Drew Barrymore And Justin Long Get Hot And Heavy In Public

PDA – it’s a topic that people either support or are utterly against. What do you think about couples who forget everyone else is watching… so to speak?

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long got caught up in the moment and began to make out in the middle of Cabin Down Below in NYC’s East Village.

They were groping each other and making out in the middle of the bar!” an eyewitness tells Life & Style. “They couldn’t have cared less if there were other people in the room.”

Groping! My oh my!

Let’s discuss.




  1. sweet kiddo says

    they are just too cute togheter so i don’t give a flying f*ck about them making out in public

  2. Nanea says

    As it was reported by Life & Style, it must obviously be very true! I mean when have they ever reported anything but the truth, like Brangelina breaking up a million times already etc etc

  3. elaine123 says

    It’s amazing how many times people just have to bring up Brangelina in posts that have absolutely nothing to do with them…

  4. david says

    I guess I should’ve expected none less. You mention PDA and rumours of groping,etc and then you show non-related pics of them not even touching each other. Is that so we would know who you are talking about and care more (or less) about the accusations? Also what is this definition of groping to this ‘eyewitness’? Were they just cuddlng and holding each other? In the middle of the bar-I doubt it. How many celebs do you know who brave public places, then bring attention to themselves by being the center of attention, except people like Paris or Pamela Anderson who try to remain revelant by getting their faces (and other things) plastered in as many places as possible? I suspect they were in a semi-scluded area and anyone watching were closet voyeurs who had no busines staring in the first place. If it was just some average “joe” couple would this ‘eyewitness’ be reporting it to anyone? Was the ‘eyewitness’ just a little bit of an attention wh**e themselves to even bringing the matter up? How does Life & Style find these ‘eyewitnesses’? Do they just ask everyone who exits the bar if they want to dish out any gossip? Also knowing several friends who are reporters and consider themselves journalist (sorry guys I love you anyway) it has been proven time and time again that the text in these reports and interviews tend to be embellished a little by the said reporter/journalist so the article will get their editor’s attention and be published in the first place. I guess as long as there is people who continue to feed the fat cats that own these magazines by bying their ‘product’, they will continue to publish this dribble. If the reporter/journalist says they saw it themselves I would still be a little leary, because again, if they just write ‘Justin and Drew were seen kissing in a bar’ it will never get published. If they don’t get their articles published, they are out of a job.!

  5. missmarnip says

    they are sooo cute together! imo they can “grope” (i doubt that they really did that) each other in public as much as they want ;P

  6. Anonymous says

    They are really cute, but they change their minds sooo often, its terrible! Once they are together, then theyre not, then they are again.. Uhh!

  7. sue says

    PDA= Public Display of Affection

    I don’t mind PDA’s. Obviously it should not turn really, really intimate. But unfortunately, sooooooooo few couples show ANY intimacy. Kissing each other, holding hands, rubbing your lover’s neck are all fine in my opinion. Nothing hot and heavy, but just things that show you really care and love the other person.

    Think about it, how many couples do you see that are holding hands? Not very many. Most men and women (especially married ones) walk soooo far apart. It is like a burden to be with each other.

    My boyfriend is so affectionate. I cannot imagibe being with a guy that never reaches out to touch me. I feel sorry for sooo many women.

  8. harlean says

    I don’t know about Drew. I guess she’s just sowing some wild oats. She made out with that dude from Gossip Girl too didn’t she? There’s pics! Eh! I’ve always liked her! She seems sweet. So you go girl!

    “Well he’s a man, isn’t he?” – Harlow