Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles and wife stephanie Ware confirms pregnancy rumors,while at avenues mall in Jax,Florida

supernatural’s Jensen Ackles and his beautiful wife Stephanie Ware were caught seen at the avenues mall in jacksonville,florida, and also confirming the pregnancy rumors by simply stating”Yes we are expecting an child together” To the fans and to the papparazzi’s who were present at the mall at the time as well. Pictures were also taken on Jensen Ackles, but wife Stephanie Ware simply requested the papparrazzi’s to not snap any pictures of her because she doesn’t feel comfortable with that kind of stuff. Also i will have a full report of this exclusive outtake and story of the celebrities when i come back.




  1. Carmel says

    Im asking administration of this site,check this account. Girl who posted the story ,just mad fanatic of Jensen Ackles. In her articuls she slunder his girlfriend Danneel Harris,using horroble language,and harrasing other people. She is ruining not only actors reputation but reputation of you site.
    My regards.

  2. Blake Warden says

    You have to be an idiot on ungodly proportions to believe that Stephanie is his actual wife, Jensen and Danneel’s wedding has pictures, close family and friends attended, Danneel and Jensen take pictures together, Jensen has said in MANY SPN panels around the world that he in fact is married to DANNEEL HARRIS.

  3. bibi says

    Thanks for the patience everyone, i’m back with the full details and reports, reporters later yesterday night confirmed that Jensen Ackles has also stated that his beautiful wife of 3 years are 5 months pregnant, they didn’t share with neither of the reporters about the sex of their baby ,so right now that’s a mystery until they confirm the sex of the baby publicly.

  4. bibi says

    Actually danneel harris wishes she were dating jensen ackles, infact she never ever dated in real life with actor jensen ackles, jensen and stephanie are married and indeed pregnant ,expecting a child together. They been married for 3 years now, so stop dreaming danneel.

  5. bibi says

    he’s actually married to stephanie ware, the rumors of jensen ackles dating some low budget movie extra from one tree hill named danneel harris are completely false and has been proven as being false as well. The news about stephanie ware and jensen ackles marriage has been proven as being true celebrity couple news, so stop hating on stephanie and jensen’s marriage,because stephanie ware is latina and black. Stephanie’s half mexican american and black american, so what are you talking about? Jensen does not date white women, he already confirmed that he doesn’t discriminate against dark races,and he wouldn’t mind dating a colored and attractive gal like stephanie ware. Jensen never not onced said that he dates white women, not that whole”jensen dates white women only” is another myth, and as for”white women look attractive”,stephanie looks way better than danneel harris anyday and any guy would choose to date stephanie ware much quicker than picking danneel harris ugly ass,so shut the fuck up you stupid pathetic damn fool.