Dina Manzo Starred On MTV’s My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding Prior To RHONJ


Boy! For someone who doesn’t want to be on camera – Tommy sure did get a lot of face time during his one hour wedding show on MTV. Check out Dina Manzo on ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding’!! LOL! They had 602 guests!! Talk about a receiving line.

There are two more videos after the break. Click on the continue reading link below to see them. Lots of drama – but Danielle is no where to be found.





  1. dieselchicklett says

    I couldn’t stand her to begin with and after seeing her husband..I can’t stand him either! lol They’re perfect for each other!

  2. Anonymous says

    OMG! Thank you Vera!!!! I knew I’d seen Dina before! I love the NJ housewives (except Danielle- of course)…. and I have been racking my brain trying to remember where I’ve seen Dina.

    LOL… these ladies are the best :)

  3. Anonymous says

    love how she completely ignores her beloved daughter the entire show! Dina is so fake!

  4. smcose says

    How dose someone even know that many people to invite? and that are willing to even go to your wedding.

  5. Rosebed says

    I searched until I found the video of Dina & Tommy’s wedding. So over the top, and her telling her guest her bracelet cost 1/2 a mil is ridculous. But she is gorgeous.

  6. Chicago Northshore (people with real class) says

    What a tacky over the top wedding. Mobsters all the way. Disgusting…Using the brownstone as a money laundering front. What can you expect from New Jersey. Enjoyed watching “Guido’s” and “Dago’s” in their real environment.

  7. Anonymous says

    Did you see teresa walking in with the green dress!! No bubbies tho…only time (& a whole bravo series) would bring them.

    HAHA! thanks so much for posting these videos!

  8. Anonymous says

    I SAW THIS. When I saw her face on the promo for Bravo— I KNEW IT WAS HER!
    This is EXACTLY how the day before, and day of my wedding were like. I didnt have over a million dollars of course— but husband A New Yorker, is the same way! I have to admit she’s one of my favorite housewives. She’s NO DRAMA. Really, she straight forward and no nonsense. Just trying to go with the flow. I really can relate to her (and her realtionship)

    ** And to “Chicago Northshore”— some one with “real class”– would NEVER speak that way. You should know better than to EVER call someone “out” with such VILE accusations. Do some research first, The BrownStone is one of THE TOP Wedding locations in the country– and “The Wedding Business” brings in BILLIONS each year. They have weddings like theirs every weekend– thats how they get their money Honey. And to try and show “class”— classy people dont use racial slurs.

  9. Anonymous says

    Amen sister— and dont worry, scroll down– I gave Ms. Northshore a piece of my mind! :)

  10. Really People? says

    Tommy is not gay and Danielle did not sleep with him. Both rumors are on the opposite ends of the spectrum so how could either be true? While those are good guesses for a soap opera drama, these women (except Danielle) are completely normal and down to earth. Dina has a great marriage and is very in love with her husband. Same goes for Tommy’s feelings towards her. They’re also not in the mob. Tommy works 16+ hour days at the Brownstone. Anytime you go, he’s there. If he was mob connected, he wouldn’t be working that hard, he’d be smoking a cigar at “Bada Bing’s” which is, incidentally, where Danielle used to dance! So everyone, stop acting like you know the truth. You’re just fueling the flames of ridiculousness and you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  11. Anonymous says

    Heehee, I’m sure one or two of the ladies from the show have put in an appearance on this list of comments. And more power to them!

    A UK viewer.

  12. Anonymous says

    This is NOT how everyone in Jersey is, thank you very much. The rest of us are Irish. hahaha

  13. angelique says

    I think it’s so disguting and abhorrent how some people talk trash about these classy, straightforward ladies (excluding Danielle). And to trash where people live and are raised is just tasteless, and I’m not even from NJ! Love Dina and Caroline and Theresa. Danielle needs psych help, if not for her, then for her girls.

