A Look At Jon Gosselin’s New Girlfriend Via Facebook

Wow! Someone over at ONTD really dug deep for this one. Want to get a better look at Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin’s new girlfriend? The pair were photographed holding hands and posing for cameras while in France this weekend.

Now check out her Facebook profile. So many pictures to look at! Click here to see them all.

Some groups Hailey is a member of are:

  • "Not a fan of fat people"
  • "Hi, I’m _____ and I’m sooooo fucking addicted to Guitar Hero"

Wow… Not a fan of fat people? What kind of horrible group is THAT? I mean unreal! What do you think about the shots?




  1. Anonymous says

    I wish her thunder thighs and lots of cellulite for the stupid remark about hating fat people. We could go on facebook and say we hate all 23year old stoners.

  2. Riviera says

    This is the very reason why I don’t have a Facebook account. I don’t want people looking at my sh!t, even those I know personally.

  3. Anonymous says

    Wow…. poor Kate and the kids! Jon is such a loser… mid life crisis anyone? I hope Kate finds a MAN and leaves Jon with his lame shirts and new dirty bird of a girlfriend!

  4. katiekatie says

    if she’s not a fan of fat people…what’s she doing with jon?!? he’s not obese by any means but he’s not exactly a skinny minny either! 😉

  5. Monica says

    What the fuck? She looks like she’s 40 in the first pic. She is my age and I can’t believe that… she has got to be older. She is pure trash. Jon is now the biggest douche bag out there. What kind of person is in a group against fat people? That says a lot about her. Why is Jon with someone like that? I think that speaks a lot about his real character too. I feel so bad for Kate and the kids. What the fuck is he doing, honestly?

  6. Monica says

    Her pictures disgust me. For those who say that she’s just a college girl and she should be excused, that is so wrong. I am a “college girl” and so are all my friends and we do not look like this or act like this! This is not normal for people at this age. She IS trash.

  7. sherry says

    I was trying not to form an opinion until I read the facebook groups comments…I am really dissappointed. :( Could he not be at least dating a girl that would be a positive role model in his children’s lives???? yuck.


  8. elaineelaine says

    so then souldnt she love them….since without fat people, her dad wouldnt have much business?

  9. Danie says

    Oh my. The picture of her all up on the wall after she fell into the plant. Priceless. Exactly the person I’d love for my kids to see me photographed with. She is a spoiled waste of space.

  10. rockonxox says

    Holy crap. That last picture of her face planting in the wall sitting in a tipped over plant, wtf is up with that? I’m 23 and yeah I’ve had my hay day (though I’ve never face planted into a wall) but I don’t publicize all of that crap. She’s not the brightest crayon in the box now is she. I can understand a relationship not working out but you want this to be the possible step mother of your children? Really? I wouldn’t let her near any kid…

  11. Anonymous says

    This it truly pathetic of Jon. Look at this person he chose! She sounds like a selfish brat whore and a bit of a gold digger.
    His children will indeed google him in the future and see this person next to him, this lovely, lovely, person and they will wonder why he chose her over living with them in the house. He’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.

  12. Anonymous says

    His choice speaks volumes. She’s an easy lay and he got his rocks off. Now she’s trying to be relevant through Jon and he thinks he’s a rock star because he bagged a young chick and cavorts with degenerate designers. Disgusting!

    I actually hear in my head the sound of his children crying and asking “Daddy, why did you choose this cigarette smoking trashy vamp over living with us?”

  13. sherry says

    I love that she has her thong hanging out in a couple of pictures. These pictures speak volumes! So, will Jon be ok with his girls doing this crap at Haileys age?????


  14. Anonymous says

    She is a child of a plastic surgeon! I would expect her to be obsessed with such things, it comes with the desire to make money off of people’s desire to be perfect.

    She is only 23, but she needs to think before she jumps into the holy mess that is jon and kate.

    I feel sorry for the children, they were the only reason I ever watched that show anyway.

  15. Manimal says

    Really? Facebook should NOT be taken seriously. Those groups are just insane and stupid; hardly anyone takes them seriously! At least, none of the people I know who are or were in college really even follow what they’re in.

  16. Ha says

    We all know these groups aren’t serious, but becoming a fan of one shows where your head is. Apparently hers is up her *ss.

  17. tbtrfli says

    Man – you just never know when the Internet is going to come back and BITE YOU! Crazy!

  18. Juliia says

    I mean she is 23, proably a college girl. Not really classy but she might grow up. It just tells u a lot about Jon when he is with someone like that.

  19. Anonymous says

    Exactly those poor kids have an ass hole of a father. What if the tables were turned and Kate did what he’s doing she would be called unfit ! If he doesn’t want to be around camera why is his balding head and his hoe’s always taking pictures. He used his kids when he quit his job to mkt them. Now he’s complaining if it wasn’t for those kids he would be still , working his bs job, fat with no hair. And if it wasn’t for the camera none of these stupid girls whould ever mess with a man like him. He should be shunned ! They should string him by his Ba$%# so he can be a example for all the low life dad and husbands! Kate should be able to beat him.

  20. Anonymous says

    I always thought Kate needed to learn about support and patience when she was with Jon, but it doesn’t even compare to what he is doing now. Your children will grow up and see this… My husband would say he is his own worse ennemnie. First for not standing up years ago and tell his wife respect commands respect, but instead letting it get bad enough that he would just want out. Then second, to continue making poor decisions by getting involved with what looks like the total opposite of Kate. (Even if you didn’t like Kate, she has wayyyyyyyyyyy more class then that kid!!)
    Keep your head up Kate and let him make a fool of himself!!

  21. HAHA says

    Yeah, well I’m not a fan of fucking ugly 22 yr olds addicted to marijuana and dating Jon Gosselin just to get her 15 minutes of fame.
    Perfect role model for Jon’s 8 kids. *scoffs*

  22. starlitbetty says

    I’m 22 – she looks trashy, there are many college girls who are not like this, those who are are trashy and I doubt they grow out of it. Yeah, I’m judging but she knew what she was getting into when she got involved with a man in the headlines. My facebook does not involve things I would not want people to see, when are people going to realize that facebook, myspace, twitter… it can really mess up a career and how people perceive you?!

  23. Anonymous says

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