Jerry O’Connell Is Impressed With Rebecca Romijn’s Parenting Skills

Raising twins cannot be an easy task but somehow Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn are managing just fine…and without a ton of extra help! No army of nannies for these two. :)

wife and I are trying to do as much as we can by ourselves, you know
thank goodness for mom in laws and moms, they’ve been a real help.”

Lucky for Jerry, he’s able to pawn them off on Rebecca for the hard stuff. 😛

“You know kids are a
little bit of a hassle, having two is a little bit of a hassle.You
know,a lot of feedings at night.They’re super cute.My wife is
doing a great job of raising them, so keep it up honey!”

KIDDING. Jerry really does help.

“I do a lot of
diapers. It’s amazing how much babies go to the bathroom, number one
and number two, and it’s amazing how messy number two is. Man it’s just
crazy, it’s totally different from what I ever knew that number two

And he’s scared of their poo, LOL.

“The worst is when
there is explosive number two and it gets everywhere.God forbid if
you are at a restaurant or a mall and there is an explosive number two!”


Photos by INF.




  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks but no thanks. Parenting is most def not for me. And I love how he calls having kids ‘a hassle’. Nice.

  2. emches says

    LOL….the all explosive #2 has happened to all parents, I’m sure we could all tell a great tale or too!—em’s

  3. hexkitten says

    True enough!

    The above would have horrified my before I had kids. Now, I read stuff like that and think, “Oh, yeah. I remember that.”

  4. Gisela says

    I remember explosives number twos…and sometimes coming from me, explosives vomits right along. I just couldn’t take changing my son’s diapers, I always threw up.

  5. hexkitten says

    I take it he’s all grown up now? There’s stuff in the older kids’ diapers that smells so horrid it makes me want to barf in my mouth a little.

  6. Anonymous says

    Gisela, that was really too much info. We dom’t want to hear about your explosive sh!tting and vomiting. God! some people have no class.

  7. Lizzypoo says

    LMAO, so glad the days of explosive diapers leaking all over their pants and blankets are done.

  8. lara jane says

    Same here! What is up with that stuff?!

    Jerry is cute, I love how he kept saying “number two” (rather than any other term for it).

  9. Nicole says

    LOL. I myself haven’t had to deal with it yet, but my sister has some stories! Every time she asks me to change his diaper, I always remind her that I changed his VERY FIRST diaper in the hospital, and then I usually do it… lol

  10. merce369 says

    :-))) oh, yes, number #2 explosive, there were good times 😉 don’t have a nightmares about those, but i’m really glad it’s over, not looking forward to have that experience again, but it’s kind of a package deal :-)))

    forgot to mention, Jerry is one funny dad and kudos to Rebecca trying to do it all by herself while working at the same time.

  11. Gisela says

    awwww too bad, don’t read my post then…in other news, I think I’m coming down with a bad case of Diarrhea follow by severe cramps. I’ll keep you posted anonymous.

  12. tellulah says

    Gisela, you are one of the most b!tchy women on this site. Where does all that come from. All it does is make you sound so immature and, frankly, ridiculous. Glad I don’t know you.

  13. Gisela says

    Don’t worry about me, worry about YOU and YOUR LIFE. I have a dark sense of humor; some people get it and some don’t, this is not the first time you have an “issue” with what I say on INO. If it bothers you that much (obviously it does) don’t read my post. There are things that people say on INO, if it bothers me I ignore it. You obviously don’t have a life of your own, to troll in a blog site and annoy others. I say it again, worry about YOU and not about ME; you don’t get my humor and is OK…..You’re glad you don’t know me?….I’ll make sure not to slit my wrist today. I’m glad I don’t know such an uptight, stick in the mud bitch like you either. Here is a suggestion, if what I say bothers you, then don’t read it and move on, how is that? Try it, you might like it. Move on…seriously, is like you are stalking me.

  14. Gisela says

    yes, he is 18 now…I was very young and inexperienced back then. I think if I were to do it again I can handle it better.

  15. Anne says

    I think they are a great couple. So happy for them. And so happy for me that the diaper days are long over.