  14. RHWLover says

    I think we are being a little harsh on Danielle. She’s got the entire Manzo family ganging up on her. I am VERY excited for her Danielle’s daughter, Christine, debuting as a model!!!!! She looks GREAT…I didn’t realize she was so beautiful. Miss Gia may not make it that far. Theresa’s new baby is super-cute!!

  15. SammyT BklynGal says

    I thought this was hilarious when it first aired and have never seen it repeated until now, too funny. I’m a Bklyn girl and loved roaming the TriState, this is sincerely one dynamic of what makes NY/NJers so loveable. Tommy, Dina and every1 else was just being themselves and enjoying each other for who they are, if u were offended by anything said or done who cares it wasn’t for u. She gets him and he her, he fk’d up as most men do and she made him pay (hello how many of u commenting have been fk’d over and have nothing to show for it- u’re hating b/c u didn’t have a 1/4carat to talk about let alone 1/2 Mil for a bracelet, pay attn ppl she was even saying it like “Can u believe it?”) Sadly chances are if u’re not from the TriState u probably can’t relate to how we mess w/each other verbally – she needs alot of watering b/c he knows he has to take care of her to keep her; DUH!!!

    Chicago Northshore – I suggest u take a history lesson on who ran and made Chicago honey! Recent history BLAGO! Hello!! That man brings “$ laundering” and “mobster” into body (and mobsters, ignorant, classless losers can be of any ethnic background- if u look in the mirror or were well read u’d know this). So Love & Light Bitch!!

  16. Anonymous says

    Theresa looks like a reptile, with eyes on the sides of her head. Her daughter Gia looks just like her, poor thing.

  17. DH!! says

    Well miss how do u look u may noot look like her speak for ur own shes beautiful and if u think shes ugley as u say “like a reptile” ur not from here!<:)

  18. says

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  19. chiara says

    I knew that was her. I remember watching this accidentally one day and thinking “wow, people are so tacky. Such typical Jersey tack”. Yet, on the other show she always tried to seem like the “classy” one. Eh, Jersey.

  20. smcose says

    thank you for posting these! I did a search myself and could not find anything. Although, at work, I can not play videos so I’ll have to come back and watch tonight.

  21. Mary says

    I actually saw this on Platinum Weddings, and then it got rerun on VH1. I’m from North Jersey originally, and have been to TONS of events at the Brownstone, so I felt compelled to watch this episode. It was so obnoxious and tacky and embarrassing to watch as a Jersey native. I know plenty of people who know Tommy, and he is just as much of a di*k as he appears to be on the show. My favorite quote of his is “I don’t know….there’s a lotta girls who would line up to get a piece of this” (or something to that effect). Really???? You rude, slimy, balding, scummy, jerk? I guess money can make people blind to a lot of things.

  22. Anonymous says

    How dare you spread vile lies??? Who are you to tell ANYONE about ANYTHING in their personal life. Like you EVEN WERE there internet-tough-girl.

  23. Anonymous says

    After watching the show myself I can totally believe that about him. As Dina said many times,it was his party. Anything she suggested he made her look foolish. I hope she can deal with a life time of that. I couldn’t stand not having my own opinion. I don’t care how much money he has.

  24. Nicole says

    Hmm… another post where I’m not entirely interested…. But I want to get those dang points!! :)

  25. Anonymous says

    Omg i was so into this show lol. i was ready to hate on Dina for being such a b.i.t.c.h to danielle but after watching what she had to put up with her future husband (never mind) she had an amazing wedding although the part on where she tell the guests how much her bracalet cost was a bit tacky. And with that much money i would of definitely had a more classy and delicate wedding. but her husband honestly is a handsome man but such an a.s.s.h.o.l.e “you’re a flower who needs a lot of water” i would of smack him across the face seriously.

