be BEAUTIFUL I think. Stunning. Once the baby can see colors I am sure things will be added but to bring a new baby into an all white nursery seems heavenly to me. And I dont even have or want kids.

  6. hd1 says

    an all white nursery will be GORGEOUS…however the first time the baby has *ahem* an explosive stomach issue, it won’t be all-white anymore. There’s only so much that Spray & Wash, Oxy-Clean and Cheer can get out. Take it from the mom who loves to buy white clothes for an 8-year-old. White and kids just do not go together. As much as we’d love them to.

  7. Just My Advice says

    AHAHA exactly…it might stay white for the first year or so, but as soon as that baby starts moving around, that room is gonna get trashed quick. If I were her I would paint it a darker color once the baby turns 2.

  8. lis says

    that’s exactly what I was thinking, haha. I can’t imagine keeping a child’s room entirely white.

  9. says

    First Michael Jackson dies, and now my dream woman is knocked up.


  10. Nicole says

    All white certainly would be peaceful. I think she may change her mind after the baby is born, though. (but she probably wont have any time to fix it!)

  11. Embee says

    Wow she looks REALLY happy–that’s just too adorable. As for a white nursery, it sounds very pretty. However, I heard somewhere that it is a good idea to have a really colorful nurserty (esp primary colors and particularly red) because it is the first thing the baby can see and will stimulate the brain. I guess that’s probabaly overkill but whatever. White certainly would be peaceful…

  12. Wonder_Woman says

    she is so beautiful and she looks so down to earth in these pictures.
    very cute couple

  13. Ladylala says

    Wow… Didn’t see that. This guy really is BIG. Adriana Lima must be pretty tall herself, and he looks quite a bit taller than her… 😮