Melissa Rycroft Is Engaged!! (Update)


Dancing With The Stars’ former contestant Melissa Rycroft is ENGAGED to on again off again boyfriend,
Tye Strickland. Apparently, the pair have been dating (on again off again) for over two years.

Rycroft got engaged to Dallas insurance agent Tye Strickland on June 26 after they dated on and off for more than two years, PEOPLE has learned.

"He’s my best friend," Rycroft, 26, gushed to PEOPLE last April about the 28-year-old agent.

After Melissa was dumped on air by Jason Mesnick, Melissa and Tye began to talk again and their relationship bloomed. Here’s the question – do you smell a reality show? Because I do! I am sure Bravo or E! Entertainment are finalizing contracts as we speak!


I sent Miss Melissa a congrats on Twitter and asked about any upcoming reality shows. She said none are currently planned and she didn’t think there would be any in her future. There you have it! :)



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  1. Katie Bee says

    This girl really gets under my skin. The media tried to paint her as some sort of victim (although, if that dumping incident wasn’t staged, that guy Jason is a tool) and days after being dumped, she had a new boyfriend and was on DWTS. I feel like the media is shoving her down our throats. Go away already!! Here’s to hoping there’s no reality show in the future.

  2. anniedawg25 says

    Hmmmmmm that just sounds like one big bowl of crazy. Let’s see what happens……on another note, Vera…you got spam problems, girl!***annie***

  3. SP3075 says

    whew. i pictured them divorced already being cursed like every other couple who’s been on a reality show.

  4. Anonymous says

    I am glad that Melissa is getting on with her life and has found happiness.She was great a dancing with the stars and is great with people I hope that she has found a place in both worlds that she can be happy with TV and with being normal.

  5. lovebug66 says

    Rebound engagement, it sounds like & I smell a future divorce, if they go through with the wedding.

  6. SP3075 says

    congrats to her, but she should stay away from the reality show. all couples seem to be doomed when they do one.

  7. Cat says

    Not at all surprised. I loathe the Bachelor/Bachelorette but am impressed that this one keeps managing to stay in the spotlight.

  8. smcose says

    not surw who she is, I don’t watch Dancing.. but congrats… but what elese is she from?

  9. Gisela says

    I smell a man who can’t make up his mind and a woman who is desperate enough to take him back.

  10. Anonymous says

    She didn’t take Jason back, he’s the one who left her on The Bachelor. The guy she’s engaged to now is someone different & had nothing to do with the show, she had been with him on & off for 2 years.

  11. lara jane says

    I don’t think this is a good idea at all! I’d suggest just hanging out for awhile and making sure it’s what you really want. No need to rush into marriage, and definitely stay away from reality shows!

  12. Gisela says

    I understood what Vera wrote and I was talking about the guy she’s been with on and off for the past two years. It doesn’t matter anyway, wish her the best in whatever she decides.