  26. Anonymous says

    Ever date a Nj’er or Ny’er??? THIS is HOW they ALL are. Its not meant to be rude. Its their nothern/Italian personality. He was kidding with her– being “cute”— you saw her smile, she knew he was teasing her. And probably pushing it a bit— since his big brother/business partner was there—- oh, and the cameras.

  27. missmarnip says

    what are the points for? i started to feel stressed and bored hunting those points by commenting on posts i don’t really care about.
    what are the points for again? (except for vera making more money?)

  28. anniedawg25 says

    Thanks for posting the video…..I heard they were on a wedding show but couldnt find it anywhere. My friends and i were wondering why he wasnt anywhere to be seen on the RHWNJ with Dina. She said it was because he was “gone” which made me think he worked out of town….but no, he’s just at the Brownstone! So, my friend and I think he must be in jail or something…..lol. I wouldn’t doubt it, that place has MOB written all over it. ***annie***

  29. Anonymous says

    Dina and her husband have separated. He’s living out of the house with his girlfriend. Dina and he split because she found out that Danielle had sex with him. I am not kidding. That’s what the horrible “thing” is that Danielle did to Dina that Caroline refers to in tonight’s episode.

  30. lilmez says

    OMG – how do you know that? That’s crazy! Can’t believe it… actually I can believe anything where Danielle is concerned.

  31. C. says

    From Dina’s Blog on Bravo written today that doesn’t sound true. “Yes, it is true that Danielle did something recently, actually two things that were harmful to innocent people that didn’t sign on for the show. Nothing ever became of it, she may have tried to do something, but it held no merit so it went nowhere.”

  32. C. says

    Here’s more from Danielle’s blog written today: “As for the end of the Reunion, when Caroline said such horrible things to me, I had no idea at the time what “disgraceful” acts she was referring to. I only found out later what she was talking about, from someone in her own family. I simply gave a phone number to her ex brother-in-law to contact proper people with questions that he had concerning something that was absolutely none of my business. I was asked to give this information to him. If I had to do it again, I would have declined and preferred not to get involved. But I think my minimal involvement did not justify Caroline’s behavior towards me.”

  33. C. says

    One Bravo blogger writes: “So you did nothing bad to Dina
    You worked with her ex husband to dig up dirt on Dina so he could get custody.
    Why did you get involved in something that was none of your business.
    You ruined you life stop ruining others.” That seems plausible.

  34. Anonymous says

    actually….tommy is gay. its a basic fact around here (Wayne). He and Dina’s marriage is one of convenience. she and her daughter get taken care of, he gets the “family” off his back. its hard to be gay when you’re connected. oh and my guess is the thing that danielle did that was so egregious to caroline is she probably looked in the death of tiny manzo and highlighted (another well-known local factoid) his involvement in the mob. what else did caroline ever get upset over, her family. btw….if i hear her say “thick as thieves” or bubbies one more time i will puke.

  35. Anonymous says

    actually….tommy is gay. its a basic fact around here (Wayne). He and Dina’s marriage is one of convenience. she and her daughter get taken care of, he gets the “family” off his back. its hard to be gay when you’re connected. oh and my guess is the thing that danielle did that was so egregious to caroline is she probably looked in the death of tiny manzo and highlighted (another well-known local factoid) his involvement in the mob. what else did caroline ever get upset over, her family. btw….if i hear her say “thick as thieves” or bubbies one more time i will puke.

  36. Anonymous says

    OMG stop making stuff up…. Danielle and Tommy did NOT have sex. that is NOT what Caroline was refering to. You’re worse than danielle

  37. RochelleSweet says

    Also, people can own things and be rich, do you really have to be a mobster to be rich these days?! I guess Angelina Jolie must be in the mob too! my goodness jealousy is the root to all evil PEOPLE!!!!! my lifetime bestfriend is a doctor and I am a housewife, if you let jealousy take over you miss a lot of good people along the way! anyway he definitely messed up, I would have been a lot worse 😉

  38. RochelleSweet says

    You know, Dina is the sweetest woman ever. this video actually made me like her more (last year I thought I hated her!), she really loves him and who cares about money? if everyone had it we would spend it the same :) she’s still a nice person who genuinely cares!!

  39. Sheri says

    Good Morning,

    After reading all of these posts I am laughing. Let’s sit back for a minute. First I must say that I don’t hate anyone nor like one HW better than the other. But come on ladies and gentleman the girls are the ones making Danielle popular, the more they talk about her the more press she gets the more popular she is and the faster they fade into the background. Personally I would rather hear and see more of their everyday life, watch them cook that wonderful Italian food.. Love their children. Much better to watch their beautiful children walk the runways than hear such foul thing mostly made up come out of their mouths. Everyone enjoy this beautiful Sunday.

  40. MISS ALOHA says


  41. Anonymous says

    If you have that kind of money and spending it on a giant wedding makes you happy, i say go for it. I love Dina and the other RHONY aside from Danielle. If i had that kind of moolah i would flaunt it. Don’t hate.

  42. Annoyed but addicted says

    Theresa – weird looking and confused if she wants to be nice or be a bully to danielle. When she got attention for tipping the table over from last season she enjoyed the attention and is now feeding off of that attitude. Oh well that’s tv.
    Caroline- the only time I saw her sincere was when she was having a conversation with her son and her sons bestfriend. Other than that she looked so pathetic and over acting especially in the reunion “thick as thieves..” etc. Seriously grow up all of you. You have kids focus on that.
    Jacqueline- not sure but I thought she was the better person out of all of them for keeping her mouth shut the whole time until lies came out. She stood up for what was right… Only thing is her daughter needs a mother not a friend. Wake her up or she will not learn.
    Dina- no idea what she is. Smartest one I would say for leaving the show.
    Danielle- I don’t know if she is still on drugs or this is the after effect of drugs but she is paranoid as hell. So sad how pathetic she is. She has already accepted the role if an outcast. So what if they hate you? Stop feeding their drama. You look worse by getting body guards. It’s more degrading coz your acknowledging that you need safety from highschool acting girls. Be smart and get a life sto saying you don’t care about them when your life revolves around their opinions. Seriously it’s pathetic.



  44. tzndago92111 says

    I honestly love all of their crazy personalities… They are fun to watch.
    Danielle may have a past but she should have kept her mouth zipped.
    Saying nothing would have been better.. Having an H.A. as a body guard makes her look like she may still be up to the OLD Danielle and that all that has been said is really true… Teresea? Well, her girls are way too spoiled and mouthy for their age.. Especially the older one.
    Danielle’s two girs actually have the most class and have more class than all of the housewives… lol…. Maybe they are too embarrassed to say anything… Do we blame them? Poor things..
    The men on this show except for C’s sons are pussywhipped…
    All I can say is keep spending their money….. Make those dudes work even harder…
    I hope this show stays on the air a few years…

  45. Anonymous says

    on the mtv show of dinas wedding i think teresa is shown on 1:32 wearing green dress and shes not as glamed out and it looks like she got a nose job and lighter colored hair too of coarse no boobs yet

  46. Anonymous says

    I have a problem with the endless denial these women live with. Read their self-righteous blogs with focus and you see they all have a tendency to claim they are really nice people while they are busily throwing mean accusations and judgments at the others. I’m constantly amazed at the number of people who side with bullies. These Manzo women are all trying very, very hard to get the show about their family. I expect it will be renamed “Keeping Up With the Manzo’s” in no time.

  47. Anonymous says

    Why the hell is everybody so hard on danialle everybody has a past! get over it!!! The whole manzo family has ganged up on her it’s so stupid they need to get a life! everybocy makes mistakes including dina’s preciouse tommy who cheated on her , he is no better then daniell yet she choose to keep him in her life becouse he would take care of her what kind of fake bitch is she ? The worse drama is when ur man cheats on u If she was so real why did she chose to stay? MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!